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What exactly is an e-bike? 

Look around and you’ll see more cyclists than ever before enjoying a ride on an e-bike. E-bikes have had a serious image upgrade over the past few years and today play a vital role in getting more people cycling. 
But what exactly is an e-bike? And how can it enrich your life? Read on as we uncover everything you need to know about the bikes that give you extra oomph. 

What makes a bike an e-bike?

An e-bike, or electric bike to give its full name, is what you get when you cross a standard bicycle with three key components:

  • A motor – to provide assistance whilst you pedal. E-bikes are typically fitted with either a front, rear or internally mounted hub. 
  • A battery – to power your motor. E-bike batteries are rechargeable and, although standard charging time differs model to model – you can expect to achieve 100% charge in less than 6 hours. 
  • A display – that helps you keep track of your battery power, distanced travelled and speed. 

A normal way to ride.

Almost 40% of all bicycles purchased in 2021 were electric. And for good reason. 
E-bikes don’t discriminate – they are ideal for new, returning and existing cyclists alike. The extra power provides confidence and support whether you’re riding in the city, on trails or up hilly roads. E-bikes allow you to cycle longer distances with ease (perfect for building up fitness). And most importantly, electric bikes have the fun factor. They take some of the hard work away so that you can focus on enjoying your ride. 
Plus, e-bikes provide all the benefits you expect of a standard bike. You’re travelling under your own steam, won’t get stuck in gridlocked traffic and can forgo the fight for a car parking space. And there’s the environmental positives too. Swapping the car for any type of bicycle is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. 
Trek E-bike


What type of journey can I use an e-bike for?

The answer is simple – pretty much any! Two-thirds of UK car journeys are less than 5 miles long. Most of these trips can be easily undertaken by e-bike (and would be far more fun for it!). 
You can ride an e-bike to boost your health and wellbeing, to get some fresh air, for practical transport such as getting to local shops or for your daily commute. The options are endless.

What type of e-bike can I get?

There’s an e-bike to suit every type of journey. Choose from city models, hybrids, folding and more!

The best way to find the right e-bike for you is to visit your local bike shop. There, you’ll receive expert guidance and get a ‘feel’ for what you’re shopping for.


What distance can I cover with an e-bike?

This is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. In general, e-bike distance from a single charge ranges anywhere from 20 – 100 miles. Ultimately, the distance you can cover boils down to four main factors:

  • Power – the size of your motor, battery charge and level of assistance you choose.
  • Weight – yours and that of any luggage you’re carrying.
  • Terrain – be that city, steep incline or canal path.
  • Weather – the wind, rain and temperature all play a part.

When choosing an e-bike – think about factors within your control (weight and terrain). Armed with this info, a local bike shop can help match you with the best e-bike for your needs.
City Cycling:

300-watt battery you can achieve upto 60km. (eco mode or similar)

400-watt battery you can achieve upto 80km (Tour Mode or similar)

500-watt battery you can achieve up to 100km (Tour Mode)



How do I park or store my e-bike?

Like any item of use and value, you want to look after your e-bike. That means having practical security options both at home and away.

In the workplace, many employers now offer storage such as containers or parking for all types of bike. At home, a garage or shed is always a good shout. It’s worth noting, e-bikes can be heavy so having to haul it upstairs may not be a practical, daily storage solution.

Wherever your park your bike, how you secure it is worth equal consideration. Sadly, all bikes are attractive to thieves. The best deterrent is a strong lock. Some e-bikes come with integrated locks. For those that don’t, many retailers recommend following the Secure Sold rating to choose the best lock to protect your e-bike.

As well as a decent lock, e-bike insurance is also an important part of e-bike security. With Cyclescheme, you receive 14 days free insurance on any bicycle type. Plus, you get 10% discount with Bikmo on your first year’s annual policy.


How much should I spend on an e-bike – and what can I expect for my money?

That depends. Like all bike types, e-bikes prices vary.

In general, you can get an entry level e-bike for as little as £999. Spend around £1,500 and you’ll start to see e-bikes equipped with brand-name components and externally mounted batteries.

At the £3,000 mark, you can expect an e-bike with an integrated battery and carbon frame. And from £5,000, you’re looking at high-end models that come with specialist components and/or features.

On average at Cyclescheme, most participants request £3,000 to spend on an e-bike. But thanks to our cost-saving scheme, the actual cost after salary sacrifice is typically 23-39% less. Understand your e-bike budget with Cyclescheme using our calculator.




E-Bike top picks

Raleigh Array


City Bike - Array

RRP: £1,595
Motor Suntour Canbus E25
Battery Modes – Eco, Tour, eMTB, & Turbo
Max distance 60 Miles
Max speed 15.5mph
Charge time 5 hours
Suitable : Everyday, Commute, Leisure

Savings from £398.75*

Raleigh Motus Tour


City Bike - Motus Tour Plus

RRP: £2,395
Battery: Bosch Active Line Plus
Battery Modes – Eco, Tour, eMTB, Turbo
Max distance 80 Miles
Max Speed 15.5mph
Charge time 6 hours
Suitable : Everyday, Commute, Leisure

Savings from £598.75*

Haibike Ebike



Trekking - Trekking 6

RRP £2,699
Battery: Yamaha InTube 500Wh
Battery Modes EcoPlus, Eco, Standard, High
Max Distance :100 Miles
Max speed 15.5mph
Charge time 8 hrs
Suitable : Everyday, sport, Commute, Leisure

Savings from £674.75*



Mountain - Hardseven 5

RRP £2,349
Battery: Bosch PowerTube 500Wh
Battery Modes Eco , Tour, Sport , Turbo
Max distance 93 miles
Max speed: 15.5mph
Charge time 7.5hrs
Suitable : Everyday, sport, Commute, Leisure

Savings from £587.25*

e-crosshill 5.2


Gravel - E-Crosshill 5.2

RRP £2,699
Battery : 250 watt internal
Battery Modes – Eco, Tour, eMTB, Turbo
Max Distance :
Max Speed 15.5mph
Charge time :
Suitable Everyday, commute, leisure

Savings from £674.75*

Trek E-bike


City - Verve+ 4 Lowstep

RRP £3,400
Bosch 500 watt, Integrated
Battery Modes: Eco mode Tour, Tour+, Sport/eMTB, Turbo
Max distance:
Max Speed 15.5mph
Charge time: 4.5 hours
Suitable: Commute

Savings from £850*

Trek E-Bike


City - Trek Allant + 9 Stagger

RRP £5,000
Bosch 625 Watt, Integrated
Battery Modes: Eco mode Tour, Tour+, Sport/eMTB, Turbo
Max speed 15.5
Max Distance:
Charge time: 4.9 hours
Suitable: Commute

Savings from £1250*

Trek E-bike


Trekking - Domane + ALR

RRP £3,900
Battery – 250 Watt, integrated
Battery Mode –
Max Speed 15.5mph
Max distance 104km
Charge time: 3 Hrs
Suitable: Commute

Savings from £975*

 * Please check our savings calculator for accurate savings information