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Averse to the marriage of electricity and pedal power? You shouldn't be, here's why.

1. Electric bikes are fun

A shed load of fun, and you can fit a lot of fun in a shed. Swing a leg over an electric bike for the first time and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the immediate acceleration on offer. That goes for even the most hardened of ‘traditional’ cyclists too. E-bikes get up to speed so quickly, you’ll wonder whether someone sprinkled EPO on your Weetabix. They also require minimal effort to glide along, which makes it easy to cover ground. They’ll help you conquer hills while putting in minimal effort too. The sensation of drive on offer from the motors in electric bikes is addictive and fun and because of this, riding one is a joyous experience, so go and find out for yourself!

2. They’re the best way to get around town

If there’s a perfect tool for making light work of our increasingly congested streets, it’s the e-bike. With an electric bike, getting from one side of a city to the other becomes an easy task, as does climbing to the summit of any urban incline. With cycling infrastructure growing throughout the county, there are increasing numbers of cycle lanes in our towns and cities, and that means it’s easy to ride safely on the road, while staying separated from traffic and making effortless progress. 

Save money and spread the cost

3. They’ll save you time and money in the long run

Although some e-bikes can be costly, with Cyclescheme, you can spread the cost of your new electric bike with monthly payments through your salary. You’ll soon recoup the initial expense of buying an e-bike because it’ll pay you back ten-fold in terms of our most valuable resource – time. If you use your electric bike to commute, you can save money on insurance, fuel, running and parking costs. Who knows, owning an e-bike might the catalyst that prompts you to sell your car. Electric bikes easily trump public transport too and commuting on one means you don’t need to buy an overpriced train ticket that buys you an underdelivered service. Simply put - commute on an e-bike and you’ll be free from the shackles of traffic jams, train strikes and fare rises.4. You’ll feel fitter and happier

Most e-bikes are pedelecs, which means the motors stop providing assistance once you reach 15.5mph, so anytime you go over that speed, it’s all down to you. Electric bikes are a brilliant way to integrate regular, lower intensity exercise into your everyday life and riding one is precisely the kind of activity that raises you heart rate enough for the body to start burning fat. Being physically active is good for your mental wellbeing and boosts mood, energy and alertness. Regular exercise also reduces stress and anxiety, so riding an e-bike is a brilliant way to stay physically and mentally well.

5. They’re convenient

Having an electric bike at your disposal means no waiting for public transport. Instead you get to go where you want, when you want, along the route you want. Using an e-bike as your main method of transport gives you freedom and saves you time and money - nuff said.

6. E-bikes empower people

To have an electric bike is to have empowerment. Riding an electric bike is an experience that will fill you full of confidence because once you feel what the electric assistance can do for you, you’ll never look back. Knowing that you’ve got that assistance in your back pocket means you know you can go further, faster and for longer. Instead of avoiding hills, you’ll be tackling them head-on, you’ll never be daunted the prospect of a long ride and you’ll never plan a route that avoids a dreaded incline. Go you! 

7. They’re safer than normal bikes

As an urban cyclist, you’re constantly competing for space with cars, buses, motorcycles and wayward pedestrians. Riding an electric bike gives you a hand with this and gives you an edge over regular bikes. The boost on offer from the motor means you can get up to speed quickly, so getting away from traffic lights is a smoother, faster, less stressful experience. The result is that as an e-bike rider, you’re less likely to have a car sat two inches behind you when the lights turn green, and having a bit of space between you and other traffic is great for safety. The electric assistance can also reduce the effects of impatient drivers once you’re moving – so you should experience less instances of drivers impatiently trying to get past or not giving you enough space when they do so. 

Any bike

8. They’re perfect for work and play

E-bike aren’t just for the daily grind - they can play as hard as they work. Buy (for example) a hybrid or electric road bike and not only have you bagged the perfect tool for the weekday commute, you’ve also got an ideal steed for weekend exploring. If you ride an electric bike and enjoy it (which you will!) you’ll soon want to experience it in more serene surroundings, and when you go for that first fun ride, we’re certain you’ll immediately unlock a whole new appreciation for how good your bike is, what it can do and what you can experience with it.

9. They’re the perfect introduction to cycling

If you’ve ever felt like you’re too unfit, old or otherwise unsuited to cycling, you’re wrong. We promise. Swing a leg over one of the many different styles of e-bike out there and once you’ve found one you like, the idea of not cycling will be bewildering to you.

10. They’re good for the environment

Riding an electric bike as your main mode of transport is good for the environment. Fact. Instead of driving or taking public transport, making a journey on an e-bike is something that you can do to help reduce your carbon emissions and footprint. Yes, the batteries require charging but this can be done from a sustainable source and compared to the energy required by a car, it’s a big improvement. If there were more e-bikes on the road, there would be less pollution in our town and cities, so everyone wins, regardless of whether they ride or not. Battery technology is constantly evolving and as it does, batteries become more powerful, efficient and longer lasting, which means less waste going to landfill – another positive.

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