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Here's why an electric bike is the ultimate urban transport solution.

Have you ever thought that cycling to work means arriving at the office with burning thighs and a sweaty brow? Well, it’s time to reconsider because thanks to electric bikes, pedaling here, there and everywhere has never been more convenient, enjoyable and less taxing. 

Electric bikes (also called e-bikes or pedal assist bikes) are a simple proposition – a bicycle that uses an electric motor and battery to offer a helping hand to your lovely legs. You don’t need insurance or a driving licence to ride one and they don’t require tax but the motor mustn’t produce more than 250 watts of power and can only offer assistance up to 15.5mph.

There are also ‘twist and go’ e-bikes, where the motor can be operated with a throttle and the pedals don’t need to be turning for the motor to do its thing. These can be ridden under the EU L1e-A ‘powered cycles’ classification, but the motor can’t produce more than 1000 watts power and must cut out at 15.5mph. Twist and go’s that don’t fit in to this framework are called ‘S-pedelecs’ and to comply with UK law, must be registered as mopeds, which some specialist e-bike shops may be able to do for you. It’s worth remembering that the law requires S-pedelecs to be taxed and insured, and the rider will need a driving licence and crash helmet to ride one legally.

E-bikes come in all shapes and sizes and buying one with Cyclescheme can help you save 25% – 39% through salary sacrifice, which enables you to spread the cost of your brilliant new bike. Cyclescheme will help you get the electric mountain bike, electric road bike or electric urban bike that’s perfect for cycling to work and having fun when you’re off the clock.

With such a diverse range of e-bikes available from a wide range of manufacturers, employees use Cyclescheme to buy electric bicycles for variety of reasons. The key thing is to know that they all excel at the same thing – taking the strain out of cycling. E-bikes are e-xceptional because they make cycling accessible to a wide range of people, so if you’ve ever been put off cycling because you’re worried about being unfit or perhaps you think you’re too old to start cycling (you’re not!), an electric bike could be the perfect way to begin enjoying the many benefits and joys of cycling. 

Save money and spread the cost

Thanks to the helping hand on offer from these bikes’ electric motors, e-bikes are ideal for conquering hills and undulating terrain without needing to train like Frome and co. In towns and cities, electric bikes also excel in traffic because the motors offer a gentle push when it comes to getting up to speed – making it easier and safer to get away from traffic lights. And if you want a bicycle to do the weekly shop or transport heavy loads with, an e-bike could be the perfect solution because it’ll give you a helping hand getting up hills and cruising along with less effort.

Leaving the car at home, or ditching public transport in favour of an e-bike also comes with other benefits that your wallet will thank you for. Buying an e-bike is an investment and using one as your main method of transport can enable you to save money on fuel, road tax and train/bus fares.

We already know that the bicycle is the perfect choice for getting around towns and cities because of the freedom, financial, health and traffic-beating benefits. Cycling is also very convenient too – riding a bike enables you to get where you want, when you want, how you want. Electric bikes maximize the convenience of cycling because they offer a helping hand with conquering hills and covering distance, so when it comes to popping to the shops or visiting your friends on the other side of town, on an e-bike your journey can be faster and less formidable for your legs.

Beyond the obvious financial and convenience benefits of e-bikes, there’s one more big fat positive to adding an electric bike to your life: they’re lots of fun to ride. Just give one a try - we defy you not enjoy it. The assistance from the motor makes riding an e-bike an addictive, pleasurable experience and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had as you accelerate quickly up to cruising speed and climb up steep terrain without all the strain being placed on your legs, heart and lungs.

And here’s the clincher: riding an electric bike is good for your health. If you think that the health benefits of cycling are negated because of the electric motor, then think again. Riding an e-bike still requires input from your legs and because the motor only assists up to 15.5mph, any time you go over this speed, it’s all down to you, baby.

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