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10 Things cyclists wish drivers knew

With a bit more empathy and understanding, we'd all be happier and safer sharing the roads. Here are 10 key points...

24.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

Everything you need to know about the cycle to work scheme and Santander cycles

Our new scheme lets you hop on a Santander Cycle in London, whenever you fancy, for as little as £1 per week.

16.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cycle More Mondays: Log your ride every Monday for the chance to win

29.10.2020 By Cyclescheme

Your Love to Ride Community Update - October

We take a look at the stats and facts for the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community since August – have you logged a ride?

27.10.2020 By Cyclescheme

Win a 2021 CUBE Kathmandu Hybrid 45 bike

This is your chance to win a new CUBE Kathmandu Hybrid 45 bike from the 2021 range, RRP £3,999.

12.10.2020 By Cyclescheme

It’s OK not to cycle everyday

Signing up to Cyclescheme doesn’t mean you have to cycle to work everyday. Read on to find out more about how you...

28.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

Are you ready for World Car Free Day?

On Tuesday 22 September, towns and cities all across the world will be acknowledging World Car Free Day as streets...

10.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

Win a Cannondale Supersix Neo 3

This is your chance to win a new Cannondale Supersix Neo 3 bike from the 2021 range, RRP £3599.99

07.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

Show your support for Local Bike Shop Day

Local Bike Shop Day opens its doors to everyone, from experienced riders to first-timers.

19.08.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day 2020 ✔

Cycle to Work Day has rolled to a close for another year.

07.08.2020 By Cyclescheme

Guest blog: Bikmo - Locking up your bike

There are ways to deter, or make it more difficult, for the opportunist thief to steal your ride with top locking...

22.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

E-bikers rewarded with a 25% reduction in insurance premium

Never has there been so much excitement and buzz in the bike sector as there is around the potential that e-bikes...

10.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day is back!

If you’re planning a journey of any kind on Thursday 6 August 2020, get on your bike!

02.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme partners with #BikeisBest

We’re pledging our support to #BikeisBest and we hope you’ll join us!

24.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Keeping up your mental and physical health

Taking the time to exercise and get outdoors can be a great antidote to any feelings of sluggishness you might...

19.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Guest Blog: Dan Joyce - it’s time to reduce our carbon footprint

Dan Joyce, editor of Cycling UK (and writer of most our blogs) talks about why reducing our carbon footprint is so...

08.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Bikmo’s 7 tips for new commuters

Bikmo, official insurance provider for Cyclescheme have shared their top tips with us for protecting yourself and...

27.05.2020 By Cyclescheme

Get involved in Bike Week 2020

Bike Week returns from the 6th – 14th June 2020.

26.05.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cycling isn’t just physical

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 18-24 May. Here’s how regular cycling can play a key role in your mental...

11.05.2020 By Cyclescheme

Guest Blog: See.Sense - 7 Reasons Why Cyclists Are Missed By Other Road Users

Seeing & being seen: See.Sense creates award-winning bike lights which give cyclists more visibility on their ride,...

30.04.2020 By Cyclescheme

Nominate a brilliant person to win a bike

We have 13 bikes to award to incredible individuals thanks to our brand partners. And we need your help...

14.04.2020 By Cyclescheme

Guest Blog: The See.Sense Story

The clock change is a very important time for cyclists. It signals the start of summer, longer days and for many of...

26.03.2020 By Cyclescheme

Guest Blog: 'Cycling was new to me too!' - Adrian Warren

For four years I drove to my local place of work, 5 days a week, every week.

17.03.2020 By Cyclescheme

Celebrating Cyclescheme’s 15th Birthday

This month, we celebrate Cyclescheme’s 15th birthday.

25.02.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme partners with Bikmo

Rider-first bike insurance for the Cyclescheme community

05.02.2020 By Cyclescheme

New year revolutions for the new decade

28.01.2020 By Cyclescheme

Do I need cycle insurance?

Whether your cycle commute consists of country lanes or busy city roads, you won’t need reminding of the potential...

20.01.2020 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme is a gold standard Cycle Friendly Employer

We’re proud that our efforts to getting our own employees on the road has been awarded by the panel at Cycling UK.

15.01.2020 By Cyclescheme

Keep riding through Winter with Winter Wheelers

There are daily prizes to win for riding logging a ride on the love to ride app between 1st - 25th December.

13.11.2019 By Cyclescheme

Winter versus e-bikes

If you want to power through winter, you’ll need to prevent your e-bike’s battery becoming cold or wet. Here are...

05.11.2019 By Cyclescheme

From boneshaker to dream machine

"I love my bike, cycling to work is good for me, lifts my mood and puts everything into perspective on the way home."

23.09.2019 By Cyclescheme

Cycling and the mental health benefits

Regular cycling isn’t just good for your physical health: it also benefits your mental wellbeing.

10.09.2019 By Cyclescheme

Cycling Insurance, all you need to know

British Cycling memberships can include insurance and liability cover, plus as a Cyclescheme you can get 25% off...

16.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Do I need lights during the day?

Although studies have shown some of the possible benefits of daytime running lights, we feel that they should be...

09.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day is back!

This year, we’re pleased to announce that Cycle to Work Day will be running on Love to Ride. We have 7 fantastic...

02.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Cycle September - The Global Bike Challenge

To help unlock the many benefits of the bicycle, Love to Ride are running a fun competition to get more people cycling.

17.06.2019 By Cyclescheme

Win with Cyclescheme and Bike Week

This Bike Week Cyclescheme has two fantastic Trek bikes up for grabs! All you need to do is ride to work

07.06.2019 By Cyclescheme

You could be the lucky winner of the all-new Marin Presidio.

A purpose-built commute bicycle, specifically designed for the modern bicycle commuter.

28.02.2019 By Cyclescheme

Win a Giant Contend SL 1 worth £999

This is your chance to win a 2019 Contend SL 1 courtesy of Giant.

31.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

This is your chance to win a CUBE Attain Race Disc

Start 2019 in style and by being the proud new owner of a CUBE Attain Race Disc bike in our latest competition!

01.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

Save even more in the sales

Bike shop bargains on Boxing Day, or in any other sale, are even better if you combine them with Cyclescheme.

01.12.2018 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme isn't a one-time-only deal

With Cyclescheme, you can save money on a bike and equipment at any time of the year, and you can do so again and again.

19.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

What Does Indoor Cycling Do for Your Body?

Indoor cycling is a good substitute to outdoor cycling in winter; and still offers many of the same health benefits....

07.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme Commuter #20

Welcome to your new-look Cyclescheme Commuter Magazine!

07.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

Be a winter warrior

We've teamed up with 6-leading brands to share the top 5 things to look for in your winter commuter

02.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

Let Love to Ride’s Winter Wheelers Propel You Through December!

Winter can be one of the most rewarding times to get on a bike.

16.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

Win a Gtech Sport Electric Hybrid Bike in our latest competition

This is your chance to win a Gtech Sport Electric Hybrid Bike thanks to our friends at Cycle Republic.

04.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

E-bike jargon buster

Here's a handy guide to what's watt when it comes to e-bike jargon

27.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

Welcoming VOLT electric bikes to Cyclescheme

Save up to £390 on your VOLT bike with Cyclescheme!

12.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

10 reasons you need to try e-bike

Averse to the marriage of electricity and pedal power? You shouldn't be, here's why.

07.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

World Bicycle Relief: The Power of Bicycles

World Bicycle Relief mobilises people through The Power of Bicycles. Their vision is for a world where distance is...

25.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

Get ready for Cycle to Work Day

The UK's biggest cycle commuting event is back on Wednesday 15 August. Here's why and how to get involved - and why...

19.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is based on the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, which teaches trainees the...

08.06.2018 By Cyclescheme

Ride & Encourage Others To Try Two Wheels For Bike Week

It’s 95 years since the first National Bicycle Week was run by the Cycle Touring Club in 1923.

10.05.2018 By Cyclescheme

Why riding an e-bike is good for you

Riding an electric bike isn’t cheating: you still have to pedal and you still burn calories. It’s like riding a...

04.04.2018 By Cyclescheme

Cycling and the 2018 Spring Statement

23.03.2018 By Cyclescheme

What’s better for you: running or cycling?

Pounding the pavements and pushing the pedals are both excellent forms of aerobic exercise. Yet one is more...

23.03.2018 By Cyclescheme

Why would I buy an e-bike for the cost of a car?

An e-bike might cost the same as a secondhand car, but it will save you money and bring other benefits every day you...

23.03.2018 By Cyclescheme

Biking in times of Brexit

The weak pound has pushed up the price of bikes, and things may well get worse. Here’s what you can do to fight...

13.02.2018 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme: Are Cycle to Work Schemes Worth It?

Don’t buy a bike or cycling equipment until you’ve read this. Cyclescheme can save you hundreds of pounds compared...

19.01.2018 By Cyclescheme

Did you know e-bikes are available on Cyclescheme?

If you’re looking for an e-bike to cycle to work on, look no further than Cyclescheme.

17.01.2018 By Cyclescheme

Your winter cycling saviour: Gloves & Socks

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’...

19.12.2017 By Cyclescheme

Inspiring circular day rides for 2018

The days may be short and cold but that’s giving us plenty of incentive and opportunity to plan lots of cycle rides...

08.12.2017 By Cyclescheme

Your winter cycling saviour: Mudguards

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’...

29.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme supports Road Safety Week 2017!

Contribute to a safer space for all road users

20.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter Magazine Issue 19 has landed!

The mag contains everything new and returning cyclists need to know about Cyclescheme, including route planning...

14.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

Your Winter Cycling Saviour: Winter Tyres

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’...

10.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

The ultimate gift for cycling enthusiasts. The Cycle Choice gift card!

The Cycle Choice gift card is the ideal gift for cyclists. For those who aren’t sure what to buy a cycling...

08.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

Get winter ready with Cyclescheme

Whilst it can be tempting to hibernate your commuter bike from now until spring; with the right accessories you can...

27.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

Your Winter Cycling Saviour: Bike Lights

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’...

27.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

What are the benefits of an e-bike?

E-bikes have loads of benefits including a healthy lifestyle, lowering commuting costs and cut down commute times.

26.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

Sale bikes on Cyclescheme

Many of retailers let you 'Cyclescheme' sale bikes. Here's a definitive list of retailers that make buying a sale...

23.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

Riding an e-bike isn’t cheating

Some cyclists look down on electrically-assisted bikes because it’s not ‘proper’ cycling. They’re missing the point.

12.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

10 unwritten cycling rules you need to ignore

Wannabe racers think that there’s a code of conduct to observe if you’re going to be a proper cyclist. They’re wrong.

21.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Comment: Why electric bikes, not electric cars, are the transport revolution we need

Battery-powered cars won’t solve the UK’s problems of air pollution, congestion, and obesity. Electrically-assisted...

15.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Be part of the Cycling Show

The Cycle Show is back from 22-24 September 2017 taking place at the NEC Birmingham.

09.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Over £5,000 of prizes to be won with Cycle to Work Day

Dust off your favourite bike and get ready to join in the UK’s biggest one-day celebration of cycle commuting.

08.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Why should I ride an e-bike?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes are like marmite – everyone has an opinion! For those who aren’t sold on e-bikes (yet!),...

06.07.2017 By Cyclescheme

Win a Ridgeback Velocity bundle

The only thing better than riding to work is riding to work on a brand new bike with accessories.

22.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

Reading Cycling Signs

Despite their clarity, some of the UK’s traffic signs are widely misunderstood – particularly those relating to...

20.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

Get on your bike for National Clean Air Day

15.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

Get involved in Bike Week 2017

Bike Week (10th – 18th June 2017) is an annual event that encourages adults and children across the UK to cycle...

12.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

Cycling Getaways With Glamour

Are you planning a short break cycling trip this summer? Read on to find out how to cycle AND holiday in style.

23.05.2017 By Cyclescheme

Comment: Cycling and the Justice System

Police procedure, sentencing, and Government policy must change to prevent injustice to cyclists, according to this...

23.05.2017 By Cyclescheme

Cycling and the law

Not all laws for motorists apply to cyclists, and there are other laws that apply only to cyclists. Here are some...

20.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Get set…GO. Cycle to Work Day 2017

Join us on our fifth anniversary and make this another record breaker.

20.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Win a Rapha commuter bundle worth £700

Enter our competition for your chance to kit yourself in Rapha gear.

19.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter Magazine 18

Cycle Commuter Magazine Issue 18 has landed!

07.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Best shoreside cycle routes for when you're not cycling to work

Britain has over 11,000 miles of coastline not to mention numerous lakes and lochs. These are gorgeous locations for...

01.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Comment: Air pollution and cycling

The air quality of some our cities isn't great, but you're still better off going by bike. Here's why.

20.03.2017 By Cyclescheme

Overcoming the barriers to cycling to work

Most of the reasons that people give for not cycling to work can be overcome. Here are some pointers for your...

16.03.2017 By Cyclescheme

Beat the Winter with this Muc-Off Giveaway!

One lucky winner will have the chance to take home everything you need to keep your bike looking fresh and running...

20.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

Police clamp down on close passes

The successful operation by West Midlands Police to catch 'near miss' drivers could go nationwide. Fingers crossed!

17.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

BikeLive 2017: Demo Series

Ride the latest 2017 road bikes, e-bikes, MTB’s, Gravel and Adventure bikes

07.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

No, minister: cyclists are road users

When the Secretary of State for Transport suggested that cyclists aren't road users, British Cycling's Chris...

23.01.2017 By Cyclescheme

Top 10 apps for cycle commuters

Your smartphone is an excellent cycling accessory. Here are 10 of the most useful apps for the day-to-day commuter.

23.01.2017 By Cyclescheme

How much money does cycling save you?

Cycling burns calories rather than cash. Switch to a bike for your journey to work and you could save over £3,000...

19.01.2017 By Cyclescheme

Issue 17 of the Cycle Commuter Magazine

The latest Cycle Commuter Magazine has hit the shelves and is available for you to enjoy.

17.01.2017 By Cyclescheme

Ride the latest 2017 road bikes

If you're looking for a new bike, or you just want to get a feel for what's out there. You don't want to miss this.

15.12.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win a cycling commuter bundle from Showers Pass worth over £500

Start 2017 in style with a head to toe clothing prize bundle from Showers Pass.

12.12.2016 By Cyclescheme

The health benefits of your commute

Cycling to work is an easy, convenient way to fit exercise into your daily life

05.12.2016 By Cyclescheme

Come and try out some cool bikes on a closed road circuit - LIVE and eBikeTips LIVE

Would you like to Demo some road bikes, and possibly some of those new fangled e-Bikes?

25.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 Proviz bundles worth over £100 each

Proviz, the experts in enhanced visibility cycling products, have donated 5 great bundles each worth over £100.

23.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

15 reasons why we love the National Cycle Network

We’re not shy in declaring our love for the National Cycle Network.

21.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

A bike isn't just for summer...

Win some fantastic Muc-Off cleaning products and accessories to keep your bike spic and span and out of the shed...

16.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

Give more tax breaks to people who take up cycling to work says British Cycling

The UK government should give tax breaks to people who take up cycling to work, British Cycling’s policy adviser...

11.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win one of four Blaze Laserlights worth £125!

With Autumn upon us, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Blaze to bring you the perfect light for navigating through...

30.09.2016 By Cyclescheme

Food hot spots on the National Cycle Network

Why not use the National Cycle Network to travel to these foodie hotspots and sample some of the best treats the UK...

23.09.2016 By Cyclescheme

The numbers behind Cycle to Work Day 2016

This year saw a new record set for miles pledged for Cycle to Work Day.

19.09.2016 By Cyclescheme

Autumn weather – staying one step ahead

As lovely as Autumn can be, shorter days and changeable weather are part of the inevitable march towards winter. ...

30.08.2016 By Cyclescheme

The Tour of Britain 2016

This 4th to 11th of September sees the thirteenth edition of the modern Tour of Britain.

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

Top bike rides for fun days out with friends

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunny day to make you feel like a kid again, hopping on your bike to go and...

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter #16

Issue 16 of Cycle Commuter magazine is packed full of news, reviews and tips.

28.06.2016 By Cyclescheme

Tickets now on sale for The Cycle Show

The UK’s longest-running cycling exhibition is fifteen years old this year and it’s set to be the biggest yet.

27.06.2016 By Cyclescheme

Celebrate summer with a cycling and camping adventure

Now that summer’s here at last, why not make the most of the warmer weather with a camping adventure on the National...

05.05.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 ABUS Hyban Helmet and Super Ultimate Lock bundles

Cyclescheme have teamed up with cycle security and safety brand ABUS to give you the chance to win a helmet and lock...

05.05.2016 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Essentials

Take the plunge and start cycling to work. Follow these ten tips and make your first week of cycle commuting stress...

01.04.2016 By Cyclescheme

Cycling in Italy: The Italian Lake District

What’s so special about this part of Italy? We take a look at the Top 5 places to pedal with the help of cycling...

22.03.2016 By Cyclescheme

Safeguard the National Cycle Network

With your support at this critical time, Sustrans can attempt to address many of the remaining maintenance problems...

17.03.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 See.Sense ICON sets

We’ve teamed up with the guys at See.Sense to give you a chance to win the cycling gadget of the year.

16.03.2016 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 dhb bundles from Wiggle

Here's your chance to get yours hands on some dhb commuting kit from Wiggle!

29.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling's Guide on Cycling to Work

With participation in cycling on the increase, cycling to work is an great way to get fit and stay healthy, whilst...

29.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

London Bike Show 2016

The UK’s largest cycling show returns to ExCel, London from 11-14 February.

29.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

10 Romantic Bike Rides in the UK and Beyond

You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth for a romantic day out.

21.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

Cycling New Year’s Resolutions from British Cycling

If you are planning on setting some New Year’s resolutions, how about trying some of these suggestions?

16.12.2015 By Cyclescheme

CUBE Competition

We kick off 2016 with a fantastic competition from CUBE giving you the chance to win the ultimate cycling accessory...

07.12.2015 By Cyclescheme

12 day Christmas countdown!

Each day we are offering you the chance to win some fantastic cycling accessories and gear in the countdown to...

01.12.2015 By Cyclescheme

Bike Owner Has Stolen Bike Recovered Within 2½ Hours

A man who had his bike stolen and recovered within two and half hours of registering it as stolen on the...

13.11.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win the Merida Crossway Urban 20 and a whole lot more…

Our latest competition includes the gorgeous Merida Urban 20 and some essential accessories.

13.11.2015 By Cyclescheme

It’s bike light season! Win 1 of 4 Blaze Laserlights

We’ve teamed up with Blaze to give you the opportunity to light up your autumn cycling with the Laserlight.

02.11.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter #15

Issue 15 of Cycle Commuter magazine is packed full of news, reviews and tips. There's advice on cycle paths, how to...

23.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

Public demands bigger bike budgets

Sustrans’ Bike Life survey, the biggest ever conducted on attitudes to cycling in the UK, shows that 75% of people...

22.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

A commuter's guide to Cycle Paths

Segregated cycling facilities range from fantastic to frustratingly bad. Here’s what you need to know before...

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win a Garmin edge 20 GPS with Wiggle accessory packages

Wiggle. The UK’s No 1 online Cycling retailer, has put together 3 different accessory packages to keep you cycling...

02.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme are BikeBiz Awards winners

At Cyclescheme, we were delighted to be awarded a BikeBiz Award for the fourth consecutive year.

25.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Over £500 of Proviz clothing & accessories to be won

This is your chance to get your hands on the latest range of Proviz’s products for the Autumn/Winter season.

21.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day 2015 in numbers

Cycle to Work Day 2015 was an incredible event with your help. Find out exactly what your pledges helped to achieve.

09.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Don’t miss out on your chance to win a customised Brompton bike.

Brompton are celebrating a summer of cycling by giving away 10 custom made folding bikes.

08.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win a Trek 7.4 FX bike

We have a fantastic competition to win a brand new Trek 7.4 FX bike.

01.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Guarantee your entry to the Dragon Ride

Have you started commuting and found yourself wanting to spend even more time in the saddle?

26.08.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cycle tourism boosts UK economy

Leisure and tourism cycling on the National Cycle Network supports over 15,000 jobs and directly contributes £650m...

26.08.2015 By Cyclescheme

Top cycling routes from around the UK courtesy of the National Cycle Network

Now that summer’s here it’s a perfect time to pack a picnic, jump on your bike and explore the National Cycle Network.

17.07.2015 By Cyclescheme

The Brompton ​Urban ​Challenge

Ever wondered how many Bromptons you can fit into a London phone box? No? Well, now is your chance to find out…

24.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win a Bontrager commuting bundle worth over £500

A recent winner of brand honour in our Cycling Awards. Bontrager are offering a fantastic prize bundle to a lucky...

22.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Spread the word on Cycle to Work Day 2015

It's Cycle to Work Day on 3rd September. Here are some suggestions for persuading colleagues to swap the car, train...

19.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

10 Cycling Myths Uncovered

We don't pay for the roads we use, we risk our lives, and we're all sweaty… Myths about cycling abound among...

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Love to Ride and Bike Week

The National Cycle Challenge is a fun, free workplace competition that everyone can take part in. Cyclescheme have...

28.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Weekly competitions on our Facebook and Twitter pages

We love sending you our Newsletter every month but many Cycleschemers want more!

28.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 Henty Wingmen

The Henty Wingman bag supports smart and stylish cycle commuters!

26.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Go explore with Sustrans

In 2015, Sustrans is celebrating 20 years of the National Cycle Network.

20.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Your chance to ride with Davina McCall at Davina’s Big Sussex Bike ride

Meet and ride with Cyclescheme Awards winner Davina McCall on her charity bike ride.

28.04.2015 By Cyclescheme

Is the Babel Bike the safest bike ever made?

The Babel Bike puts seatbelts and a roll cage on two wheels. Would you be willing to strap yourself into one?

16.04.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter #14

Cycle Commuter #14 is packed with news, reviews and commuting tips for cyclists of all abilities. There's advice on...

07.04.2015 By Cyclescheme

Fliz concept bike, an adult sized strider bike

As a child when you learned to ride a bike you may have used something called a ‘Strider’ or ‘balance-bike’. Now...

26.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win a copy of Sustrans’ Traffic-Free Cycle Rides!

To celebrate the launch of Sustrans’ new guidebook, Traffic-Free Cycle Rides, we’ve got five copies to give away.

25.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

Spin London

This May will see the biggest ever Urban cycling show at a new central London location, The sorting office in...

05.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

Get Cycle to Work Day in your diary!

Get your diaries out, it's time to get the date for Cycle to Work Day in them! This year, we want to have an even...

20.02.2015 By Cyclescheme

From good to great: 10 years of Cyclescheme

A few days ago, on Valentine’s Day to be exact, Cyclescheme turned 10 years old. Over the past decade a vast amount...

19.02.2015 By Cyclescheme

Have your say and win an iPad Air 2!

As ever, we're keen to hear how your experiences of cycling to work (and all that comes with it) have affected your...

06.02.2015 By Cyclescheme

London Bike Show 2015

The UK’s largest cycling Show returns to ExCeL London from 12 – 15 February with loads of bikes, gear and...

05.02.2015 By Cyclescheme

VANMOOF Electrified: An electric bike that's easy on the eyes, not just the road

if you haven't seen a VANMOOF bike in the flesh, they are impressive to say the least. Check out Cyclr's take on the...

16.01.2015 By Cyclescheme

Win a Blaze Laserlight worth £125!

To reward you for your commitment to yourself and make your rides safer (and also more fun) we're kicking the year...

13.01.2015 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: Cycling through the Winter

With over 30,000 miles of commuting over the past five winters under his wheels, British Cycling Manager Terry...

02.12.2014 By Cyclescheme

Embrace autumn with a ride on the National Cycle Network

The National Cycle Network is a series of traffic-free and quiet on-road cycle routes that stretch right across the...

02.12.2014 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: Riding in the dark

As the days get shorter, whether you’re commuting or trying to fit in some training before or after work, it’s...

07.11.2014 By Cyclescheme

Weather beating

When the rain is running down the windows on a winter morning, it can be hard to summon up the enthusiasm for cycle...

07.11.2014 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme scoops BikeBiz award for third year running!

We're delighted to announce that we've bagged the award for Retailer Services for the third year running. It's an...

03.10.2014 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter issue 13 is here!

Cycle Commuter #13 is packed with news, reviews and commuting tips for cyclists of all abilities. There's advice on...

02.10.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Stuff: This Month's Latest Discoveries

Each month, our friends over at will take you by the hand and guide you around their latest discoveries in...

02.10.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Stuff: This Month's Latest Discoveries (September 2014)

Each month, our friends over at will take you by the hand and guide you around their latest discoveries in...

12.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day 2014

As the dust settles on Cycle to Work Day 2014, we thought we’d share with you all some of the fantastic highlights...

09.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

Win over £500 worth of kit from Proviz!

REFLECT360 is a brand new range recently launched for autumn/winter 2014 by ‘hi-viz’ specialists Proviz. We've...

09.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

Clearspace Shower Hub - winner announced!

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Shower Hub, we teamed up with Clearspace Buildings to give one away! Now is...

05.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Stuff: This Month’s Latest Discoveries (August 2014)

An original series exclusive to Cyclescheme by

01.08.2014 By Cyclescheme

Win a Hill & Ellis Bradley cycling bag!

To celebrate the launch of the new "Blighty Collection" - a new range of bike bags all designed and made in the UK....

31.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Stuff: This Month’s Latest Discoveries (July 2014)

Each month, our friends over at will take you by the hand and guide you around their latest discoveries in...

03.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

London Cycle Challenge

Join your fellow Londoners this summer and take part in a competition that is all about encouraging more people to...

02.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

Win a Clearspace Shower Hub worth £30,000 for your workplace

To celebrate the launch of the brand new Shower Hub, we've teamed up with Clearspace Buildings to give one away!...

11.06.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Stuff: This Month’s Latest Discoveries (June 2014)

Each month, our friends over at will take you by the hand and guide you around their latest discoveries in...

06.06.2014 By Cyclescheme

The bike thief who called the owner to help re-charge it

Bike theft, an activity pursued by the scummiest of scum in our society. 8 times out of ten a bike thief will sliver...

04.06.2014 By Cyclescheme

New weekly competitions on our Facebook page

We love sending you our Newsletter every month but many Cycleschemers want more!

02.05.2014 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter Issue 12 now available!

As well as covering the ins and outs of Cyclescheme, Issue 12 features news, reviews and essential commuting tips...

02.05.2014 By Cyclescheme

Tickhill Grand Prix – ‘Rapid’ Richard Stoodley on the event’s rise to fame

The Tickhill Grand Prix has come a long way in a very short time. The small club from which it was born, Tickhill...

01.05.2014 By Cyclescheme

Bike Bath 2014

Cyclists descend on Bath in June for “more than just a bike ride” With 100 days to go until well over 1000 cyclists...

25.04.2014 By Cyclescheme

Get to know the Super Commuters

Last month we introduced you to our chosen 12 Super Commuters. Now, a month on we have a little more to share with...

02.04.2014 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: Nutrition for the working cyclist

Commuting to and from work on your bike is an incredibly time efficient way to get your weekly miles in and, for...

02.04.2014 By Cyclescheme

10 Nightrider™ places up for grabs

Night riding is becoming more and more popular. So what’s the attraction and how best to approach a night ride? ...

27.03.2014 By Cyclescheme

BikeWeek 2014

Bike Week is an annual opportunity to promote cycling, and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by...

20.03.2014 By Cyclescheme

Meet the Cyclescheme Super Commuters

Last month we started our search to find the UK's Super Commuters. We were looking for the passionate, committed...

07.03.2014 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: How to lube your bike chain

Looking after your chain and the other transmission components that come with it - chain-rings, sprockets and jockey...

05.03.2014 By Cyclescheme

Spin & Win with Spin LDN and tokyobike

Nestled in the heart of London's East End, Spin LDN showcases some of the most progressive and forward-thinking...

27.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

Win over £500 worth of kit from Cube!

We've teamed up with our good friends over at Cube to bring you a very special giveaway - the ultimate commuter gear...

16.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

Are you a Super Commuter?

We're on the hunt for the UK's Super Commuters. If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to our Facebook...

10.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling need your help!

British Cycling want to get more people riding their bikes to work. Consequently, they’d like your help in...

09.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

The BikeMiles® Endura Luminite Challenge!

Our first BikeMiles® challenge of 2014! To kick things off, we’ve teamed up with Endura to give away a range of...

10.01.2014 By Cyclescheme

The Eastway Cycle Selfie

It's official; selfie is word of the year. To celebrate (or commiserate) we've teamed up with the lovely folk over...

11.12.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win a £500 Bonusbond Multi-store Gift Card

Christmas is coming and we all know what a stressful time it can be. Dashing around trying to find perfect gifts for...

30.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 Timbuk2 prize bundles worth £200!

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco original brand. Founded in a San Francisco garage in 1989 by a bike messenger named Rob...

29.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: buying bike lights

With the nights drawing in, if you’re still wanting to keep your mileage up, you’re probably going to need some bike...

29.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 Water off a Duck's Back coats

Water off a Duck's Back makes stylish cycle clothing for men and women. As well as being waterproof and breathable...

03.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 Nightrider Rucksack & Triviz packs!

Proviz are the market leaders in high visibility sportswear and accessories. They design an innovative range of...

02.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Work Day - the result!

As the dust settles on the UK’s biggest-ever Cycle to Work Day and we all settle back into our daily lives - which...

25.09.2013 By Cyclescheme

Pledges win prizes with Cycle to Work Day

Pledge to ride on September 12th and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a huge array of prizes including a...

03.09.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycleshow 2013 - discount ticket offer!

The Cycle Show, the UK’s number one cycling exhibition, is now three weeks away returning to Birmingham’s NEC on the...

02.09.2013 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: prepare for Cycle to Work Day

Whether riding to work, to the shops or out with the kids there are some bits of kit that you shouldn’t leave home...

30.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling: Basic riding must haves

Whether riding to work, to the shops or out with the kids there are some bits of kit that you shouldn’t leave home...

02.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win a Canon PowerShot SX500!

To celebrate the UK’s biggest-ever national Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 12th September, we thought we’d whip up a...

02.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycleshow 2013 - discount offer!

The Cycle Show, the UK’s number one cycling exhibition returns to Birmingham’s NEC on the 27th – 29th September with...

31.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycleshow 2013

After the busiest show in its twelve year history, the Cycle Show is all set to showcase hundreds of bike and...

04.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win £1000 to spend at Foffa bikes!

Foffa bikes offer a bespoke service that allows you to create a bicycle as individual as you are. You can choose...

02.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

Sky Ride

Sky Rides are big, fun events that take over a town or city centre so lots of cyclists of all ages and abilities can...

01.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

The BikeMiles® Amazon Challenge - we did it!

The Amazon rainforest is (roughly) 6,000 miles away. Last month we challenged you all to get on your bike, log your...

07.06.2013 By Cyclescheme

Bike Bath 2013

Bike Bath returns on the 22nd and 23rd June 2013 to celebrate cycling in Bath with organised cycle rides of 20,30,60...

06.06.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win a £500 Bonusbond Gift Card!

Get your hands on £500 to spend in over 17,000 outlets nationwide. Bonusbonds can be spent on everything from high...

06.06.2013 By Cyclescheme

BikeWeek 2013

Last year the nation fell in love with cycling; with more of us than ever getting on our bikes, inspired by our...

02.05.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter Issue 10

The Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Cyclescheme's magazine for cycle commuters. News, kit, techniques, tips and more!...

02.05.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme & Sarah Storey

Ditch the car, tear up the bus pass and join the cycling revolution. #challengeyourself

01.05.2013 By Cyclescheme

Commuter Gallery - win an iPad Mini!

To mark the start of British Summer Time we want you to share your commuting photos with us. Take part in our...

05.04.2013 By Cyclescheme

BikeMiles® Altura Equipment Étape

In our second BikeMiles® challenge of the year we have teamed up with Altura and Cateye to offer Cycleschemers the...

01.03.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 RoadHawk Ride cameras!

1 in 3 cycling accidents occur at road junctions and roundabouts. Provide high definition video evidence in the...

01.03.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 100 Pairs of Specialized Tyres

No matter what you crave - the road sprint for the finish line, epic weekends trail riding with the crew, cross...

23.02.2013 By Cyclescheme

BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge - the results!

Last month we set a challenge for all you Cycleschemers – the BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge. Click here to...

31.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 6 Birzman Zacoo Maha II track pumps!

Accessories manufacturer Birzman has unveiled a range of new floor pumps with some nifty-looking new features. Floor...

31.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Register now for Bike Bath 2013

A weekend of cycling activities in and around the beautiful city of Bath

30.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Five Nightrider™ London Places Up For Grabs!

Nightrider™ London is back for 2013. The 100km moonlit ride past the iconic sights of London is set to raise £2...

29.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

BikeMiles® January Journey Challenge

This January we are challenging all you Cycleschemers to make the most of your commute and earn some exclusive...

14.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 Altura Night Vision Evo jackets!

Altura is the number 1 apparel and luggage brand for UK cycling. Led by a team of enthusiastic cyclists, Altura has...

30.11.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win Specialized winter riding kit worth over £2,000!

One lucky person will ride away with your choice of kit from our 2013-product range depending on whether you're a...

29.11.2012 By Cyclescheme

British Cycling membership - the perfect gift for any cyclist!

If you’re looking for a present for a cycling-mad friend or family member then British Cycling membership is the...

27.11.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win one of three Proviz rucksack and light combos!

To celebrate the launch of their new website, Nightrider product range and unique Triviz light pack, Proviz have put...

25.10.2012 By Cyclescheme

Dartmoor Classic 2013

The Dartmoor Classic 2013 Cyclosportive offers you a choice of two routes, 104 Miles (166 km) and 65 miles (104 Km)....

24.10.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win a year's supply of nuun, the original hydration tab

Whether you’re cycling to work or out on a long weekend ride, you need to stay hydrated. It’s not as easy as it...

28.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Commuter Issue 9 hits the shelves!

Ever wondered what type of bike is right for you? Or maybe you're just unsure what accessories you can get through...

25.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Don't miss the 2012 Cycle Show!

The Cycle Show opens on Friday 28th September and runs until Sunday 30th . Don't miss out on test riding the very...

25.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win a Fast4ward Peak worth £999!

Hero Eco are a leading $6bn manufacturer of two wheel vehicles and produce a bicycle every 9 seconds. With a German...

30.08.2012 By Cyclescheme

Don't miss the UK's #1 Cycle Show!

For three days the show will play host to the world’s best known cycling brands. Visitors will be able to grab a...

28.08.2012 By Cyclescheme

Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Pennines

You’ve got your bike, you’re getting fit and you can’t get enough of riding – sound familiar? If so, then it’s...

21.08.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cycleshow 2012: special Cyclescheme discount!

The Cycle Show will return to the NEC, Birmingham on 28th – 30th September 2012 with heavy-weight bike brands, such...

27.07.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme's Laurence Boon named in BikeBiz 30 under 30

July saw industry trade publication, BikeBiz, name the 30 rising stars of the bike trade under 30 years of age....

23.07.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cycling Expo to be held on Olympic Road Race Weekend overlooking Box Hill

Taking place on the 27/28/29th July, the event, free for the public, is adjacent the A24 and overlooking Box Hill. ...

01.07.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win a Specialized Tarmac Comp, plus lots more!

Specialized have teamed up with RoadCyclingUK to create a Fantasy Tour de France league game! In RoadCyclingUK...

25.06.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 3 Proviz helmet & rucksack packs!

Proviz provides the ultimate range of hi-visibility sporting accessories to keep you safe and visible on the road...

23.04.2012 By Cyclescheme

Nightrider™ – Sign Up NOW for 100km Moonlit London Charity Ride

Don’t miss one of the most exciting London cycle events this summer – Nightrider™ a thrilling 100km moonlit ride!...

28.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme and British Cycling join forces

With the weather improving, the clocks changing and an exciting summer of cycling just around the corner, there’s...

27.03.2012 By Cyclescheme


Ernest Hemingway wrote, ‘It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to...

20.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win a Pinnacle Lithium Four Bike and kit worth over £600!

With big wheels and an attitude, the Lithium is a fast and light weight city ride with a heavyweight character. To...

15.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Free ABUS guide to urban cycle safety and security

Your guide to urban cycle safety & security from ABUS, the No 1 in urban security. With more sold secure rated...

14.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Bespoked Bristol

The UK Handmade Bicycle Show returns to Bristol on 23rd March. Over 70 leading independent makers from the UK,...

08.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 5 NiteRider ‘Mako Combo’ light packs!

This months' competition gives you the chance to get your hands on 1 of 5 NiteRider ‘Mako’ Combo’ packs worth £45...

23.02.2012 By Cyclescheme

Proviz competition - get your hands on £100 worth of kit!

With the clocks going back at the end of October, cycling accessory company Proviz has expanded it’s revolutionary...

27.10.2011 By Cyclescheme

Issue 7 of Cycle Commuter hits the shelves!

Issue 7 of our fantastic magazine, Cycle Commuter has finally arrived! Flick through the magazine online right from...

20.10.2011 By Cyclescheme

Win 1 of 85 Bike Shepherd ID tags worth £10!

Ever had that horrible sinking feeling when you go to unlock your bike to find someone has beaten you to it? Bike...

01.10.2011 By Cyclescheme

The Nottingham Life Cycle - over £200k raised so far!

The University of Nottingham's Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Greenaway, led a team of colleagues as they cycled...

15.09.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Show 2011 announce brand new Mountain Bike Demo Track

Organisers of the Cycle Show have just announced an exciting new Outdoor Mountain Bike Demo Track for visitors to...

14.09.2011 By Cyclescheme

The Prostate Cancer Charity: Tour Ride 2011

The Prostate Cancer Charity is urging people across the UK to get on their bikes and take on one of its ‘Tour...

24.08.2011 By Cyclescheme

Shine, Cyclist, Shine – win 1 of 4 Endura Luminite Jackets worth £84.99!

Cyclescheme have teamed up with Endura to give away four Luminite jackets worth £84.99!

24.08.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Show 2011 set to be best yet (+ discounted tickets)

The Cycle Show is back for 2011 and celebrating its 10th birthday this year, at its new home at the NEC, Birmingham.

23.08.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Show: 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2011. Halls 9-11. NEC Birmingham

Book your show ticket to win a cycling experience with TdF rider Geraint Thomas.

25.07.2011 By Cyclescheme

Like us on Facebook and win £100 worth of prizes!

Become our 1,000th 'like' on our Facebook page and reap the rewards! Over £100 worth of goodies including...

21.07.2011 By Cyclescheme

H2 Bike Run discount for Cycleschemers

A commuter club for cyclists & runners in the heart of Soho. H2 offers extensive changing areas with 1,198...

18.07.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme Competition - Win 1 of 10 free Squire Snaploks

Cyclescheme and Squire have teamed up to offer 10 lucky website visitors the chance to secure their bike with the...

11.07.2011 By Cyclescheme

The Nottingham Life Cycle

The University of Nottingham’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Greenaway, will lead the Nottingham Life Cycle, in...

06.07.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Show 2011 - Olympic ambassador, discount tickets & news

Olympic Gold Medallist Geraint Thomas MBE has been announced as the Cycle Show ambassador.

30.06.2011 By Cyclescheme

London to Brighton 2011

Team Cyclescheme took on the London to Brighton bike ride on Sunday 19th June to help raise money for the British...

28.06.2011 By Cyclescheme

I'm all about the bike, and the bike is all about me

Last month’s newsletter saw us launch a competition to get your hands on a signed copy of Robert Penn’s best-selling...

14.06.2011 By Cyclescheme

Bespoked Bristol - Show info and Frame Building Competition

Looking for something cycle-centric to do on the weekend of the 11th and 12th of June? Bristol, the countries first...

01.06.2011 By Cyclescheme

Bike Week

Get involved with the UK’s biggest cycling event this June

22.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

The Toshiba Windsor Triathlon - 12th June 2011

Specialized are delighted to announce their association with The Toshiba Windsor Triathlon 2011 as the ‘Official...

20.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme Competition - Win 1 of 4 Free Cycloc's

Award winning bike storage up for grabs (competition ends June 30th 2011)

18.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

Scott champion women’s cycling

Cyclescheme and Scott both actively encourage women to adopt cycling.

11.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

It's All About The Bike - 10 copies to give away!

Win a copy of the fantastic 'It's All About The Bike' by Robert Penn, courtesy of the lovely people at Penguin.

09.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

Charity Cycle Challenge

Turn just one cycle ride into a fundraiser for national charity, the Willow Foundation and help improve the quality...

04.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

How cycling will improve your life

A bike isn’t just a mode of transport – it’s a life-changing machine.

04.05.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycle to Fitness

10 reasons why getting on your bike will keep you healthy.

30.04.2011 By Cyclescheme