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A middle ground between road and mountain bike, the resultant hybrid is just as comfortable tackling roads as it is riding rough terrain.

Hybrid, road or mountain?  

road bike is generally lightweight, with dropped handlebars, little suspension and narrow, slick tyres, whilst a mountain bike is the opposite. Heavier, with flat wide handlebars and thick, strong tyres - designed to withstand any terrain.  

Hybrid bicycles combine elements of both. Not all hybrid bikes will be the same, with some offering different mixes of distinct features. Some hybrids will be very close to road bikes and some will bear more similarities to mountain bikes. Whichever combination, the result will be a general-purpose bike that’s comfortable and versatile.  

The benefits of a hybrid bike  

Hybrid bikes tick a lot of boxes. They’re ideal for commuting, and often offer the best value for money on the market. Here are some of the top benefits of hybrid bikes.  


Not all commutes take place solely on roads. When cycling to work in the summer, you may opt to take a more scenic, off-road route. Or, you could face an element of off-roading on your daily journey. The versatile nature of hybrid bikes means that whatever your cycle route throws at you, you’ll be best equipped to deal with it. 

This versatility extends to the accessories available for hybrid bikes. These include mudguards, panniers, racks and more. These bikes can handle almost any challenge and can be configured to your exact specifications.  


Some cycle commuters will choose a mountain bike for their daily journey over a road bike because of the comfort. Mountain bikes offer a comfortable upright riding position with their flat handlebars, which helps to provide a clear view of the roads. Many hybrids also offer this position, which is not only easier on the rider’s back, but allows a view over cars and surroundings, making commuting a little easier.  


Hybrid bikes are durable and offer all-year-round rideability come rain or shine. This means there’s no need to switch between a summer and winter bike dependant on seasonality, as choosing a sturdy, strong hybrid will keep you protected from the elements throughout each season.  

Types of hybrid bikes 

Not all hybrids are created equal. Here are some of the differences between types of hybrid bikes.  

Mountain bike hybrid  

Mountain bike hybrid

These bikes tend to have a low-travel suspension fork, wide handlebars, high-volume grippy tyres and disc brakes.  

Mountain bike hybrids aren’t far away from fully fledged mountain bikes. They’ll stand up to well to off-road use, even during the harsh conditions of winter. But that doesn’t mean they don’t perform well on roads too. If your bike is designed to handle harsh mountainous terrain, it’ll manage extremely well on the road.  

Better yet, mountain bike hybrids boast high volume tyres, which make for a more comfortable ride on roads. This also means greater resistance against punctures. Wide handlebars give you plenty of control over steering too.  

If your cycle to work includes both tarmac and dirt tracks, a mountain bike hybrid will be idealThere’s no need to worry about weight, as there’ll be enough gears to accommodate cycling up any hill.  

Another benefit of a mountain hybrid is that outside of your cycle commute, you’ll have a sturdy bike that you can take off-road when the mood strikes.  

Road bike hybrid  

Hybrid road bike

With a road bike hybrid, you can expect thin, slick tyres, a lightweight aluminium frame, flat handlebars and sophisticated gearing.  

Perfect for those after the perks of a road bike, but a little sturdier and with added comfort. In many cases, road bike hybrids will be almost identical to standard road bike models in everything but the handlebars. This means that if you love the speed and efficiency of a road bike, a lightweight hybrid will allow you to enjoy all those great qualities without forcing you into an athletic riding position, which can be punishing for daily use.  

Road bike hybrids won’t handle off-road cycling as well as mountain bike hybrids, so it’s not advisable to ride them down bumpy dirt tracks. However, many will be able to handle slightly rougher terrain, often doing a better job than fully fledged aero ride bikes. So, if your commute incorporates paths that aren’t sheet asphalt, a road bike hybrid will serve you well.  

Cruiser hybrid bike 

Hybrid cruiser

The ultimate urban companion. Cruiser, or ‘lifestyle’ bikes are informed by aesthetics, fashion and style as much as function and performance. These bikes often feature wing back handlebars, comfortable frames and saddles and low maintenance gear hubs and brakes.  

Cycle commuting isn’t necessarily all about speed, fitness and power. Many cycle commuters will choose to ride to work for the environmental benefits or simply for convenience. In these cases, it’s not all about turning the journey into a workout.  

Cycling is the most efficient form of transport in terms of transforming effort into actual distance travelled. Distances that you would never normally consider walking become reachable within a matter of minutes; even when riding at a leisurely pace without breaking a sweat. This is where cruiser hybrid bikes come into their own.  

Designed to be stylish yet functional, cruiser hybrids are sturdy enough to handle the trials and tribulations of our roads. Perfect for cycle commuters that aren’t on a mission to improve their personal best time every day and prefer taking things at a leisurely pace. These bikes offer comfort, and are built to handle cycle paths, asphalt, cobblestones and even well-beaten off-road paths with ease. They tend to be low maintenance, which makes them a perfect option for casual cyclists without mechanical know-how. Easy to ride, easy to fix.  

Utility hybrid bike 

Utility hybrid bike

Utility hybrids fall exactly in the middle of the cycling spectrum. With the comfort of a lifestyle bike, some of the toughness of a mountain bike and a healthy amount of speed, they make for a wonderful commuter option.  

Utility hybrid bikes tend to feature a wide range of gears which is useful for all terrains, a comfortable riding position and customisable configurations. This means that they can be equipped with many optional extras to suit your specific needs. Perhaps you want mudguards, but cycle with a backpack. Or maybe you’d like to have pannier racks but need the strength of a mountain bike. Even if you’re after speed on the roads, but would still like large volume tyres for comfort, you’ll be able to configure these bikes to meet your exact needs.  

The freedom of configuration means that the utility hybrid is a great choice for any cyclist, whether you’re experienced or new to cycling. 

Is a hybrid bike right for you?  

Whether you opt for a hybrid over a road, lifestyle, mountain or folding bike will be a completely personal decision. If you know exactly what you’re after, then a hybrid may be the best choice as you’ll be able to pick and choose the elements of various bikes to suit your needs. If you’re new to the world of cycling and looking to hedge your bets, then a hybrid could be your ‘jack of all’. If you want a bike to mainly use off-road, there are mountain bikes that will perform better than a hybrid. Likewise, a true road bike will perform better on the road. With a hybrid bike you can expect consistent performance no matter how or where you ride.   

You’re unlikely to go wrong with a hybrid bike for commuting. hybrid’s comfortable riding position will make for a smooth journey, and you’ll be able to choose from speedier road bike hybrids or sturdier mountain bike hybrids depending on your route and requirements. If you’re using your commute to dip your toe into the world of cycling, then a hybrid will get the job done whilst helping you to explore the different specialised options available, without forcing you to commit too early.  

A hybrid may be the bike you didn’t know you needed or existed. They are versatile, comfortable and cost effective. The perfect bike for both your first cycle commute, but also make for extremely specialised bikes when configured to specific requirements. Your local bike store will be able to help you find the perfect hybrid for your needs.


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