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Why don’t you join the masses and consider getting an e-bike the next time you’re in the market for a new set of wheels?

The rise of e-bike sales over the past year has been phenomenal. At Canyon we’re big advocates for the e-bike, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why we think they’re so great.

Enhance your fitness  
Despite the added help from the motor, e-bikes can still help you reach your fitness goals. Most e-bikes simply assist your own pedalling - i.e., the motor only kicks in if you start pedalling first – so whilst the idea of cycling might seem like hard work to some people, e-bikes can bridge the gap.

E-bikes are also great for overcoming age-related ailments. There’s no reason to slow things down if you have an e-bike, as the impact is a little gentler!

Save money and spread the cost

No more unbeatable headwinds 
An e-bike will often soften the blow of a gale, making it easier to push on through windy conditions. The extra little power boost from the motor helps you to take the wind in your stride, enabling you a pleasant ride no matter the weather.

Climb hills without breaking a sweat

For a lot of people, hills are a barrier to cycling – particularly if you live in a region renowned for tough climbs. E-bikes effectively remove the additional effort you’d need to get up each hill, enabling you to enjoy a leisurely pace rather than grinding your way to the top.

e-bikes and hills

Go green and help to save the planet 
Half of all car journeys are under 5km, and the average car emits around 40 times more CO2 than an e-bike, according to a government study conducted in Melbourne, Australia. More bikes ridden each day means less cars on the roads. Plus, if you recharge your bike’s battery with renewable energy, you’re going one step further in helping to fight climate change.

Save money – who even needs a car these days? 
Add up the costs of purchasing, taxing, insuring and maintaining a car, and you’ll quickly realise that an e-bike becomes very attractive from a financial point of view. Recharging your e-bike costs just pennies and the usual wear and tear components (tyres, chains and brake pads) won’t break the bank.

Own your commute 
Commuting by bike eliminates the need for public transport costs or fuel to get into the office. Congestion at rush hour will be a thing of the past as you rush by on your wheels, and thanks to the motor you’ll barely break a sweat.

Go further, faster 

The technology within e-bike batteries is constantly improving, so you can ride for longer without the risk of running out of energy. You’ll be able to increase your distances that that of a pedal bike, or maybe even go on your first cycle touring holiday.

E-bike group riding

Group riding just got better 
Riding solo is fun, but a shared experience is even better. An e-bike allows you to level the playing field, enabling all kinds of cycling abilities to a ride at a similar speed no matter the terrain. Injuries and changes in your circumstances can easily influence your fitness levels, but when these things happen, an e-bike is the best tool for getting back in the saddle and enjoying the great outdoors again.

E-bikes are just more fun! 
Whether it’s sailing past other road users, beating your friend up a hill or having the confidence to take on more challenging terrain, there’s always excitement when you ride an e-bike. E-bikes boost endorphin levels and guarantee a return from every ride with a smile on your face.

There’s a model to suit everyone 

These days there’s an e-bike for every ability and interest. E-MTBs add to the thrill of mountain biking with lightweight, powerful motors, while E-Gravel bikes enable more people to experience the delights of their local trails. The one thing that every e-bike has in common though, is their aim (and success!) of getting more people out and about and enjoying life on two wheels.

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