Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Check out their top tips of cycling to work and reasons why they enjoy it.

A lot of good tips for cycling to work comes from experience, which makes Bikmo the perfect people to ask. As well as being specialist cycling insurers, they’re all regular riders, racers and commuters.

In honour of Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 4th August, the team have shared some of their top tips for getting to work plus top reasons they commute by bike!

Why Bikmo love commuting by bike

Helen, Finance Assistant

“We now cycle to school along the river instead of sitting in a queue, in the car, on the bridge above. There’s often some real slow moving traffic on my commute!

Being a finance bod, I’ve crunched some numbers and have worked out that by not using the car for the school run 4 days a week, I save £27 a month based on the last price I paid for fuel. Not to mention the endorphin tank stays topped up!”

 Helen at Bikmo

Sian, Head of Partnerships (UK)

“I cycle in primarily to save money (petrol prices!). It also gives me a good healthy start to my day, time for incorporating fitness into my work day and a bonus dose of Vitamin D before I sit at a desk all day.”

 Sian at Bikmo

Amy, Head of Insurance Product

“I've started cycling to my new office recently, and I keep bumping into friends on the cycle path and having a quick chat. I was thinking how that would never happen with a car commute.”

Amy at Bikmo 

Josh, Partner Success Manager

I love getting to exercise with purpose first thing, before settling into the office for the day. I like to make a game of how little I can carry to work - I half fill a water bottle rather than full, for that little less weight on your bike. I also have a spare pair of shoes I leave at work. There’s nothing worse than wearing shoes at work if they get wet!”

Josh at Bikmo

Bikmo’s top 10 tips

1. Consider investing in a pannier rack and pannier to avoid a sweaty back!

2. Having a Sold Secure bike lock with you should your work not have secure bike parking facilities.

3. As with any exercise, sometimes when you can’t be bothered and you don’t feel motivated, think about the good feeling that you get afterwards and focus on that instead. It’s often enough to make you feel motivated again.

4. Knowing the route before you do it.

5. Having ‘multi tools’ with you, just in case.

6. Organisation is key. Having everything ready to go the night before - less chance of finding excuses in the morning when you're tired!

7. Don't rush yourself, leave enough time to ride at a comfy pace and to look around at what's around you.

8. Mix up the route so you don't get bored - perhaps a longer more scenic one for when you have time.

9. Admitting when you’re tired. If you’re feeling tired or unsafe, dismount and walk. The key is knowing where to dismount, as cycling over pavements and pedestrian crossings is illegal.

10. Consider leaving certain items at work rather than carrying them with you, such as a bike lock for home and one for work (check if your work has secure bike facilities beforehand!) and take an empty or half full water bottle so you can fill it up when you’re at work.

Do you have bike insurance?

Bikmo cycle insurance is designed with commuters in mind. We want you to have a smooth ride but should the worst happen – we’ve got your back. Cyclescheme members benefit from an exclusive 10%* saving on Bikmo bicycle insurance, including damage cover if an accident happens or your bike gets stolen.

Plus, when you buy a new bike through Cyclescheme, you’ll have the option to activate 14 days of free insurance with Bikmo so you can ride worry-free. If you’re insuring an e-bike, you’ll even benefit from an additional 25%* reduction on your premium.

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