Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Cycle to Work Day celebrates its 10th anniversary on 4 August. There are great prizes up for grabs if you commute by bike that day.

Cycle to Work Day is back! On Thursday 4 August thousands of UK cyclists will remount their favourite form of transport – and thousands more will join them for the first time. Cycle to Work Day spotlights the benefits that cycle commuting brings: it’s good for you, good for your bank balance, and good for the planet.

Since Cycle to Work Day started 10 years ago, those benefits have become ever more important. A global pandemic has shown how active travel can help avoid infection and how being healthier can ward off its worst consequences. Petrol prices are now 38% higher than they were in 2012, making inessential car journeys harder to justify or afford. And with temperatures topping 40ºC for the first time in the UK this summer, the consequences of burning fossil fuels are hitting home. Cycling is part of the solution to these problems.

It’s also, let’s not forget, fun. Riding a bike reduces stress. It releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones you get from exercise. It enables you to arrive at work alert and ready to go. It lets you switch off from work on the way home. It’s a magic pill that makes you and the wider world better. That’s why it needs the fanfare that Cycle to Work Day provides.

How to take part

All you need to do is log your ride on Cycle to Work Day using the Love to Ride platform. If you’re not already registered, visit the Love to Ride website.

Join our Love to Ride community

First create a free profile for yourself; it takes less than two minutes. Then connect a smartphone app such as Strava or MapMyFitness to your Love to Ride account, so that your rides automatically sync with your Love to Ride account – along with photos, goals, and comments. Finally, make sure you log a ride on Thursday 4 August. That’s it.

Every cyclist who logs a ride in this way will be entered into the Cycle to Work Day Prize Draw. There are fantastic prizes to be won, including:

- A share of £1,800 Freewheel vouchers.

- A bike up to the value of £1,500 from Freewheel.

- A security bundle with a marking kit and bike lock.

- A 12-month subscription to Buzzbike.

- A 12-month subscription to the Brompton bike hire scheme.

Visit the website for details of all the prizes, along with terms and conditions. 

Cycle to Work Day prizes

Cycle to Work Day prizes

Logging your rides isn’t just about the chance to win prizes. It helps show what a difference cycle commuting can and does make. Since 2019, the Love to Ride Community has seen: 39,000,000+ miles ridden; 3,000,000+ rides logged; and 6,300,000+ lb of CO2 saved (compared with other modes of transport).

Spread the word

Cycle to Work Day is an excellent opportunity to persuade friends and co-workers to try cycling to work. It’s only one day so it’s not a huge commitment. Yet it could transform their travel habits – and their health and finances – in the long term. There are lots of things you can try to get them onboard with cycling.

Ask your employer to back Cycle to Work Day too. It’s worth their while because cycle commuters are more productive, more punctual, and take fewer days off sick. There’s a toolkit for them to download on the website. Assuming your employer is registered with Cyclescheme – and if not, invite them – Cycle to Work Day is also an ideal time to promote Cyclescheme.

A new start on a new bike

Those dipping their toes into the world of cycle commuting on Cycle to Work Day are likely to do so on an old, borrowed, or hired bike. Some of them, however, will want to stick at it – and they’ll be in the market for a new bike.

They’re in luck: there’s arguably never been a better time to get a bike and equipment through Cyclescheme, with savings between 26-40%. With the relaxing of the £1,000 scheme limit by the Department for Transport, those who want an e-bike, a Brompton, an adaptive, or simply a higher-spec bike of any kind can now pick the bike they need rather than the best they can find with a three-figure price tag. There’s nothing like the right bike to help keep you in the saddle.

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