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Round-up: Mountain bike essentials

Round-up: Mountain bike essentials

Got a mountain bike? Take a second bite of the Cyclescheme cherry and get the commuting equipment and accessories that you missed.

As well as bikes and equipment, you can get Accessories Packages through Cyclescheme. Maybe you got a bike last year and couldn't afford to include all the accessories you wanted on your original Certificate, because you were close to the £1,000 limit? Or maybe you're an existing cyclist who wants to start commuting – once you've made your bike commuter ready? Either way, if you've got a mountain bike, you will need to invest in additional equipment. Mountain bikes come ready for bumpy off -road tracks – fat knobbly tyres, suspension, low gears and good brakes – but without the practical features you'll want for commuting, such as mudguards and luggage capacity. With careful equipment choice, however, you can have items useful for both weekday streets and weekend singletrack. Tyres are the hardest thing to get right. Try a lightly-treaded rear tyre and adjust the pressure of both front and rear tyres when switching between road and off-road use.

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Crud Racepac

MudguardsStandard frame-fitting mudguards will fi t to many mountain bikes, using P-clips if there are no frame eyelets, but they're awkward off -road, jamming up with mud and sticks. Crud's Racepac guards have no problems with clearance as they attach to the seatpost and down tube. They're designed to stop mud flicking into your face or up your back while mountain biking, and they'll keep the worst of the spray off you while commuting. If you ride in cycling kit, that's enough. The front guard normally attaches with stretch rubber O-rings, although if you'll leave your bike parked anywhere, it's a better idea to use cable ties instead. The rear guard bolts to the seatpost, so is more secure than similar, strap fitting rear guards. There's a longer Racepac 29er for bigger-wheeled bikes; it's £2 dearer.

RRP £19.99 | Cyclescheme price £14.99


Northwave Scorpius SRS shoes

SRS Shoes

If you're going to use clip-in pedals for commuting, mountain bikes pedals and shoes are the best option: they employ recessed cleats, enabling you to walk normally. They're obviously ideal for mountain biking as well. These Northwave shoes have stiff, carbon reinforced soles for pedalling effciency, and reinforced uppers to protect your feet from rock and branch strikes. They fasten with two Velcro straps and a slim ratchet strap, which is simple, secure, and durable. If you want to be more visible on road, there are some bright colour options such as flourescent yellow.

RRP £99.99 | Cyclescheme price £74.99


Lezyne Micro Floor Pump HV with gauge

Most portable pumps deliver a paltry amount of air per stroke, so it takes ages to inflate a big-volume mountain bike tyre. This Lezyne pump is more efficient, and as it works like a little track pump, sitting on the floor instead of resting in your other hand, it takes half as much effort to use. There's a gauge so you can get the pressure just right rather than guessing. Try inflating your mountain bike's tyres to the maximum pressure for road riding and to the minimum for use off -road; you'll find both figures stamped on the tyre's sidewall. This pump will inflate to 90psi. (There's a high-pressure version for narrow tyres.) 

RRP £41.99 | Cyclescheme price £31.49


Ortlieb Velocity backpack

Ortlieb Velocity backpack

A lightweight backpack is convenient on any bike, as the load goes with you when you dismount. On a mountain bike it's particularly useful. The bike will handle better on any off -road sections, as there's less dead weight. And you don't have to fi t a pannier rack, which is complicated by rear suspension and/or missing frame eyelets. Ortlieb's Velocity is comfortable and stable on your back, as it has waist and sternum straps to keep the foam-backed bag snug against your body. Best of all, it's completely dirt proof and waterproof thanks to its welded-seam, roll-top design. However wet and dirty you get, your work clothes (and laptop?) will stay dry and clean. The 20-litre capacity is ample for commuting. It's durable, with reinforced corners, and you can clip an LED light to it.

RRP £75 | Cyclescheme price £56.25


Niterider Lumina 750

Lumina 750

The Lumina 750 will do double-duty as a lamp for off -road night-riding and also for commuting. On full power it emits 750 lumens, which is enough to light up night time single track. But you can click through the settings to medium (350 lumens) or low (200), either of which is enough to see where you're going on road without dazzling drivers. It comes with both handlebar and helmet mounts, and there's no cabling to worry about as the lithium-ion battery is integral. Despite this, it weighs only 172g. It recharges via USB or mains adapter. Burn time is about 90 minutes on full power and five-and-a-half hours on low.

RRP £99.99 | Cyclescheme price £74.99

Niterider Solas 2W rear light

Solas 2W

Niterider's Solas rear light can also be dialled up or down to suit the situation. Put it on high when you're riding solo on road so that you're easily seen by cars (and passing aircraft…), and low off -road so your riding buddies can see where you are without having a red blob burned on their retinas. It runs for 4.5 and 36 hours respectively, and its lithium-ion battery is USB rechargeable. There are a couple of flashing modes too. It attaches to the bike's seatpost or a seat stay, or can alternatively be clipped to luggage.

RRP £39.99 | Cyclescheme price £29.99

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