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Win a Clearspace Shower Hub worth £30,000 for your workplace

Win a Clearspace Shower Hub worth £30,000 for your workplace

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Shower Hub, we've teamed up with Clearspace Buildings to give one away! Worth £30,000, Clearspace will deliver and install the winner's Shower Hub too!

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Manufactured off-site and installed and connected to services in less than a day, the Shower Hub creator – Clearspace Buildings - is confident you’ll find nothing else like it in the UK.

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Shower Hub – a standalone shower and changing unit – Clearspace Buildings has partnered with Cyclescheme to give one away*. Valued at £30,000, Clearspace will deliver, install and connect the winner’s Shower Hub to water and power.

The competition is open to any organisation with a minimum of eight employees and the winner will be announced on Cycle to Work Day 2014 on Thursday 4 September.

Designed, manufactured and installed by leading modular construction company, Clearspace Buildings, the standard Shower Hub unit features two shower and change cubicles.

It takes up as little two car parking spaces, providing energy efficient shower and changing facilities on site for all workplace cyclists. And, because they’re modular, Shower Hubs can even be built in confined spaces, like an underground or multi-storey car park.

Shower Hubs can be as small at two units or as large as 70 (or more!) and can be fully integrated into existing cycling facilities to create a Cycle Pit-Stop area, including add-ons such as:

  • Clothes drying areas
  • Lockers
  • Cycle parking
  • Repair stations

Energy efficient lighting and superior insulation means the Shower Hub is cost effective to run. Superior, sustainable building materials also ensure it will be a long-term resource for your employees for many years.

As a Cyclescheme customer you could even offset the cost of a Shower Hub with savings made on National Insurance contributions. Better still, your workplace may be eligible for a Local Authority Transport Fund grant to part fund a Shower Hub.

For more information about the Shower Hub visit or contact Clearspace Buildings on 0845 153 0085

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Enter the competition

Entering the competition to win the £30,000 Clearspace Shower Hub couldn’t be easier, just answer the following questions. 

Judging criteria

A panel of three judges, comprising Cyclescheme's Director Daniel Gillborn, Rob Hayles - three-time Olympic medallist and double track world cycling champion, and Scott Horner, Director of Clearspace Construction, will review all entries and select the winner!

This is what the judges are looking for:

Tell us what impact a Shower Hub will have on your workplace – Explain your circumstances and how this building will make a difference. What challenges is your organisation facing at the moment regarding the travel arrangements of employees? And how will a Shower Hub help overcome them?

Be unique and interesting – Why do you need a Shower Hub more than any other organisation? What makes you stand out from the rest? Show us your vision cycling in the workplace.

Make your ideas clear and thorough – We want to connect with your ideas. Make sure they come across to us loud and clear!

Show us how you work together – Make your entry reflect the concerns of all members of your organisation –community, staff, customers, cyclists, drivers, runners, etc. 

Competition timeline

  • Competition launch – Friday 6th June 2014
  • Entries close – Thursday 28th August 2014
  • Winner announced – Thursday 4th September 2014

*Subject to terms and conditions, which can be found in full hereThe winner must ensure that they have a hard standing, flat and level accessible site with water, power and foul drainage to the Shower Hub.