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Our official insurance provider, Bikmo, gives us 5 reasons why they love cycling.

Cycling is good for us, there’s no question about it. It has been especially popular during the socially distanced pandemic. With Cycle to Work Day 2021 fast approaching on August 5th, our official insurance provider, Bikmo, gives us 5 reasons why they love cycling. Read on to find out more..

1. It’s good for you

Cycling is an incredible form of cardio exercise and it’s easy on your joints. In a 2011 study, the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology found that cycling intensely is linked to a longer life expectancy. Cycling to work has also been linked with a lower risk of obesity and coronary heart disease as published in this 2016 study. This aside, we all know the real benefits after getting out on your bike and how it’s good for the mind, body and spirit.

2. It’s free

Once you have your bike and kit, there are no other costs involved. Going for a bike ride doesn’t involve any hidden fees, just grab your wheels and go! While bike costs can vary depending on the type of bike you go for and the gear you purchase, there’s no other outlay, other than your bike insurance. The world is your oyster: plan an epic ride, a weekender, or an afternoon jaunt.

3. It’s green

Bikmo is a certified B Corp and supports 1% for the Planet, so sustainability is important to us. According to the Adventure Cycling Association, biking more instead of driving could save between 6 and 14 million tons of CO2, and between 700 million and 1.6 billion gallons of fuel every year. It’s a no brainer, it’s not only fun, but it also helps protect our planet too.

4. It’s perfect for a family-friendly activity

Children love adventures on wheels, it’s true. A ‘boring’ walk can be reinvented on bikes and you won’t hear any complaining. Weekends were made for family bicycle rides of all kinds: forest trails, coastal routes or just the local park. Let them be part of the planning: the route, map-reading, and not to forget, the snack supplies. Here’s some inspiration.

5. It’s freedom in a nut-shell

There’s no better feeling of freedom. Just grabbing your bike and starting a new adventure is very liberating, there’s no need to always plan (unless it’s a longer ride) and spontaneously setting out for an hour or two can be soul-reviving. You decide your route and break stops and make it your own experience.

Bikmo cycle insurance is designed with commuters in mind. Their award-winning policy covers theft, accidental damage, vandalism, clothing, helmets and accessories, plus much more. 

When you buy a new bike through Cyclescheme you’ll be able to activate 14 days of free insurance with Bikmo so you can ride worry-free; you’ll also benefit from exclusive savings after the 14 days are over. Bikmo also offers an additional 25% reduction on your premium if you are insuring an e-bike.


If you’re still not sure whether cycle insurance is right for you, read our ‘Do I need cycle insurance?’ article here.