Tune up your bike ready for spring & summer cycling

Cyclescheme, 18.04.2017

Tune up your bike ready for spring & summer cycling

With spring well and truly here and the weather finally opening up with lighter mornings and evenings, it’s a great time of year to be commuting on two wheels. 

If you’ve been a hard-core commuter all through the winter, now is an important time to carry out a few checks on your bike, as dirty, wet roads can end up taking a toll on your bike.

However if you were put off commuting in the wet and icy conditions and have now decided it’s time to dust off the bike to re-join the cycle commute, it’s also important for you to do a few checks to see that your bike is still in good working order.

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So what do you need to do to get your bike ready?

To help make sure your bike is ready for spring commuting there are some basic checks you can do at home to tune-up your bike, all of which will help towards having a safe commute.


  • Firstly what’s the pressure like? Do they feel flat and need some more air? Be careful not to overinflate as this can also be dangerous, so grab a bike pump and pressure gauge and check to make sure the pressure is right for your bike.
  • Secondly are the tyres worn and look like they need replacing? Remember spring doesn’t guarantee dry, sun-drenched commutes, there’s still the high potential of rain, so having decent tyres with good tread is important. 


  • Are brake pads worn? Do your brakes need to be tightened? Check by squeezing the brake levers and if they touch your handlebar grips, or when released don’t return equally, then they may need to be adjusted.Tune up brakes


  • Check the pedals, chain, derailleur, rear wheel cassette, for any excessive wear, missing teeth, dents etc.

If you don’t feel confident enough to carry out maintenance checks yourself, take your bike into your local cycle shop, as many retailers will have trained mechanics that’ll be able to service your bike so that it’s commuting ready.

Whether you decide to carry out some DIY maintenance on your bike yourself, or take it to a mechanic to tune-up, investing in keeping your bike running smoothly is not the only investment you should consider. Cycleguard are specialist cycle insurance providers and can provide cover against theft or accidental damage of your bike – so should the unfortunate happen, the money you’ve invested in your bike won’t have been in vain.

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Simple things like taking a corner too quickly or hitting one of the many potholes out there can cause big problems that require more than a bit of DIY maintenance, and can end up being quite costly depending on the level of damage caused to your bike. This can be made even worse if another person or their property is involved in the accident, as you could be responsible for the cost related to any damage or injury caused.

So to help you continue to enjoy your commute, as well as tuning up your bike, make sure it’s protected. Cycleguard are Cyclescheme’s preferred cycle insurance provider and can help make sure cyclists have the cover they need. 

Plus take advantage of 15% off a new Cycleguard insurance policy (first year premium only), as a Cyclescheme member!

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