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As we all consider climate change, Bikmo, our cycle insurance partner, shares their top reasons why cycling is great for the planet.

How can we protect our environment more? Climate change is on everyone’s minds at the moment after recent global warming disasters. This November, leaders from 196 countries will meet in Glasgow for a pivotal climate conference. The UN-organised event, COP26, aims to action plans to reduce climate change. This comes after a UN report, highlighted the startling rise in global temperatures. We all have a responsibility to do better when it comes to the environment: whether it’s by cycling and walking, eating less meat, recycling and repurposing, or supporting ethical brands and companies.

Bikmo is a certified BCorp and we are also proud to be part of 1% for the Planet, which means we give 1% of our annual revenue to causes focused on the environment. For our 1%, we’ve chosen to support both local cycling communities and developing countries. We believe in doing our bit for the planet. With this in mind, here are 4 reasons why cycling is our preferred transport... 

1. Cycling is good for the environment and you

Did you know there are more bikes in Amsterdam than people? Simply put, getting on your bike is great exercise and helps to protect the environment. Everyone knows that cycling is good for physical health: it’s an excellent cardio workout, it saves your knees and helps build your stamina, leg strength and muscle. There are endless benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing, if you take cycling challenges it can develop your focus and it’s always fun getting the kids out for a ride.

2. Cycling helps to reduce air and noise pollution

Cycling is pollution-free and uses minimal fossil fuels, which is why it’s so good. As the recent floods and fires across Europe reminded us - we must take care of Earth and try harder to have a positive impact on the planet.  If more of us cycled, it would dramatically reduce air pollution. Recent figures show that 60% of journeys between one and two miles long are made by motor vehicle in England - showing the impact it would have if we changed this, not to mention the health benefits. With a reduction in cars on the roads, engine noise and congestion would also be eased. Noise pollution is problematic: it affects our wellbeing and our whole environment including wildlife. By cycling more, we can reduce this effect.

3. Cycling more means greener cities

If we cycle more, we’ll need more green spaces, not those rammed with traffic. This means more trees and plants and that is great for the environment as they extract carbon dioxide from the air: reducing carbon emission levels and cleaning the air. Having more access to green spaces, high-quality air, and flourishing nature and wildlife is better for our health. Perhaps some cities might be redesigned to be greener in the future for this lifestyle change?

4. Cycling fosters an environmentally friendly community

Instead of just talking about it, you are making solid changes to benefit the environment when you commit to cycling. You can lead by example and show your community, not tell. Often when people see someone making changes for the better they are intrigued and want to find out more. This is when you pass it on and inspire others too.

Bikmo cycle insurance is designed with commuters in mind. Their award-winning policy covers theft, accidental damage, vandalism, clothing, helmets and accessories, plus much more. 

When you buy a new bike through Cyclescheme you’ll be able to activate 14 days of free insurance with Bikmo so you can ride worry-free; you’ll also benefit from exclusive savings after the 14 days are over. Bikmo also offers an additional 25% reduction on your premium if you are insuring an e-bike.