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  • How do I request a Certificate?

    How do I request a Certificate?

    Decide if you want to get a bike from a local Retailer (In-store) or from a range of leading online Retailers (online).


    Visit the retailer and choose the bike and/or accessories you want to get.  The Retailer will provide you with a quote listing all of your selected equipment.


    Visit the website of your chosen retailer and select the items you want to get.

    Alternatively, if you already know what you want, or haven’t got time to visit a store now, you can simply nominate a value that can be redeemed at a Retailer of your choice.

    Go to the Cyclescheme website and enter your employer code (if you are unsure what an employer code is, please see the FAQ "What is an employer code").

    You will then be taken to the ‘Shop Now’ page, where you can double-check your savings. When you are ready to submit your request, click ‘Apply’.

    You will now be asked to enter your details, your company details, and importantly, the Package details, including a breakdown of the bike and accessory values.  

    If you have elected not to nominate a Retailer at this stage, you will simply be asked to enter a total value for your Certificate; there is no need to specify the items you will be getting at this point.

    The next stage is for your employer to approve the request.  You will be sent an email so that you can create login details for your MyCyclescheme account that allows you to track the progress of your Certificate as well as access additional offers and benefits.

    Please note the above is a standard process and may differ for employers who use a Benefits Provider.

  • What is my employer code?

    What is my employer code?

    Your employer code will be 4-6 characters long and will contain numbers and/or letters.

    You may be given your employer code in 1 of two formats, either the code itself (4-6 digits long), or forming part of a web address (

    If posters are displayed at your place of work the employer code should be printed at the bottom of these, but if you do not know the employer code please email with the subject line “Employer code”.  Please ensure that the email clearly states the name of the company you work for.

  • How do I login to MyCyclescheme?

    How do I login to MyCyclescheme?

    When you request a Certificate you provide us with your email address.  This is the primary method in which we contact you, and is also used to create your MyCyclescheme account.  Once a Certificate request has been entered, you will automatically receive an email inviting you to set a password for your account.

    To login, click “Sign in to MyCyclescheme” (in the top-right of our website), then enter your email address and password.  If you do not have, or cannot remember your password, please use the link at the bottom of the login page to request a new password. 

  • Where’s my Certificate?

    Where’s my Certificate?

    To track the progress of your Certificate request you can log in to your MyCyclescheme account at  To login to your account you will need to enter the email address you used when you requested the certificate.  

  • How do I change my contact details?

    How do I change my contact details?

    To change any of the personal details on your account, please login to your MyCyclescheme account (please see “How to login to MyCyclescheme for further information) . 

    Once logged in, click on the tab titled “My Account”. 

    From here you can amend any of your details and then click “Update my Account” to confirm.

  • Which Retailers are registered with Cyclescheme?

    Which Retailers are registered with Cyclescheme?

    Cyclescheme’s network of over 2000 Retailers provides access to over 500 different cycling brands, including direct access to the UK’s most popular bike manufacturers.  Many of our Retailers provide electric bikes, folding bikes and other specialist cycles. 

    To access our Retailer finder (from which you can search for Retailers in your area, further afield or online) please click here.  The retailer finder will allow you to search for either physical shops that you can visit, or online retailers from which you can get your Cyclescheme Package.

  • Can I order my Cyclescheme Package online?

    Can I order my Cyclescheme Package online?

    Yes. Cyclescheme works with over 2,000 Retailers and many of them offer an online service. Please visit our Retailer Finder to search either for a physical shop, or an online retailer that you would like to use.

    Shopping in-store is ideal if you are not sure what you need (or in what size), or if you want the face-to-face interaction with industry experts (which can be invaluable for new cyclists) to ensure the package meets your specific requirements.  Shopping in-store means you can also take advantage as other benefits such as a free 6-week service.

    If you know exactly what you want and are confident with purchasing cycling equipment, shopping online will offer you the convenience of redeeming your Certificate without having to leave your house.  Your Cyclescheme Package will then be delivered to your chosen address. 

  • What is a payroll number?

    What is a payroll number?

    This is a unique employee number issued to you by your employer. The best place to find this information is on your payslip. Otherwise, contact your HR department or manager.

  • Can't find what you are looking for?

    Can't find what you are looking for?

    If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please get in touch with us using the contact details which can be found here.

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