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Get winter ready with Cyclescheme

Get winter ready with Cyclescheme

Whilst it can be tempting to hibernate your commuter bike from now until spring; with the right accessories you can cycle to work 365 (and enjoy it!)

Winter in the UK generally means three things. It’s going to be cold, wet and rather windy. In short – we’re in for lots of mud-filled commuting fun. Whilst it can be tempting to hibernate your commuter bike from now until spring; with the right accessories you can cycle to work 365 (and enjoy it!).

What winter accessories do I need?

Before you consider what winter accessories you need; think about the job they need to do. Winter accessories generally fall into three camps:

  • Those that keep you warm and dry
  • Those that help you see and be seen
  • Those that keep your bike in great shape

Accessories that keep you warm and dry:

Nobody enjoys being wet and cold. Staying warm and dry whilst cycling is key to enjoying your winter commute. Look for accessories that are ‘winter weight’ and breathable for the right balance of warmth without overheating. Our top winter warmers include:

  • Gloves – loss of feeling in your fingers is dangerous. Keep your digits warm to ensure you can grip the handlebar and operate breaks.
  • Socks and Overshoes – cold, wet feet are an awful sensation. Stay comfortable with thick yarn socks and waterproof overshoes.
  • Jacket – your main protection from wind and rain. Invest heavily here in a longer length, wide cut, breathable model and you will be grateful.
  • Base Layers – keep you warm when it’s cold; without overheating. Can be layered underneath your normal commuting clothes.
  • Luggage – whether it holds your lunch or your work clothes; you’ll want to keep whatever is in your backpack or pannier dry. Invest in waterproof models, or waterproof covers.  

Accessories that help you see and be seen:

Foggy winter mornings and dark winter afternoons can be challenging for cycle commuters. Ensure that you can see the road ahead and be seen by other road users at all times with the following:

  • Bike Lights – bike mounted lights are a legal requirement in dark conditions. You need one mounted at the front and one at the back.
  • Reflectors – again a legal requirement. Amber reflectors need to be attached to pedals and a red reflector to the back of the bike.
  • Wearable lights – increase your odds of being seen on the road with additional lights attached to your helmet, wrists and ankles. 
  • Reflective Clothing – the accessories that keep you warm and dry can also help here too. Jackets with reflective detailing offer great additional visibility to other road users.

Accessories that keep your bike in great shape:

Ensuring your bike can operate properly in winter conditions is essential. The mud, salt and rain will all impact your ride but with the right accessories you can overcome these obstacles. 

  • Mudguards – keeps your bike (and you!) free from mud and grid splatters, and helps ensure all components can move freely.
  • Winter wheels – wet, windy weather plays havoc the road. Winter wheels are tougher, offer better traction and save your ‘nice’ wheels from bad conditions.
  • Pumps and repair kits – punctures and flat tyres are inevitable, but in winter they feel unbearable. Ensure you can tackle minor repairs without trouble this winter.

Get winter ready with Cyclescheme:

People think Cyclescheme is all about bikes. Whilst we do enjoy helping people save on their new bike – we can equally help those who just want accessories too.

Gear up with winter accessories through Cyclescheme and you will save 25 – 39% on the lot. Suddenly that long list of winter accessories seems very affordable, right? And as most employers allow you to spend up to £1,000 at a time with Cyclescheme (sometimes more) – investing in the right accessories to keep you in the saddle this winter is accessible.

Get winter ready and apply for your Cyclescheme Certificate today. We’ve simplified our request process and you no longer need to tell us up front exactly what accessories you’re getting. This means you have complete control over spending your Certificate when it arrives. 


Where can I shop winter accessories?

Cyclescheme has the largest retail network of any Cycle to Work scheme. You can shop with any of our 2,000 retailers either online, in-store or via click and collect. Find a retailer near you or take a look at our online stores below:


Don’t forget with Cyclescheme you can shop the sale section at your chosen retailer too, and benefit from 25 – 39% scheme savings on top of any promotion or special offer.