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Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge

To help unlock the many benefits of the bicycle, Love to Ride are running a fun competition to get more people cycling.

The United Nations recently recognised the humble bicycle with World Bike Day on the 3rd of June. The UN wants to celebrate and promote the bicycle because it is increasingly being seen as a ‘silver bullet’ to solve several twenty-first century problems, including air pollution, congestion, obesity and heart disease.

To help unlock the many benefits of the bicycle, Love to Ride are running a fun competition to get more people cycling. Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge, as the name suggests, runs throughout the month of September.  It doesn’t matter if you ride every day or if you haven’t been on a bike in years everyone is invited to take part and help get more people on bikes. 

Cycle September - The Facts!

  • Cycle September is a Workplace Cycle Challenge that has engaged more than 415,000 people worldwide.
  • You can take part as an individual and with your workplace.
  • Individuals and their workplaces will compete on local, national and global leaderboards to see who can earn the most points.
  • Points are earned for every mile and day you ride plus every person you encourage.
  • Points mean prizes! The more points you earn the more entries you gain into the prize draws.
  • You could win holidays, bikes, adventure vouchers and lots of other great prizes - plus if you encourage your company to sign up and your team tops the national leaderboard at the end of September, you could win equipment to help improve cycling facilities!

Why take part?

There are a bunch of benefits for taking part in Cycle September - the Global Bike Challenge. Individually, for your business, and our planet riding helps to...

  • make us happier and healthier
  • more energetic and productive
  • save us money, and our organisations money too - through fewer sick days, lower car parking costs and increased productivity.

Companies that take part in Cycle September will also gain access to:

  •  a fun team building and staff engagement programme;
  • that’s easy to run; and,
  • supports your organisations sustainability goals.

Measure the collective impact your organization is having through cycling. Track and measure stats across the organisation and see how much CO2 and calories you save in the month-long programme.

How to take part?

You can take part in Cycle September - by following 3 easy steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Invite your company to join to register your workplace
  3. Log rides manually in September or connect your favourite cycling app (Strava, Ride app, MapMyRide or Endomondo). Your rides will be recorded automatically and will sync your last 30 days of riding!

Love to Ride enables members to set goals, track distance, earn badges, share photos and stories and encourage others to ride, as well as allowing workplaces to incentivise their staff to ride and monitor cycling participation at their sites.      

The aim of Cycle September is to help more people to enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling and to access the support they need to ride for transport.

Find out more and register in one minute at

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