The bike thief who called the owner to help re-charge it

Cyclescheme, 04.06.2014

The bike thief who called the owner to help re-charge it

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Bike theft, an activity pursued by the scummiest of scum in our society. 8 times out of ten a bike thief will sliver into the shadows like the rodents they are, with your beloved bicycle in tow – never to be seen. But as lady karma would have it, once in a while a thief will fall victim to the error of their ways.

Meet Ben Jaconelli, London dweller and keeper of a high-end GoCycle electric bike worth £2,500. Despite the fact his two wheeled ride was securely locked and only left unattended for 20 minutes, his GoCycle was stolen.

Usually, that would be the end of it. He would notify the police, they would give a spill about how the chances of retrieving his stolen bike are next to nil, and poor Ben would have to go purchase a new ride. Well on this occasion, Mr bike thief had stolen from the wrong dude, as Mr. Jaconelli is the owner of and an authorised dealer of the GoCycle bicycle.

Not too long after his electric bike was stolen, the unnamed bike thief realised a high end electric bike is a little useless without a charger. Not long after Mr. Jaconelli’s bike was stolen, he got a call from the thief, enquiring about a charger for a GoCycle. Connecting the dots, Mr. Jaconelli took down as many details about the thief as possible and tracked him down.

Mr. Jaconelli arrived at the thieves house with three pals. The bike thief was out but his mother was there; she called him and asked why he needed an electric bike charger? Not like he own’s an electric bike.

A minute later the bike thief called Mr. Jaconelli asking why he was at his house, to which he replied “you stole my bike”. He hung up and 20 minutes later the bike arrived at Mr. Jaconelli warehouse in a taxi.

If only all stolen bike stories ended this way.


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