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Cyclescheme savings can vary but the great news is that our calculator offers very accurate savings forecasts. Enter your details below to see how much you could save - the calculator includes your ownership fee so there will be no additional fees to pay.

Fine tune your budget

  • We need to check that any salary sacrifice won't take your gross pay below the National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage. This is dependent on your age and how many hours you work, so we need you to provide this information.

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Savings displayed here are for illustration only. If you don't enter an employer code, your calculation will not include information such as finance charges and your actual savings may be lower.

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What sort of bike is best for me?

  • For mostly road cycling

    For mostly road cycling

    Light, nimble, fast and fun. Road bikes are not built entirely for comfort but will ensure a quick and graceful journey to work.

  • For on and off road cycling

    For on and off road cycling

    Hybrids offer more comfort than road bikes and more speed than mountain bikes. They are ideal for commuters.

  • For flexible cycling

    For flexible cycling

    Folding bikes offer flexibility due to their space saving attributes. Great for trips to the train station and beyond.