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Cyclescheme 7: Claire B

Cyclescheme 7: Claire B

Ever wondered how your commuting experience differs to others? Each month we share the story of a real Cyclescheme cycle commuter and ask them seven questions to sum up their experience from their two-wheeled commute. This month, it's Claire.

Each month we feature one Cyclescheme participant and share their commuting story. We ask the same seven questions (hence the name, The Cyclescheme Seven) in a bid to build up a picture of cycle commuters across the UK. From John O'Groats to Lands End we scour the country for the real cycle commuters who take to their bike each morning. If you'd like to feature on our website, just drop us a line on: with "I'm in' in the subject line.

This month we caught up with Claire to see how her commute has changed her life.

Where in the UK are you?


What was your main motivation for getting a bike through Cyclescheme?

Great value and a great incentive to cycle to work which is what I was planning to do when I changed jobs. 

What bike did you get and why?

A Ridgeback Element - a great hybrid that was perfect for my daily commute. 

How much did you spend with your Cyclescheme Certificate?

About £450.

How often do you commute to work by bike?

I Cycle daily, a 4 mile round trip so nothing special or difficult. Occasionally I will drive in but we have a great system now of a daily scratch card that costs less than visitors parking, which is what I did as I don't have a staff permit.

Where do you commute from and to? 

I commute from my home to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

How has cycling affected your daily life - do you feel healthier? Have you saved money?

I would struggle to work somewhere where I can't commute on a bike. As a staff member I would pay for a staff permit, so a big saving for me (and the fuel costs). I have had one major bike service in 8 years which was less than a year's car park permit. There is less stress, as I don't worry about whether there is a parking space and above all the regular exercise is healthy. I am a keen cyclist anyway so this keeps me ticking over. I would encourage anyone to try and work in a cycle some how, whether that is parking out of town and riding to work or having a bike in a railway station and doing that last bit to the workplace. Many stations have secure rooms. The logistics or concerns about clothing or hair can soon be overcome!

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