Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Cycle to Work Day has rolled to a close for another year.

Now it’s time to celebrate what we did, why we did it and share some of the incredible achievements from riders across the UK.


There’s a well-known saying which underpins why we started and continue to run #CycletoWorkDay:

"Cycling is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complex problems…"

This statement is at the heart of Cyclescheme and other organisations in the cycling industry. It's also at the core of the Government's Green Travel strategy which saw the Cycle to Work scheme introduced.
Bikes offer positive change for society; even more so in these uniquely 2020 times. Cycle to Work Day is about getting people in the saddle whilst demonstrating that an investment in cycling and cycling infrastructure in the UK will be valued and utilised. 

Events like Cycle to Work Day highlight the power of cycling and afford us an opportunity to celebrate our new, returning and existing everyday cyclists.


Phenomenal numbers were recorded on Cycle to Work Day 2020 via the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community.

The distanced covered by riders is the equivalent to travelling around the world 2.5 times!

Over 7,000 rides were logged and if you were to line up 7,000 bikes it would stretch for 7.5 miles!

The equivalent of a return flight to Sydney from London’s worth of C02 was saved! 

Cycle to Work Day 2020 Stats

Cycle to Work Day was the talk of the Twittersphere with #CycletoWorkDay trending as high as #2 in the UK and trending in the top 5 for over 5 hours!

Over 5,000 Tweets were sent with #CycletoWorkDay and reached over 25,000,000 unique users!

We also received thousands of #CycleSelfies and will be picking the winner of a £180 bike cleaning bundle courtesy of Freewheel shortly.

Looking ahead to our 9th Cycle to Work Day:

Cycle to Work Day will be back in 2021 for our 9th year. Keep an eye on the website for the date which will be announced soon!

If Cycle to Work Day has inspired you to get in the saddle more and a new bike and/or accessories would make that easier and more enjoyable, use the Employer Search function here to see if you can take advantage of the Cyclescheme savings and spread the cost.