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Riding an e-bike is great fun, but the idea of needing to clean it needed put a downer on your ride.

With this handy guide from our brand partner Canyon, it needn’t be a thankless task - no matter how mucky it gets! 

What equipment will you need? 

There are no expensive tools involved in keeping your e-bike clean. You’ll need: 

  • A bucket of water 
  • A few brushes 
  • Degreaser 
  • Chain lube 

A bike stand and hose pipe can also be useful if you have access to them, but otherwise just carefully lean your bike against a wall. It’s also good practice to keep your e-bike’s user manual handy while you get the hang of it. 

Clean your e-bike in three simple steps 

Remove the battery and electronics
Batteries and water do not mix well. Take your battery out and put it to one side where it’ll be safe. You should also remove the computer display, but if that’s not possible, cover it with cling-film or a small plastic bag to keep it dry. 

e-bike battery

Start scrubbing 
Use a hose pipe or jug of water to get the whole bike wet. Don’t stress if the water gets in the battery compartment - there are small drains to combat this, and the plugs will have an anti-corrosion coating on them. 

Use your sponge or brushes to loosen dirt from the frame, wheels and pedals. Make sure you get right under the bottom bracket (where the motor sits) as that’s where a lot of the grime gathers. 

Whatever you do, don’t use a pressure washer: it’ll destroy the bearings and remove any important grease from hidden parts. 

Make sure your bike is completely dry before replacing the battery. If needs be, use a soft cloth to absorb any remaining water. 

ebike cleaning

Degrease and clean the drivetrain 
An important part of cleaning an electric bike is ensuring that the moving parts are lubricated. You’ll need to use degreaser on the chain, chainrings, cassette and rear derailleur to keep your bike running smoothly. Be careful not to get any on any braking surfaces.  

After applying the degreaser, wait a few minutes before wiping excess liquid away with a damp cloth.  

Would you recommend using bike cleaners on e-bikes?
Absolutely! Biodegradable bike shampoos and degreasers are great for removing dirt and won’t damage the many protective seals on your bike’s components. 

How often should you clean an electric bike?
You should clean your e-bike as often as you can, even if it’s just a quick wipe down. It’s better for the environment and the bike, as you’ll use less water and far fewer cleaning chemicals! 

It’s particularly important that you give your bike a proper wash after big trips; especially if you’ve been cycling next to the sea. Salty air will speed up the corrosion process. Winter weather also tends to be unkind to components, but a good, regular wash will fend off any weather-related damage. 

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