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Are you a Super Commuter?

Are you a Super Commuter?

We're on the hunt for the UK's Super Commuters. If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to our Facebook page and tell us why. Deadline for entries this Sunday 16th February.

Over the years we’ve managed to get quite a few people on bikes - over 400,000 of you, in fact. We’ve also noticed that making the switch to a commute by bike can often have more of an effect than merely saving a bit of cash.

We hear stories from people who have lost weight, become fitter, made new friends and spent time on their bikes outside of their commute. Cycling can quickly permeate many facets of your life and become something that you are very passionate about.

That’s what we’re looking for - passion. We are on the hunt for the nation’s Super Commuters.

What’s in a Super Commuter?

1 part grit, 2 parts determination...

Super Commuters are the cyclists who take to their bikes everyday, come rain or shine, and can wax lyrical about the benefits a few kilos of metal (or carbon fibre, if you’re fancy) can bring.

They are the people who talk (a lot) about bikes to their colleagues, those who get excited about new kit and who love nothing more than getting out and about on their trusty steed.

How to become a Super Commuter

We are looking for 12 Super Commuters in all - one for each region of the UK. Throughout the year we will set each of you a series of tasks ranging from a simple blog post on your commute, to reviewing the latest commuter gear, talking about cycle commuting on your Facebook page or even challenging you to convince a friend to cycle to work.

There will of course be rewards along the way. Freebies and kit from some big name brands as well as a starring role in our Cycle to Work Day campaign later in the year. To kick things off, our 12 Super Commuters will each receive a Super Commuter jacket, trousers, hat and overshoes plus a helmet camera!

If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to our Facebook page here and tell us why.

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If you cannot access Facebook, or do not have an account, email with a photo and 200 words on why we should choose you as a Super commuter.Deadline for entries is Sunday 16th February. 

We look forward to working with you,