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Bike Stuff: This Month's Latest Discoveries

Bike Stuff: This Month's Latest Discoveries

Each month, our friends over at will take you by the hand and guide you around their latest discoveries in the cycling world. Everything from new brands, designers and makers through to some ingenious inventions and ideas.

Discovery: the act of finding or learning something for the first time. Design: the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Bike Stuff: things made for those on two pedal-powered wheels. This article celebrates the marriage of all three. Foffa Bikes Iris


The 'iris' is the classic ladies range by Foffa Bikes. Designed for comfort and function, the Iris is ideal for city roads as well as for the occasional Sunday ride in the countryside. Discover at Foffa Bikes



A bike seat, that transforms into a lock. It works via a folded arm that sits under the seat saddle while the bike is being ridden. The seat then comes off, with the arm folding out and allowing the rider to affix their bike to an external object. Kickstarter products are getting more and more creative, with hybrid creations becoming a recent craze amongst budding innovators. Seatylock is the latest kid to join the hybrid party. With a range of pledge options available, if you want to support the Seatylock team head over to Kickstarter HERE

Peugeot DL121


I personally don’t drive. However, even if Peugeot was to never make my list of favourite automobiles, their design studies are always worth taking a closer look at. The DL121 was one of their concepts from last year. The DL121 is a research exercise in graphics, materials and colours. Produced as a limited edition, it makes no compromises in its aesthetic ambitions. The bike sits at the frontier between art and function.



More than the sum of its technology, a Retrovelo bicycle is an attitude and belief in beautiful bicycles for everyday life - a trusty companion that will join you on Saturday morning trips to the coffee shop, as well as your Monday morning commute. Founded by Frank and Matthias in Leipzig, Retrovelo combine classic design features of the past with the light and efficient gears and brakes of the 21sty Century. The brazed and lugged frames are made of racing grade steel which offers a surprisingly light bike and superb ride. The paint and finish is impeccable, resulting in a package that presents the discerning customer with a stylish head-turning machine which is every bit as good as it looks. Learn more and book a test ride at There Cycling Shop West London

Otto London


Suitable for everyday use and a range of activities whatever the weather Urban_ponchos are functional, stylish and flexible. Featuring a slick European style inspired by South American designs. Made from durable waterproof fabric and cotton-lined for optimum comfort, Urban Poncho is a great go-to garment for cyclists, festival-goers and sharp dressers who don’t want to be caught out by unpredictable weather. Learn more at And Dutch

Brooks Saddle Rain Cover

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 07.19.26

Basically it does what it says on the tin my friends. It covers your saddle and protects your derrière from moisture. Also, this isn't just any saddle cover...this is a Brooks saddle cover. Grab yours at There Cycling Shop West London

Michaux Rucksack

michaux rucksack off bike

Sleek, spacious and perfect for a busy lifestyle, this bag extends to fit your shopping or gym kit, and rolls-down for less ambitious items. From your cycle commute to work via the gym, with a quick food shop on the way home this is a great all round style. Accessible pockets allow you to reach your belongings whilst cycling just in case you need to refer to that ever so trusty map or mobile! Learn more at

PoCampo Logan


The Logan makes it easier to carry your belongings with you on the days you bike by securely sitting on your bicycle’s rear rack and then easily detaching to be taken with you throughout your day. With weatherproof fabrics, reflective accents, and lots of pockets. Includes shoulder strap. Learn more at And Dutch

BoBike Mini Exclusive


Let your child discover the world from a Bobike mini City. This front-mounted child seat gives your child a safe comfortable ride. Its adjustable footrests and 3-point safety belt that can be adjusted in length mean that it's easy to modify the Bobike mini City as your child grows from 9 months to 3 years of age. Get safely out and about together and without a care in the world! The smart design of the 3-point patented safety belt with its ergonomically shaped shoulder element and unique upper closure keeps the safety belt from slipping off the child's shoulders and ensures a safe sitting position. Learn more at And Dutch



Cycloc is a bicycle storage solution that allows you to display your prized bike with style, horizontally or vertically. To simply put it, the Cycloc is a minimalistic triumph of form, function and social awareness. Well, according to the UK Design Council it is anyway: based on its sheer aesthetics and online reviews, I agree with the counsellors of the Design Council. Learn more at Cycloc



There's nothing not to like about tokyobike. Their "less is more" approach to bicycle building, creates a ride that celebrates simplicity and function in the best possible way. Their 2014 singlespeed offers a classic swept handlebar, Brooks leather team pro saddle and bar grips, plus chrome wheels; all nicely complementing the pared-down steel frame. With loads of colours available and many cool Japanese cycling accessories, pay tokyobike a visit. They even offer repair classes to the public. What delightful folk. Discover at Tokyobike London

La Torpille


Handmade in France by the craftsman and brothers Florent and Julien Tomasini, each bicycle is completely unique; a work of art and a beautiful bicycle to ride. The Tomasini brothers are uncompromising in their vision and passion for early 20th century design. With vigorous research, the brothers ensure each bicycle they create is built in the traditional way. Sourcing the original forges, lathes and often making their own tools by hand, authenticity and the highest levels of dedication and craftsmanship are at the heart of these pieces. The brother's keen attention to detail means only the finest materials are used; hand turned wooden pedals, hand stitched leather saddles and handlebar grips with brass and steel. Only creating one bicycle in each style, every part is made or cast by hand, so each bicycle is totally unique. The finished bicycles are true works of art to be enjoyed and appreciated on and off the road. Learn more and book a test ride at There Cycling Shop West London


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