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Great news for all employers wishing to offer a higher limit on their cycle to work scheme!

Freedom to ride

The Department for Transport's (DfT) guidance has always stated that employers can loan cycle to work packages worth up to £1,000 to their employees due to the Government's blanket consumer credit licence. 

Whilst employers with their own FCA Authorisation have been able to offer their staff packages costing over £1,000 for some time (more information on that here) a recent Government update means that all businesses can now offer higher limits at no additional cost.  
This means that Cyclescheme can work with all employers to offer schemes with no £1,000 limit whilst ensuring full compliance with DfT, HMRC and FCA guidance.  
This excellent development means that many more employees will be able to save on the full value of any bike or cycle to work package.

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The recent Government update:

cycle to work update

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Next steps:

Cyclescheme has been working closely with the DfT on the implementation of the guidance. 

If you would like more information on joining our new 'Freedom to ride' scheme, please contact us

If you're yet to join the scheme, sign up here and then drop us a line to discuss over £1,000 schemes.

Employee FAQs:

How do I know if my employer has changed their limit?

  • The updates to the cycle to work scheme are significant and will take time to implement. Cyclescheme communicated the changes including next steps to all employers on Thursday 13th June. Some employers will introduce a new scheme limit straightaway, for others, it will take time and some employers will choose not to introduce a new limit at all. Employers will need to wait for Cyclescheme to update our systems and then will also need to have an internal discussion regarding what their limit should be. Whatever your employer chooses – Cyclescheme will support them in this. You can check your scheme limit by logging in to the Cyclescheme website (click ‘I’m an employee’ button on the black bar below) and using our calculator. Alternatively, ask your employer.

I already have a Certificate for £1,000, can I swap it for a higher value?

  • There are a few considerations here. Whilst the updates to scheme guidance will allow your employer to increase their limit – they may choose not to straight away (or at all). We recommend talking to your employer to find out what their intentions are. If your employer plans to introduce a new, higher limit (and the timeframe for this is appropriate for you), you can cancel your Certificate and re-request when your new scheme limit is live. Cyclescheme will support you and your employer through this process. If your employer is not in a position to implement the new scheme and a higher limit, we will continue to deliver your existing scheme and limit. We simply recommend that you ensure that you are as informed as possible before cancelling and reapplying.

Employer FAQs:

Can we implement the new scheme straightaway? 

  • Cyclescheme will be able to switch you over shortly - we're just putting the new process and our systems through a final review process before rolling out our new approach for all employers. If you would like more information on joining our new 'Freedom to ride' scheme, please contact us

Will we be able to set our own limit?

  • Yes, although the intention of the new guidance is that employees can now request what they need - so we would encourage you not to set a limit. E-bikes and cargo bikes can be expensive, but are realistic substitutes for small cars and can have a revolutionary effect on peoples' lives. 

Why the new guidance is great news!

Riders will be able to get the kit they need inclusive of their preferences or circumstances

Committed Cyclist e-bike rider

Committed Cyclist

E-bike rider

A cyclist that rides every day come rain or shine can get 1 or more great bike(s) and all the high-quality gear they need. E-bikes are changing the way we travel but they remain expensive, now obtain them at a fraction of their RRP.‚Äč
Adapted and specialist cycles The basics

Adapted and
specialist cycles

The basics

Adapted and specialist cycles are often unique and created in low numbers meaning they were expensive. Although you can certainly get a bike for less than a grand, basic Bromptons were at the limit.

The new scheme limit will benefit all manner of riders.

From the returning cyclist getting an e-bike to help them re-engage with cycling (and re-energise their commute) to the everyday rider that needs a great bike and all manner of high-quality dependable kit... everyone can benefit!

The opening up of the limit is also fantastic for cyclists with different needs, be it hand cycles, adapted bikes or tricycles - every strain and variety of bike under the sun now has the added benefit of becoming cheaper and more accessible.

A case in point...


Since the scheme launched twenty years ago we've seen the price of the trusty Brompton folder increase dramatically - this iconic and perfectly formed machine is at the heart of every cycle to work scheme. Freedom to ride means that commuters can get the Brompton (or a Brompton Electric) that suits their needs and all the kit they need to go with it at once (and save money on the lot). This was almost impossible using the original scheme. 

Example savings

Freedom to ride means employees can save on the total cost of the package, not just the first £1,000. This means that although the savings haven't increased or changed employees will now be able to save more on bikes or cycle to work packages with a value over £1,000.


Before FCA introduced

After FCA introduced


Cost of bike




Lower rate taxpayer saving 



85% or £212.50 

Higher rate taxpayer saving 



85% or £297.50 

Employers with their own FCA Authorisation:

Setting up a cycle to work scheme over £1,000

Some employers wishing to offer a higher limit for their Cycle to Work scheme (above £1,000 per employee) have obtained what's termed 'Authorisation' from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You canfind out more about Authorisation on the FCA website by clicking here. This Authorisation has meant that they've been able to run a cycle to work scheme with a limit of more than £1,000.
Once the new guidance has been released, these businesses can choose to either continue as they are, or move over to Cyclescheme's Authorisation. Migrating to Cyclescheme's Authorisation may offer a cost saving as there would be no need to sustain your own Authorisation if you use it solely for the purpose of your cycle to work scheme.
If your organisation is already Authorised for the ‘Consumer Hire Business’ permission (the relevant permission for entering into a hire agreement for Cycle to Work) or your organisation is a council or local authority (where you may not need authorisation) and you wish to offer a higher limit on this basis, please contact us and we will help you get set up.