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Welcome to Cyclescheme's e-bike blog area - this is our repository for e-bike reviews, info on how to use e-bikes and advice on how to keep your e-bike in great condition.

A guide to e-bike conversion kits

Adding electric assistance to an existing bike is cheaper than buying a brand new e-bike – especially if you get the...

28.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

E-bike battery care

E-bike batteries have made the news recently by bursting into flames. Don’t panic. Yours won’t – as long as you take...

04.08.2023 By Cyclescheme

Living with an e-bike

An e-bike’s battery and motor don’t just make cycling easier – they change how you use a bicycle and how you look...

27.02.2023 By Cyclescheme

What are the e-bike laws: Bikmo Guest Post

If you’re thinking about getting an e-bike, you’ll need to understand the UK laws for electric bikes, including...

08.12.2022 By Cyclescheme

E-bike extras you should (probably) buy

Take advantage of your e-bike’s extra power and equip it with everything you need to make your cycling more...

31.10.2022 By Cyclescheme

Ten of the best e-bikes

With sales booming, the range of e-bikes on the market is wider than ever. Which you should you buy? You won’t go...

24.10.2022 By Cyclescheme

What kind of e-bike do I need?

Like regular bikes, e-bikes come in all sorts of different designs. The right one for you will depend on your...

01.02.2022 By Cyclescheme

10 reasons why you should get an e-bike: Canyon Guest Post

Why don’t you join the masses and consider getting an e-bike the next time you’re in the market for a new set of wheels?

22.09.2021 By Cyclescheme

Everything you need to know about e-bikes: Trek Guest Post

When you ride an e-bike, the possibilities become endless.

18.08.2021 By Cyclescheme

Staying safe on your e-bike: Trek Guest Post

Riding and commuting by e-bike is awesome.

21.06.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to get more from your e-bike

Electric assistance will change the way you approach cycling, but there are a few more things to think about.

11.05.2021 By Cyclescheme

10 reasons you need to try e-bike

Averse to the marriage of electricity and pedal power? You shouldn't be, here's why.

03.12.2020 By Cyclescheme

Winter versus e-bikes

If you want to power through winter, you’ll need to prevent your e-bike’s battery becoming cold or wet. Here are...

18.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

Get an e-bike on Cyclescheme

Find out about getting e-bike via the cycle to work scheme and saving 25-39%.

12.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to go electric and never go back

Here's why an electric bike is the ultimate urban transport solution.

04.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Budget e-bikes

Electric assistance lets any cyclist cruise up hills or ride alongside fitter companions. Here are five decent...

04.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

E-bikes and the law

With an e-bike there are a few things to consider with regards to the law.

04.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

E-Bike Test Rides

An overview of how and where you can undertake an e-bike test ride on the cycle to work scheme.

24.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

E-bikers rewarded with a 25% reduction in insurance premium

Never has there been so much excitement and buzz in the bike sector as there is around the potential that e-bikes...

07.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

E-bike jargon buster

Here's a handy guide to what's watt when it comes to e-bike jargon.

24.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Folding e-bikes

An e-bike that folds provides sweat-free cycling wherever you’re going and however you’re getting there.

21.05.2020 By Cyclescheme