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5 ways to help you free wheel through 2020

Hands up, who received an inbox full of emails shouting ‘New year, new you’? It’s likely they all advertised the latest trends of thing you can do or buy to give yourself the best chance of having a happy, healthy start to the decade.

Well, this article is admittedly of the same ilk, but with one important exception. Here, we’re focusing on BIKES and we all know that bikes are easy to access, fit beautifully into everyday life and are great fun! 

Our advice is to send the array of gym offers to your junk folder, put that flyer for a deep breathing course in the bin and think twice about any pricey wellness app subscriptions. That’s because the trusty bicycle can help you achieve numerous health and fitness goals in an efficient, integrated and low-impact manner.

No bike? No sweat!

If you don’t want to own a bike (or would struggle to store one) and you live locally to a city hire scheme, then this method might suit you – whilst particularly prevalent in cities, many towns are starting to operate schemes too. Cycling UK has a great resource on hire bike schemes.

If you don’t have a scheme near you then don’t be too disappointed – there are plenty of other options. You can now rent almost anything in our modern subscription-based economy and bikes are no different. If you wanted to try a bike for a year before buying, why not consider long-term leasing? Check out The Bike Club, where you can choose a bike, lease it monthly and then return or update it as suits you.

Finally, there is no better way to obtain a new adult bike than Cyclescheme. This is the most cost-efficient and accessible way to get your perfect wheels. You’ll save 25-39% on the bike and any accessories you need, spread the cost over 12 months and have the exact brand and model that suits you.

Short, sharp bursts

10 miles is the average distance people tend to live from their workplace. If you live in this radius, then building cycling into your morning routine could really benefit you. Starting the day on two-wheels will cut down the need to spend time on other exercise, reduce your carbon footprint and invigorate your body and mind for the day ahead. Cycleschemers say they feel more alert and productive, plus regular commuters tend to take fewer sick days because they feel great!

If the daily commute isn’t your thing, could you cycle at the weekend? If you need a few essentials from the shop, why not jump on a bike with a rucksack? Or if you’re visiting friends, why not pedal over to their house and feel good about doing your bit for the environment?

Integrating cycling into your day to day life is the equivalent of micro-napping for fitness! Lots of short, sharp trips that aid your fitness, speed up your journeys and boost your mental wellbeing.

Socialise while you pedal

Fun experiences are often best shared, so why not meet your mates on the towpath, at a local trail centre or take a rolling road ride in nearby lanes. Check out your local NCN route to find somewhere to visit.

Looking for fellow riders? There are several group ride platforms such as British Cycling’s Let’s ride platform. You can meet other people and find routes to suit all abilities.

There are also online communities you can join to track your rides. Strava is the best known and likely the best for its tracking capabilities. Take it a step further and join our Cyclescheme Love to Ride community. A platform that interacts with Strava and has a community focus where you can set goals, enter competitions, comment on your friends’ cycling activity and join leagues and leader boards.

Socialise while you pedal

A little healthy competition

If you’re already riding regularly and can feel the difference in your health, then it might be time to ramp it up a gear and take part in some organised rides such as sportives.

Sportives cover a huge range of ride types; from a gentle 15-mile ride over accessible terrain, to longer closed road routes that have you cycling through grand stretches of the countryside, and everything in between.

Longer rides are a great way to measure your progress towards a fitter, healthier you. In addition to that, what nicer way of exercising is there than going on an epic ride with friends across stunning terrain?

Get out of your comfort zone

So, you’re riding regularly and enjoying the freedom of two wheels, why not challenge yourself a little more?

Mountain biking is a great way to burn calories whilst also enjoying a novel weekend activity. There are loads of trail centres all over the UK, which have courses for every ability level. You can find your local trail centre over at

How does mountain biking with an e-bike sound? Electric bikes are more accessible than ever before, and most trail centres have a whole host of e-mountain-bikes for rent. Having a modest motor onboard means you can spend more time enjoying the ride, rather than huffing and puffing your way up an incline. This style of biking means that even cycling uphill can be enjoyable.

Alternatively, go indoors at a velodrome. We’d encourage everyone to try it out! There’s nothing like the feeling of being on a fixed wheel bike moving at pace on the curved wooden boards of a 45° banked turn. There are dozens of velodromes across the UK if you fancy giving it a go!

Hopefully, you’re feeling motivated to cycle more and push your limits in 2020. Cycling can be so invigorating and rewarding, both as a pastime and as a useful mode of transport. Maybe we’ll see you at the velodrome?

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This article was written by Laurence Boon, Product Manager for Cyclescheme.