Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

FAQs for cycle to work finance:

How are the bikes funded?

Axis Leasing has developed a finance facility specifically for the Cycle to Work Scheme. They arrange a credit line for an estimated take-up value of bikes over a pre-determined term (normally 12 or 18 months, but longer periods considered upon request). Rates are based on this estimated take-up.

All paperwork is sent directly to you, fully completed, ready for signature /authorisation.

What type of funding is it?

The agreement is a fixed term commercial loan.

Does the employer own the Bikes?


Do the employees get the opportunity to own the bikes?

Yes, they do, as per the guidelines laid down by HMRC and advice from Cyclescheme.

Is the scheme cost-neutral to the employer?

Yes. The interest charged over the agreement is passed over to the employee but, as it is shared out, the impact is minimal. 

What are the Benefits of funding the scheme?

There are many benefits of financing including:

· Protecting working capital
· It is an additional form of credit
· Payments may be tailored to meet budgetary requirements.
· The programme is cost-neutral.
· The rates are highly competitive.
· Available from £1000
· Dedicated Support desk from Axis Leasing.
· Lastly, and importantly, it is very easy to arrange.

What happens if someone leaves?

If someone leaves prior to the end of the arrangement, the outstanding gross liability is deducted from the employee’s final severance pay.

Is there a minimum or maximum level of funding?

The minimum value is £1000. There is no maximum level. Everything is subject to satisfactory credit searches.

What is the AER on the payment?

Interest rates vary according to both value and term. An annualized flat rate of interest (AER) can be given to you if required.


If you have any particular requirement or query then please contact Axis.

Axis Lease Management Ltd

t: 01269 844442

Cycle to Work Leasing