Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

There are daily prizes to win for riding logging a ride on the love to ride app between 1st - 25th December.

With the right gear and guidance, riding in winter can be just as much fun and even more rewarding. Plus, with prizes to be won everyday up to and including Christmas, what's not to love?

There are daily prizes to win for riding anywhere, anytime from 1-25 December, from Proviz, Beryl, Loffi and £1,250 worth of local bike shop vouchers. 

For logging a ride to work on Wednesday 4th, 11th or 18th you can also win a bike from Ribble, Cube or Specialized courtesy of Cyclescheme.

Winter Wheelers Calendar

How can I take part?

There are two tiers to taking part in Winter Wheelers... 

  1. Anyone, anywhere can register for Love to Ride. You can record your mileage, set yourself goals and earn badges too. By riding in December you'll unlock exclusive discounts from Proviz, Beryl and Loffi.

  2. Sign-up your workplace for a Love to Ride Business programme to unlock daily prize giveaways including great gear, brand new bikes and local bike shop vouchers.

If you're not already a part of Love to Ride, register here.
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Will there be prizes?

Yes! You can win prizes by:

  1. Joining Love to Ride for Business - each day you ride you will enter the draw for prizes from our winter sponsors.

  2. Joining the Love to Ride Cyclescheme community - log a ride to work on any Wednesday in December to enter the draw to win a new bike from Cyclescheme.

Check out our prizes page to find more details of what you can win. 

Why take part?

Winter Wheelers is a fun cycling campaign to reward you for riding when you otherwise might not! You can keep track of how many miles you clock up, take part with your local cycling club or group and bag great gear to help see you through the rest of winter.

If you want to join the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community, follow the links below:

1. Join Cyclescheme and you'll be given the chance to opt-in to join the community or register for free 
2. Enjoy a ride and record it on your profile 
3. Earn badges and set goals  
4. Invite friends and colleagues to join in the fun  
5. Get rewards and win prizes

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