Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Need to find the best cycle insurance for your commute? Researching cycle insurance may seem tedious, but it’s so important to get the right cover.

You might be surprised at the extra benefits that can be included too. Bikmo, our cycle insurance partner, shares 5 tips to help you decide the best option for you.

Getting cycle insurance sorted doesn’t have to be a drag - in fact, you can relax and enjoy cycling in the knowledge that you’re fully covered from theft, accidental damage and vandalism. Read on for our expert tips on finding the best cover…

1. Check if you’re covered on your home insurance

Don’t presume your bikes are covered in your home insurance policy. People often realise this mistake when it’s too late and they go to make a claim. For a fee, some home insurers may add your bikes but make sure to check the coverage is comprehensive enough.

2. Find cycle insurance cover that includes your accessories

Any cyclist knows that any insurance policy needs to cover your kit as well as your bikes. Accessories can often be expensive and costs can rack up when you buy high-quality gear. It’s vital to know that your bikes are covered and your pricey cycle kit too - you don’t want to be shelling out extra cash for new items.

3. Go for a Sold Secure rated lock

Do you have a good quality lock? If not, get a HIPLOCK Gold or a Sold Secure lock. Why? Many cycle insurers expect you to use a lock with a specific rating according to the value of the bike. If you don’t have the right lock or meet these standards, you risk your claim being rejected. Using a good lock is the best practice in the UK.

4. Invest in cycle insurance that offers flexibility

Flexibility is key to avoid extra charges, you need a policy that lets you add new bikes or make changes without extra fees. That’s not fun. You’ll also need to be able to amend your cover value - for times when you might want to sell a bike. Flexibility without the price tag is a benefit you’ll want in the future.

5. Check out our Bike Theft Map

Want to know where the cycle theft hotspots are? We did too. That’s why we created this useful Bike Theft Map that shows the most recent data. It highlights how we need to take every measure we can to protect our bikes on our daily commute.

Bikmo cycle insurance is designed with commuters in mind. Their award-winning policy covers theft, accidental damage, vandalism, clothing, helmets and accessories, plus much more.

When you buy a new bike through Cyclescheme you’ll be able to activate 14 days of free insurance with Bikmo so you can ride worry-free; you’ll also benefit from exclusive savings after the 14 days are over. Bikmo also offers an additional 25% reduction on your premium if you are insuring an e-bike.

*As part of the agreement with Cyclescheme, if your cycle is damaged or broken beyond repair before full payment, you are the one responsible for the costs. This makes it crucial you choose the right cover for your bike.*