Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Back for 2020, Cycle to Work Day is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event. Now in its ninth year, the day offers a chance for cycling communities to unite, with the shared mission of inspiring the nation to get on two wheels. For one day a year, we ask cyclists of all experience levels and abilities to swap their usual commute for a cycle instead.  

Like many aspects of our lives, 2020 has seen our working habits change. This year it’s Cycle to Who? What? Where? Day, as the idea of a commute has become a distant memory for many workforces. But we’re embracing the unknown this year, asking people to ride anywhere, for any reason and with anyone. It’s still Cycle to Work Day, but with a twist.  

For employers, there are plenty of benefits to cycling. From the positive effects on employee morale and mental and physical health, to the logistical advantages for offices low on parking spaces. Cycle to Work Day acts as an opportunity for your employees to experience the benefits first hand; for new cyclists to be born, and for increased uptake of your cycle to work scheme. We’d love to see you get involved, spreading the message to your employees ahead of the big day.  

How your workforce can take part in Cycle to Work Day 

Joining in on the day is easy. Riders simply need to hop on their bikes, log their journeys on Love to Ride and inspire others to get involved alongside them. There are just a few steps to follow:  

  • Download the Love to Ride app from the App Store or Google Play  

  • Create your profile on the Cyclescheme Community   

  • If you already use Strava or Under Armour Connected Fitness, sync your tracker app to your Love to Ride account. Or, track with Love to Ride itself.   

  • Log your Cycle to Work Day ride for the chance to win prizes    

There are many advantages to cycling that speak for themselves, but as an added incentive to get pedalling, we’re giving away prizes. Just for logging their rides, your employees will be entered into our Cycle to Work Day prize draw.  

We also want to see lots of cycle selfies, bike ride views and journey logs on our social media. It’s all in the name of spreading the joy of cycling, empowering more people to enjoy the perks of two-wheeled transport. Simply encourage your employees to post their photos using the hashtag #CycleToWorkDay. 

Give them a push 

We would love to see you getting involved. Whether it’s spreading the news about Cycle to Work Day, encouraging employees to take a lunchtime cycle or even dedicating a small chunk of the working day to the cause. Make the most of our free resources below.  


Cyclescheme Applications  

As your employees find out more about Cycle to Work Day, and as they take part on Thursday 6th August, you may see your Cyclescheme applications rise. The benefits of cycling are compelling. Make sure you’re ready to review and approve any new requests so that your employees can enjoy a smooth and speedy journey to obtaining their new bikes and accessories.