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Cyclescheme 7: Glen

Cyclescheme 7: Glen

Ever wondered how your commuting experience differs to others? We share the story of Glen, a Cyclescheme cycle commuter and ask him seven questions to sum up their experience from their two-wheeled commute.

We feature one Cyclescheme participant and share their commuting story. We ask the same seven questions (hence the name, The Cyclescheme Seven) in a bid to build up a picture of cycle commuters across the UK. From John O'Groats to Lands End we scour the country for the real cycle commuters who take to their bike each morning. 

We caught up with Glen to see how his commute has changed his life.

CS: Where in the UK are you?


CS: What was your main motivation for getting a bike through Cyclescheme?

I wanted to improve my fitness and I also wanted to save some money on petrol costs as I usually drive into work. Plus a great side point was that I want to bike ride from Hull to Manchester next year, and this scheme allowed me to get a suitable bike for commuting and the charity bike ride.

CS: What bike did you get and why?

I bought a Hybrid bike and got a pannier rack with it too. This bike was the most suitable for the charity bike ride next year, but it also suited my commuting as the roads around Hull are quite bumpy and some need tending to. The Hybrid allows the suspension on the front to take the edge off those pesky bumps in the road.

CS: How much did you spend with your Cyclescheme Certificate?

I spent £400 in total on my bike, mudguards and the pannier rack, then with my own money I also bought the pannier bag and a few extras such as repair kits and cycling clothing.

CS: How often do you commute to work by bike?

I aim try to bike everyday to work and back home, it works out as 10 miles a day other the duration of both journeys.

CS: Where do you commute form and to?

I commute from my home directly to work at the Hesslewood Business Park (5 mile trip)

CS: How has cycling affected your daily life - do you feel healthier? Have you saved money?

I have definitely saved money, I feel healthier (I have also joined a gym too so this would have helped). Last week I also managed a 35 mile bike ride and my stamina on the bike is improving. When I was 15 my lungs collapsed, I'm now 26 and I can still play football / american football, but in terms of running my stamina has decreased massively. Cycling is brilliant for me as it doesn't affect my stamina too much, so I can keep fit and exercise for longer duration without losing my breath instantly.

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