Save 25-39% on e-bikes with Cyclescheme. Our Cycle to Work Scheme gets more people on cycling than any other UK cycle to work scheme. Get an e-bike through our network of 2,000 retailers.

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What is an e-bike?

E-bikes are regular bikes, but with an added oomph! They provide assistance when you’re pedaling so you can climb hills, tackle long distances and arrive at your destination sweat-free.

Save money & spread the cost

E-bikes can be life-changing, but can also be expensive. Cyclescheme lets you get an e-bike for under RRP and spread the cost each month.

You can save between 25 – 39% depending on your tax rate, employer and the price of your new e-bike.


Where can I shop?

You can shop Cyclescheme in over 2,000 retailers nationwide – shop in-store, online, via click and collect, or brand direct.

The rise of e-bikes been they’re readily available in many retailers. Use the Cyclescheme retailer finder to discover your local e-bike stores.


Test rides

There is no better way to understand the joy of cycling with a boost, than to try it!

Lots of e-bike dealers offer a test ride and at Cyclescheme we strongly recommend you take advantage of this.

Try an e-bike for a quick ride, an afternoon or even a 48-hour loan. 



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How to get an

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