How cycling makes employees happy

Having happy employees boosts productivity, increases employee resilience and reduces staff turnover.

Use our happiness tracker to understand why cycling has these positive outputs on business performance.

Staying happy is vital for employee wellbeing and performance at work. Evidence shows that by making employees happier, companies can boost employee productivity, increase employee resilience and reduce staff turnover.

It’s well known that cycling is good for you – but how does it actually make people happier across the day? The Cyclescheme Happiness Tracker shows you the range of ways that cycling to work helps employees to be happier more often and for longer, from the moment they get up to when they go to bed at night.

By getting more employees to take up cycling as a regular part of their commute, businesses can increase staff retention, boost employee morale and increase their chances of sustained, long-term economic growth. It’s also a cost-effective and simple employee benefit to offer your staff.

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