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Why should I ride an e-bike?

Why should I ride an e-bike?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes are like marmite – everyone has an opinion! For those who aren’t sold on e-bikes (yet!), we’re here to tell you why an e-bike is the perfect choice for your next commuting bike.

Cycling is the ultimate way to get to work – it’s healthy, cheap and enjoyable. E-bikes make it even better by providing just the right amount of assistance. Easy and versatile to use, an e-bike can help you cycle to work quicker, ride for longer and get to the top of your local climbs sooner. They provide all the same thrills of riding, but with less exertion - so you can arrive at work sweat-free, in record time. 

Most e-bikes on the market have different modes, so it’s not simply a case of hopping on and letting the bike do the work. If you’re feeling tired or looking for a relaxed ride; crank up the assistance and enjoy the ride. When you’re ready to be challenged, just dial the assistance back. Experienced cyclists can also enjoy the benefits of an e-bike, using the motor to conserve energy during hill climbs so that they can really push on the way back down. 

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There are a number of different e-bikes available, but you can be certain there will be one to suit you. Getting the right bike is easier than you might think. It all comes down to the same factors you’d consider when buying a regular bike: style of riding, terrain, mileage, and so on.

The three main types of e-bike are:

Commuter Bikes

Say goodbye to the sweaty commute; commuting is where e-bikes really come into their own. The electric motor means you get to work quicker, fresher and ready for the day ahead. Commuting by e-bike can also mean more money in your pocket compared to driving every day. Depending on the terrain on your commute, hybrid e-bikes and E-MTBs can both do a sterling job of whisking you to work each morning.

Hybrid/Leisure Bikes

Hybrid e-bikes are just like standard hybrid bikes; suitable for a mix of terrains including road and light off-road use. Some models include pannier racks, mudguards or lights, and offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to your riding position on the bike.

Mountain Bike

Swing your leg over an e-mountain bike, and you’ll instantly see why they’ve been such a hit in the UK. Taking a high performance mountain bike and adding a motor means you can hit the trails harder and faster, and maybe even make time for an extra lap. Just like normal mountain bikes, E-MTBs are available as hardtails or full suspension, and with different geometries, fork travel and wheel sizes to cater to all types of off-road riding.

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Want to know the best way to find out why you should ride an e-bike? Get out and try one! At Cyclescheme we’re always looking for ways to make cycle commuting accessible to more working adults across the UK, and e-bikes play a big part in this. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Rutland Cycling to shout about their brilliant E-Bike Centres where you can test out an incredible range of models. Whether you want to find out how a hybrid e-bike can get you moving, or discover how a top of the range E-MTB can improve your riding experience; test the whole range with Rutland.

To find out more and book your e-bike demo ride at a Rutland E-Bike Centre in Whitwell, Grafham Water, Peterborough or Cambridge today click below.

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