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Here are Bikmo’s five top tips to keep you pedalling all year round.

Our cycle insurance provider, Bikmo, wants to help you beat the elements and stick with riding this winter. Dark mornings and the cold can put many people off travelling by bike after summer, but there’s no reason to stop if you’re prepared. 
Preparing your bike for winter, and having some essential kit, can keep you riding and enjoying your commute or daily ride. 

1. Mudguards 

If you want to arrive at your destination dry, get your hands on some quality mudguards. Not only will it benefit you, but cyclists behind you will be pedalling for joy when the impending road spray is halted by your guards. What's more, mudguards in winter prevent your bike from getting dirty or damaged, so you don’t have to spend your evening cleaning your ride. 


2. Tyres 

With a new season comes new terrain, and that means you may want to consider a new set of treads to keep you moving. You should be looking for a thicker tyre to give you more grip on the road, puncture resistant materials inside the tyre, and deep, grippy tread. 

A winter tyre will mean less speed, but you’ll feel so much more confident on your bike when tackling winter roads with a set of sturdy tyres. If you happen to live in particularly snowy or icy areas, go a step further and get yourself a set of tyres with metal studs. 

3. Lights 

Now that the mornings are darker, treating yourself to a good pair of front and rear lights will mean that you can see any oncoming hazards, and other road users will be able to spot you. It’s also required by law, so make sure you get those lights on before you set off in the dark. 

Good ones to look out for would be See.Sense. But if you want to shop around, you should look for a front light with 600+ lumens and a rear light with 100+ lumens. You’ll want your front light to have a beam-like feature to properly light up the road ahead as you zip away into the distance. 

Bike lights

4. Reflectors 

Reflectors are a discreet but essential way to make sure you’re seen on the road in addition to your lights. What makes them great is that you can get reflectors for pretty much any part of your bikekit or clothing, so you can get something which suits you. 

As they’re a great way to customise your look, you won’t be surprised to hear that some people have made their bikes into a style icon by attaching reflective stickers to their frame and other bike parts.  

5. Warm clothing 

Alongside your usual cycling clothing, there are some additional items that will protect you from the colder elements: 

  • Protect your hands with some cycling gloves. You’ll find they have extra padding for grip and stop the oncoming wind from attacking your hands, so you can control the bike with ease. 

  • A warm jacket and neckwarmer to protect your face and body. Make sure to get a cycling specific jacket as they are usually made of breathable materials, so you’ll be at the perfect temperature throughout your ride. 

  • Keep your legs warm and dry with some waterproof cycling trousers or tights. An added bonus is that you’ll have padding for when you’re on the saddle too. 

  • A pair of overshoes to stop your feet from getting wet. This one’s for you if you own a pair of cycling shoes, but don’t be put off if you don’t have a pair, some durable shoes will do just fine. 

Don’t forget… 

Make sure you, your bike and all your winter kit are covered to give you total peace-of-mind should the worst happen. Read our ‘Do I Need Cycle Insurance’ blog to help you decide if you want to insure your bike. 

If you’re buying a new bike with Cyclescheme you’ll have the option to take out 14-days free cover with Bikmo. This covers both accidental damage and theft, so you can ride worry-free on your winter commute. Not only do Cyclescheme customers benefit from exclusive savings on cycle insurance with Bikmo, but we also offer savings for friends and family.