Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Requesting your Cyclescheme Certificate is super simple. Simply get your Certificate and choose where you want to shop when you’re ready to spend it. 

You no longer need to tell us which retailer you want to shop with upfront; you can ‘Decide later’. Simply get your Certificate and choose where you want to shop when you’re ready to spend it.

Why should I 'Decide later'?

Choosing your retailer later carries some pretty big benefits; from choice, to flexibility, and even enhanced savings.

‘Decide later’ keeps all your shopping options open. Shop online or in-store with a big-name retailer or choose your local, independent store. With over 2,600 Cyclescheme retailers to choose from across the UK – that’s a whole lot of shopping choice.

Thanks to our strong retailer network you have access to thousands of bike brands and cycle accessory brands too. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, ‘Decide later’ can help you bag it for an unbelievable low price.

With Cyclescheme you save up to 42% on the cost of your cycling gear. You can shop around and find the cycling gear you really want, for the price you want. Just remember to redeem your Certificate within 6 months of issue.

Choose a retailer

Is 'Decide later' right for me?

Picking the retailer option that works best for you during the request process is important:

If you ‘Decide upfront’ during the application process, you’re committed to spending your Cyclescheme Certificate with a specific retailer at a specific price. The details of your chosen retailer will feature on your Certificate, and unfortunately this means that another store won’t be able to accept it.

If you know exactly what you want and where you want to get it, you’ll want to make sure it's waiting for you when your Certificate arrives; it's best to get a quote from your chosen retailer.

But if you’re torn between two bike models in different stores, unsure whether you want to shop online or in-store, or are looking for an unbeatable bargain; ‘Decide later’ gives you that flexibility.

How to 'Decide later':

It takes less than 10 minutes to request your Cyclescheme Certificate, and even less if you’re going to ‘Decide later’. To make your Cyclescheme request, there are a few things you need to hand:

  • Employer Code
  • Payroll number
  • The amount you want to request

The Employer Code helps us to easily identify who you work for. 

The best place to find this is wherever information about your employee benefits is hosted. Alternatively, ask your HR or People Team.

Your Payroll number is unique to you. This is issued by your employer and can commonly be found on your payslips. Again, if in doubt – ask your HR or People Team to point you in the right direction.

Finally, think about the amount you want to request. Just remember – whatever amount you choose must be spent in a single transaction at a single retailer. Why not check your savings?

Once you’ve got these details to hand, you’re ready to submit your Cyclescheme Certificate Request. Hop online via your desktop, laptop or mobile to get started.

Our request process is super simple. Start by telling us your name, address and contact details. Then tell us what you would like to get under ‘Package Details’. To take advantage of ‘Decide later’, choose ‘Set your budget’ and enter the amount that you would like to spend.

Cyclescheme Request

Hit ‘Next’ and continue to the ‘Choose your retailer’. Simply select ‘I’ve not decided yet’ to request your ‘Decide later’ Certificate.

Cyclescheme Request

Submit your request and then sit back, relax and wait for your employer to approve your request. Once approved, you’ll receive your Cyclescheme Certificate direct to your inbox and can start shopping around for the best cycling deals.  

Bike now pay later

Shop and save with Cyclescheme:

Now you’re clued up on how quick and easy it is to apply for a Cyclescheme Certificate – why not put it to the test?! Request a Cyclescheme Certificate today with ‘Decide later’ and enjoy great choice, flexibility and savings.

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