How to run a successful Roadshow

Cyclescheme Roadshows are a great events that help us highlight this fantastic benefit to your staff. They create a forum for discussion and give people who are new or returning to cycling a chance to speak to a seasoned expert.

This guide to Roadshows aims to help you organise an efficient, well-attended and worthwhile event for all involved. The different aspects of organising a Roadshow that are addressed in these guidelines remain flexible. However, by following the steps below we are confident that you will organise the best possible event for you and your staff.

Step 1 – Number of Employees

Cyclescheme will always endeavor to attend our clients upon request; however there can be times when this is not viable. Many of our Partner Stores also attend clients and offer the added value of bringing their local knowledge to the event.

In general we will try and organise Roadshows at sites where there are at least 300 or more employees. For smaller locations we may still be able to organise a Roadshow or a seminar style event, however it is less likely.

We will always send promotional literature to events you are holding, you just need to ask.

Step 2 - Date, Time and Location

In order for Cyclescheme to be able to organise a well planned and advertised event it is essential to give us an accurate date and time at least 4 weeks in advance of the proposed Roadshow date.

We find that the lunch period is usually the best time to host the Roadshows – this tends to be from 11-2pm (or thereabouts). Roadshows that run all day are usually only busy during this period. Where you have shift patterns we will try and cover as many of them as possible within reason.

Roadshows tend to be held in areas with a high footfall, we have found cafeterias and lunchrooms to be to best locations. If staff will be allowed to take time away from their desks to attend the Roadshow then atriums and boardrooms can be OK. Entrances to buildings have also been found to work well in the past.

It is great if we can add some theater to the event by bringing bikes and accessories to whet people’s appetite. |Areas where 1 or more bikes can be displayed are ideally suited. Please let us know how much space is available in your proposed location as this will dictate the size of the show we organise.

Step 3 – Advertising a Roadshow

As Cyclescheme has a limited ability to advertise the Roadshow to employees we rely on the scheme administrator to take important steps in advertising the Roadshow to their staff.

There is support available from Cyclescheme when doing this. We can supply custom posters that include the location, date and time of the event. These posters can then be displayed around your premises to help raise awareness. We can also create PDF files or custom emails to send to your staff electronically; there are also generic emails available. All staff should ideally be emailed in advance of the event and on the day itself.

Provision of explanatory leaflets and copies of our Cycle Commuter Magazine are also available during and in advance of the event (all free of charge).

Please call 0844 879 5101 or email for more information. 



4-6 weeks before the event:

The administrator or site-contact fills in a Roadshow request form.

A Roadshow request form can be obtained from your Account Manager or from the Partner Store Liaison team:

Cyclescheme will quickly let you know if they can organise attendance at the event. If we can attend an email will be sent to you detailing who will be attending and what their requirements are.

3 weeks before the event:

The administrator or site contact should put some posters advertising the event around the site(s).

If you have an Account Manager discuss your requirements with them. If not let the Partner Store Liaison team know and they will organise custom event posters for you:

Send an email to staff letting them know that the event will be occurring in 3 weeks. We can supply text explaining what the Roadshow is and why it is useful to attend should you wish.

2 weeks before the event:

Put Cycle Commuter Magazines in staff areas like lunchrooms or kitchens.

If you have an Account Manager you could also put custom literature on display.

The week of the event:

Make sure your posters have stayed up and put up some new ones if space is available.

Send an email to all staff advertising the show the day before the event. We can supply text for this purpose should you wish.

Request a Roadshow 

If you are ready to request a Roadshow, please log into MySchemes and click on 'Events'.


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