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The Brompton ​Urban ​Challenge

The Brompton ​Urban ​Challenge

Ever wondered how many Bromptons you can fit into a London phone box? No? Well, now is your chance to find out…

Show off your skill, ingenuity and knowledge of the capital by taking part in the Brompton Urban Challenge this August, as part of the Prudential Ride London, the Mayor of London’s festival of cycling.

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This ​year’s ​Brompton ​Urban ​Challenge ​will ​be ​held ​on ​the ​same ​day ​as ​the ​Brompton ​World ​Championship ​Final ​in ​London. ​There ​will ​be ​a ​host ​of ​tasks ​and ​challenges ​to ​complete ​throughout ​the ​day, ​starting ​at ​the ​Brompton ​Junction ​store ​and ​ending ​at ​the ​BWC ​Final ​at ​St ​James ​Park. The winner will be chosen by the public.

Start ​point: ​Brompton ​Junction, London

MOMA will be providing breakfast for all those taking part at BUC.

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Registration closes on 17th July

Collect ​your ​challenge ​card ​from ​the ​Junction ​store from ​10am ​on ​Saturday ​1st ​August

Entry costs £10, with £5 going to charity (London Cycling Campaign)

The ​Challenges

The ​BUC ​tests ​your ​teamwork, ​orienteering ​ability ​and ​most ​importantly ​your ​creativity. ​Send ​us ​photo ​proof ​of ​all ​three!

Almost ​all ​of ​the ​challenges ​are ​open ​to ​interpretation, ​so ​use ​your ​imagination

Aim ​for ​at ​least ​two ​Bromptons ​in ​every ​photo ​your ​team ​submits ​(unless ​the ​challenge ​specifically ​asks ​for ​fewer ​or ​more)

Brompton Bike Hire

If you don't own a Brompton you can still take part by hiring a bike through our Bike Hire scheme. For more information on Bike Hire and your nearest dock please visit:

More information we will be sent to entrants before the event.

Thanks to Segro for supporting this years BUC.