Double your savings

Cyclescheme, 01.09.2018

Double your savings

Autumn sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an opportunity to save even more money on your Cyclescheme package - if you're ready for them.

Getting a bike and equipment through Cyclescheme is a bargain already, with savings of up to 39% possible. But if you get a bike with Cyclescheme when the shop is having a sale on that model, you could save even more.

The retailers below have committed to honour their price matching guarantees, sale bikes and Black Friday deals on Cyclescheme. Please note, when buying online you may not be able to reserve sale bikes - as such, you need to request a value without attributing it to a retailer (this is easily done when you apply). Once your application is made, your employer will pay for your Cyclescheme request and we will issue you a Certificate. At that point you can choose which sale bike you wish to spend your Certificate's value on.

Save on sale retailers

Shop discounts are always time-limited; as the sign invariably says, ‘Sale must end’. You need to time it right, so you’re exchanging your certificate when the sale bike you want is still in stock. Fortunately, there are two things that make this straightforward.  The first is that sales tend to come around at the same time each year. After Christmas, sales always start on Boxing Day. In the bike industry, last year’s models are often discounted when the new year’s models arrive in the autumn. And then there are those two recent American imports: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Find out how it works

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, which is the fourth Thursday in November. It marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the USA. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving Day. While Thanksgiving hasn’t crossed the Atlantic to the UK (and isn’t likely to), the one-day sales inspired by it have made the leap. The 2018 dates are 23 November and 26 November.

The other thing that makes it easier to take advantage of upcoming sales is Cyclescheme’s ‘decide later’ certificate. Instead of choosing your items and your retailer in advance, you simply pick your budget and request a certificate for that amount. As the name says, you then decide later which Cyclescheme retailer you’ll use and what items – up to that value – you’ll get. If you’re planning to get accessories only, don’t forget that the minimum value is £100. (There’s no minimum if a bike is included.)

Bike now pay later

A decide later certificate sidesteps the problem of making your application when the sale is on, and then crossing your fingers that your employer approves and pays for your certificate before the sale ends – or at least before the bike you want is sold. With a decide later certificate, you’re ahead of the game. You’ll have made your request in good time, your employer will have approved and paid for the certificate, and it will have been emailed to you by Cyclescheme. So when the sale starts, you won’t miss out on fantastic deals. Your Cyclescheme certificate is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, so it’s easy to get the timing right. If you’ve got your decide later certificate by mid-November, you’re all set for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day!

Not all sale items will be available through Cyclescheme. For example, you can't get GPS computers or bike cameras, both products that are likely to be discounted on Cyber Monday, as they’re not currently allowed on Cycle to Work schemes. Retailers might discount bike lights or e-bikes (or indeed anything else) on Cyber Monday, and you can get those through Cyclescheme.

Savings all year round

The sales that roll around at the same time each year aren’t the only occasions you can get great discounts. Every month, the best deals from partner retailers are published on the Cyclescheme offers webpage. So keep checking that.

Save money and spread the cost

As these offers change often, it’s still worth getting a decide later certificate. That way you can snap up a deal as soon as you see it. The process is simple. On the Cyclescheme offers page you’ll see a list of bikes, along with the recommended retail price, the ‘you request’ amount (that is, the discounted price), and the price you’ll actually pay when all your savings are factored in. (That final price assumes you’ll pay either a 3% or 7% own-it-later fee at the end of your Hire Agreement.)

Underneath the picture of each bike is a big ‘shop now’ button. Clicking that takes  you directly to the relevant bike on the retailer’s website. Fair warning: it’s possible it won’t be available. Like all items in a sale, the bike offers listed on the Cyclescheme offers page are up for grabs for a limited time. The deals do change and they can be withdrawn without notice – for example, if the retailer sells out of that model. The Cyclescheme offers page is regularly updated but availability is not guaranteed.

Assuming the bike is available, make sure you’ve got your Cyclescheme eCertificate to hand. You’ll need the eCertificate number and Redemption Code. Choose the bike’s size and, if relevant, colour, and add it to your basket. It’s at this point that you’ll see some variation of ‘Checkout with Cycle to Work’ or ‘Redeem a Cycle to Work voucher’. Click that and enter your details. Your bike will soon be on its way.

What if the deal is so good that the value of the bike – the ‘you request’ amount – is lower that the value of your decide later certificate? No problem: you’ve got the budget for accessories too. After you’ve added the bike to your basket, continue shopping on the retailer’s site, adding items like luggage, lights, a lock, and clothing to your basket until its value climbs to that of your certificate. Then click the ‘Checkout with Cycle to Work’ button (or whatever the retailer has named it) and proceed as above. How easy was that?

Want to save 25-39% on your next bike?

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