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BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge - the results!

BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge - the results!

Last month we set a challenge for all you Cycleschemers – the BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge. Click here to find out who won!

Last month we set a challenge for all you Cycleschemers – the BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge. The task was simple – to log as many commuting journeys as you can in a 2-week period. The reward was a host of tasty prizes from MeridaiGo Bike Gift Vouchers and Primera.

Entrants cycled through snow, rain and gale force winds and collectively racked up an impressive number of miles. We’ve now gone through the data, vetted the journeys and analysed the miles logged and can reveal the winners of our very first BikeMiles® challenge. First though, here are some pretty astounding statistics on the challenge for you.



And the winners are...


2 x Merida Crossway 100-D's were up for grabs


Mark Davison

"What an amazing start to the year! Was a great motivation to get out on the bike, even when it started snowing! Look forward to heading to some of the places my road bike simply isn’t equipped to deal with."

Fiona Invest

"Cycling everyday in January is always a challenge but despite battling rain, sleet, snow and frozen fingers, the thought of winning a new bike at the end of the month or even vouchers helped keep me on the road! Thanks Cyclescheme."



25 x £20 iGo Bike Gift Vouchers were donated for silver prize winners


Joanna Deagle

Colin Powlesland

Victoria Watt

Mitchel Cameron

Simon Dyer

Denis Tuck

Alistair Kirkland

Gary Benson

Joseph Durnan

Sean Eltringham

Stephen Cornford

Nicholas Baker

Carolyn Betts-Roddick

Melvyn Akins

Colin Irving

Darren Coleman

Scott Lancaster

Steven Humm

John Hobbah

Chris Bolton

Richard Pearce

Edward Wilson

Andrew Scott

Shona Fisher

David Tommey



All entrants who took part in the challenge received an exclusive 10% off discount code for Primera Sports. We can't share all their names with you here, because it would be a very long list, but well done to all 1,068 of you!

Be sure to check back again next month for more exciting competitions and challenges from BikeMiles®!


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