Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Whether your cycle commute consists of country lanes or busy city roads, you won’t need reminding of the potential hazards of cycling to work, from potholes to pedestrians.

That’s why it’s important to get covered, so you can have peace-of-mind while you’re on your travels. Plus, don’t forget, as part of your hire agreement with Cyclescheme, if your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair before it has been paid for, you’ll still be responsible for paying for it… all the more reason to get suitable cover for your bike.

We’ve teamed up with Bikmo to give you the low-down on everything cycle insurance. Bikmo deals with claims every day, from the extraordinary to the mundane; they’ve seen it all.

A good way of considering whether you need cycle insurance is to look at how and why people with cover are claiming. Bikmo has been kind enough to share their claims stats to give you a clearer picture of what cover you might need and why you should consider cycle insurance the minute you ride out of the bike shop.

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Where incidents take place

Most people think that their bike will be covered under their home insurance, however, be sure to check the fine print as many home insurers have a very low limit to how much they’ll insure your bike for, and usually the bike will only be covered when it’s sat at home.

Bikmo’s claim stats from 2019 showed that only 10% of claims were for an ‘at home’ incident eg. theft. It’s clear that the greater risk is when you’re away from home.

Where do accidents happen

What people are claiming for

Our insured riders range from casual commuters to segment chasing, lycra wearing bike-nuts, but regardless of the type of cyclist you are it’s likely you’ll be riding with some pricey accessories or clothing.

Although you’ll be insuring your bike, it’s important to get those expensive accessories covered too. Clothing and accessories were claimed for in 45% of all claims in 2019 at Bikmo, so it’s definitely worth considering cover which insures you for both bike and kit, so you won’t have to worry about extra costs if the worst happens.

What are claims made for

Types of claims

The main worry people have is that their bike might get stolen, and rightly so. Without your ride you may be back on the train or in the car to work, but many people are surprised to hear that Bikmo sees more claims for accidental damage than for theft.

With 44.9% of claims in 2019 being for theft, it is still a large chunk, so you may want to check you have cover you for both theft and accidental damage at home or out and about on your bike.

Types of claims

If you’re buying a new bike with Cyclescheme you’ll have the option to take out 14 days free cover with Bikmo, which includes cover for both accidental damage and theft so you can have peace-of-mind as soon as you leave the bike shop.

All Cyclescheme customers and friends can also benefit from exclusive savings on cycle insurance with Bikmo. Get a quote here!

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