Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Cycling plays many roles in peoples lives. For some, it's a vital part of the daily routine; providing a physical wellbeing fix and offering them a quiet time to process complex work problems or consider how they're going to approach the day ahead. For others, it's an incidental means to an end; a utilitarian mode of transport to get you from A to B. And for others still, it's a welcome but intermittent past time that elevates summer evenings or winter weekends. 

Whatever cycling means to you, we think it's vital that Cyclescheme is on hand to help during these unique and potentially overwhelming times. It's for this reason that we've started our COVID-19 cycling information hub.

Sport England is encouraging people to consider cycling as part of their fitness routine. So, if you have a Cyclescheme bike already, we'd certainly encourage you to make good use of it during your sanctioned daily exercise time.

We're going to be regularly updating this page with useful information on how COVID-19 is affecting operations for Cyclescheme and the cycling industry as a whole plus what steps Cyclescheme is taking to support you if you wish to stay (or get) in the saddle in the coming weeks and months.

Cyclescheme specific information

Contact Centre

Our contact centre is operating on slightly reduced hours; we're open from 09:00 to 19:00 - Mon to Sun (normally 08:00 to 20:00 - Mon to Sun). 

Retailer network

All non-essential retailers have been asked to close for the next three weeks. However, bicycle stores are deemed to be offering an essential service and are therefore exempt from this mandate. 

Every retailer has a unique set of circumstances and obligations; this means there is not an easy one-size-fits-all message to share with you. For example, many retailers are taking action to protect staff and family by closing - which we fully respect.

At Cyclescheme we have a wide range of retailers from your local store to mail order, multi-sport retailers and online retailers.

Some retailers are adapting to the current circumstances using the following methods:

  • Operating by appointment only
  • Operating a local delivery service
  • Operating on a ‘drive-through/takeaway’ basis
  • Open for key workers only
  • Continuing to operate by mail order only
  • Allowing only 2 customers in the store at once

At this moment we advise you to take the following measures before leaving home to collect your Cyclescheme bike from a retailer:

  1. Call the store directly, there is a chance that they will still be operating in some capacity
  2. Email, if the store is closed it's likely the business will be monitoring email communications
  3. Contact Cyclescheme for support either via Facebook or directly on
Cyclescheme multi-branch retailer update: 01/04/2020
Many of the multi-branch stores have decided to temporarily close their physical locations.
Current national retailers whose shops are not open for business:
  • Decathlon (not available online or by phone)
  • Go outdoors (not available online or by phone)
We have a retailer network COVID-19 FAQs section here.

Ownership / End of Hire

Cyclescheme is applying a 3-month extension to the date your ownership fee is due. This is in response to Covid-19 and its economic impact.

You can choose an ownership option today and pay any associated fee or delay this by up to 3 months. If you wish to delay, you don’t need to let us know. Your only consideration is that you cannot reapply for a new cycle to work package until your ownership fee is settled.

Public sector financing 

Cycling is part of the answer and it's vital that key workers can choose to cycle to work if they wish. To help public sector bodies get bikes to their staff as quickly as possible during the pandemic, Cyclescheme is offering to finance Public Sector schemes. This means that all Public Sector employers need to do is review and approve requests and we'll make sure employees can get their eCertificate instantly. Eligible employers can request this via their Account Manager or by contacting us

Useful reading on cycling and COVID-19

The situation is changing daily but in a bid to keep you abreast of the most useful and pertinent information from the cycle trade we've collated a list of useful articles and statements that you may find useful. 

Sport England advice on staying fit during the pandemic: Go to content 

British Cycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cycling and COVID-19: Go to content

British Cycling advice if you're a cyclist that wants to help: Go to content

London Cycling Campaign's Facebook messenger service and general cycling advice: Go to content 

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Retailer Network FAQs

Q. What is the official guidance on cycle retailers? A. Bike stores are allowed to remain open, as they help to support the key and essential workers commute to work.

Q. Can I still get a bike with Cyclescheme? A. Yes!

Q. What stores are still open? A. Online retailers are mostly open, and some physical stores. Please contact them directly before travelling.

Q. Are Cyclescheme 'Click and collect' stores still working? A. Volt, Wisper, Specialized are all currently functioning as normal. We suggest you phone the store first to confirm they will be able to receive the order.

Q. Can I use my Cyclescheme certificate over the phone? A. Yes, many of our retailer partners have contact centres or mail order facilities.

Q. I have a certificate, but my chosen store has closed, what do I do? A. Your eCertificate will remain valid, so you can wait until the store re-opens, or contact us and we can make your certificate valid for another retailer.

Q. My certificate is redeemed with a store but I haven’t collected my bike. A. Contact the store to identify when the store will be next open, many can dispatch bikes direct, home deliver or allow you to collect from the front door. If you are not able to progress, please contact us directly.

Q. My Cyclescheme bike is in for its first service, but the stores have now closed, what do I do? A. As above

Q. My new bike has an issue and the stores closed, what can I do? A. Call or email the store, although closed, they may well be answering emails and social media and might have a solution. Contact us if you are not happy for any reason. 

Q.The bike shop can no longer order my chosen bike and don't have anything else A. Providing you have not redeemed your certificate, we can help you choose another bike or change retailer.

Q.I have a certificate and want to order a bike but need help choosing, what can I do? A. Get in touch, we can help!