Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Welcome to Cyclescheme's 'How-to' section - here we delve into all manner of topics that aim to keep you safe and supported whilst in the saddle. You'll find tips on road-craft, tricks to keep your bike clean and loads of general advice on how to stay safe and comfortable whilst out and about on your bike.

How to deal with potholed roads

Potholes are a danger to cyclists, causing not just bike damage but serious injuries. Here’s how to stay safe on...

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

How to remove and fit tight tyres

Getting tyres on and off rims can be hard work even if you have a strong grip. Here are some tips and tools to make...

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

How to store your bike indoors

No garage? No problem. You can store a bike in the smallest studio flat – and lots in larger properties. Here’s how

22.09.2023 By Cyclescheme

How to prevent rain from ruining your ride

It’s hard to avoid the rain if you’re a UK cycle commuter but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm. Just make sure...

17.07.2023 By Cyclescheme

How to manage the heat when wearing a helmet

Despite being ventilated, any cycle helmet will make your head hotter. Here’s what can you do to avoid getting red...

18.07.2022 By Cyclescheme

How to tackle climbs are how are they categorised?

Could you ride up a Category 1 climb? How about a 33% hill? To understand the designations and get tips for tackling...

06.06.2022 By Cyclescheme

How and why to switch from flat pedals to clipless

Most sports cyclists use clipless pedals and shoes. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of following...

25.04.2022 By Cyclescheme

How does carrying luggage affect my cycling?

Most bikes will carry more than just a rider. The best method depends on the load, the journey, the bike, and your...

22.03.2022 By Cyclescheme

How to clean your cycling accessories

Keeping your cycling equipment clean isn’t primarily about appearances: it’s preventative maintenance for you and...

10.12.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to avoid numb hands when riding: Trek Guest Blog

Here are five top tips from Trek for reducing and preventing numbness while you ride.

17.11.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle and lose weight

Packing a few extra pounds recently? Cycle commuting is an ideal way to lose that weight and keep it off.

16.09.2021 By Cyclescheme

What to wear when cycling to work

Cycling to work doesn't have to mean starting the day sweaty and dishevelled. Find out how easy it is to turn up...

14.09.2021 By Cyclescheme

How you can help recover a stolen bike

A valuable new service has been launched for members of BikeRegister, the national cycle database.

20.07.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to keep your electric bike clean: Canyon Guest Post

Riding an e-bike is great fun, but the idea of needing to clean it needed put a downer on your ride.

19.07.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to take care of your bike chain

Fail to take care of your bike chains and you'll work harder, ruin gear shifting, and damage the drivetrain....

10.05.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to save money on a new bike with Cyclescheme

Since you’re saving money and spreading the cost, even expensive bikes are affordable through Cyclescheme. But...

10.04.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to adjust your gears

Indexed gearing is great. Each click of the shift lever moves the chain smoothly from one sprocket to the next. When...

17.03.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to negotiate roundabouts

Impatient drivers, erratic signalling, and poor road layout can make roundabouts anything but magic. Here's how to...

11.03.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle up hills (and back down again)

There are two ways to climb hills easily by bike. One is to be a racing whippet. The other is to make sure your bike...

10.03.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle on dual carriageways

Dual carriageways are the roads of last resort for cyclists. But when you can’t avoid them, you need to know how to...

03.03.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to true a wheel

Wheel buckled? With a spoke key and some patience, you can fix this without a trip to the bike shop.

25.02.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to start cycling – everything you need to know

Thinking about getting into cycling but not sure how or what you’ll need? Start cycling the easy way with our super...

15.02.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to pick your Cyclescheme retailer

Requesting your Cyclescheme eCertificate is super simple. Simply get your eCertificate and choose where you want to...

04.02.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to get your cycling fix when working from home

Working from home during the pandemic means missing the morning and evening bike commute. Lethargy sets in. Time to...

19.01.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to get an e-bike on Cyclescheme

If you need some extra energy for your ride to work, an e-bike is the answer. Compared to a normal bike, however,...

13.01.2021 By Cyclescheme

How to change gear efficiently

Crunching changes, failed shifts, and stalling are just as bad on a bike as in a car. Here’s how to get it right...

10.12.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle in low sunlight

Winter sunlight can dazzle drivers and cyclists alike. Here's what you can do to see and be seen.

01.12.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to know when you need to replace your tyres

A worn or damaged tyre could cause a blowout and sudden loss of control. Here’s how to spot when a tyre needs replacing.

23.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to use tyre valves

Whether pumping tyres or buying innertubes, you need to know what valves your bike has and how they work.

26.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to secure your bike at home

We rarely consider the safety of our bikes at home, that’s why Bikmo are here to help us out with their top tips.

22.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to choose the right bike for you

You’ve decided what type of bike you want. Here are some things to consider to ensure it’s capable and comfortable...

03.09.2020 By Cyclescheme

How often should I pump up my tyres?

Tyres that are too soft spoil the way a bike rides and make punctures likely. Pumping them up now and again is an...

22.04.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to follow Covid-19 advice on your bike

Cycling is a good way to make essential journeys or take exercise, so long as you follow Government guidelines.

07.04.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to adjust your bike, not your clothing

You don’t need to look like a racer for the journey to work. Normal clothing is fine – as long as your bike is...

03.03.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to ride on poor road surfaces with potholes

Potholes and other road defects can damage your bike or make you fall off it. Here's how to cope with badly surfaced...

02.03.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle in the wind

Wind, not rain, is the cyclists meteorological enemy number one. Here's how to deal with it on your bike.

17.02.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to ride in winter

February and early March sometimes see the worst of the winter weather, but you can usually keep cycling so long as...

17.02.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to adjust your brakes

Effective brakes are essential for safe cycling. Checking and fine-tuning them requires few tools and takes only a...

14.01.2020 By Cyclescheme

How to beat the winter blues by cycling to work

Cycling to work regularly can help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as...

02.12.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to dry out your damp cycling kit

Pulling on cold, soggy lycra and wet shoes for the ride home is grim. Here’s what you can do to avoid the situation.

21.11.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to keep cycling in the winter

It’s colder, darker, and wetter, but cycling to work can still be the highlight of your day if you have the right...

08.10.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to make your bike as good as new

Worn components will turn a thoroughbred commuter into a clunker. Here are the most likely parts you’ll need to keep...

02.09.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to enjoy a healthy body and mind from cycling

Cycle commuting improves your physical and mental health, as well as boosting productivity at work – so long as you...

16.08.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to lube your chain

How do we keep your chain running efficiently and enhance its lifetime. The answer is simple - keep it clean and...

04.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to join Cyclescheme's Love to Ride Community

Spread the cycling message by logging your journeys and encouraging colleagues and friends to ride. There are prizes...

04.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to overcome hay fever when cycling

Cycling through the countryside on a summer’s day is glorious – unless you’ve got a runny nose and itchy eyes....

10.05.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to manage chilly mornings and balmy afternoons

It’s going to be a beautiful day… except for first thing when you’re cycling to work. So what should you wear?

07.05.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle on main roads

Cycling is more pleasant on quiet routes but main roads might be the only option for part of your journey.

02.04.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to teach a child to ride a bike

Do you want to teach your child how to ride a bike, but aren't sure where to start? We'll explain the best bike,...

31.03.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to: Handle canine encounters when cycling

Man’s best friend may dart in front of you, give chase, knock you off, or nip you. Here’s what to do if that happens.

25.03.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to showerproof your commute

Rain showers are inevitable in the UK. Here’s a selection of tips to keep you safe and dry throughout the year.

18.02.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to adjust handlebar height

Changing your bike’s handlebar position can take only a few minutes yet transform your cycling comfort. Here’s how...

07.02.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to take the load off with panniers

Give your back a rest! With the right equipment you can fit panniers to a bike that isn’t designed to take them.

06.02.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle to work with less haste and more speed

Cycling to work in less time doesn’t necessarily require getting fitter or pedalling harder. There are other things...

25.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to carry a laptop on a bike

Protecting your computer takes on a different meaning when you’re cycling. Here’s how to transport one safely and...

02.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

How to weatherproof your commute

By wearing the right clothes, fitting the right accessories, and riding the right way, you can keep cycle commuting...

08.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to commute with confidence

Cycling assertively will help you keep calm, stay safe and reach your destination swiftly.

08.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to prepare for a 100-mile Bike Ride

It's not a question of can I cycle 100 miles, it's when will I cycle 100 miles? Prepare for a long bike ride with...

24.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to wash, clean and repair your waterproof cycling jacket

On the first really wet commute of the winter, you may find your old waterproof jacket isn't as good as it was....

16.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to stop brakes from squeaking

A noisy brake isn't just annoying, it's a sign that something is wrong. Here's how to find the fault and fix it.

12.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to go electric and never go back

Here's why an electric bike is the ultimate urban transport solution.

19.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to benefit from riding an e-bike

The uninformed might say "riding an electric bike is cheating" but they're wrong. Here's why.

09.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle in London

Whether you want to commute by bike or simply cycle around London for pleasure, this expert guide from Cyclescheme...

06.08.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to track your Cyclescheme certificate

Keeping tabs on the status of your Cyclescheme certificate is easy using your MyCyclescheme account.

02.08.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to learn to ride a bicycle

It's not too late to learn to cycle if you never had the chance as a child. Here's how to go about it.

26.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to get back to biking to work

Holiday's over: back to school for the kids and back to work for you. Here's how to keep your mood sunny by...

26.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to cope with insects when cycling

Summer is the best time to be on bike but it's the worst time for encountering insects. Invest in some antihistamine...

17.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to get a test ride for a new bike

Taking a test ride or two before investing in a new bike helps ensure you get one that’s right for you. Here’s how...

08.06.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to test ride an e-bike

Fancy an e-bike but aren’t sure which? Here’s how and where to take a test ride so you’re not making a leap in the dark.

12.04.2018 By Cyclescheme

How to keep your hands warm when cycling

Whatever the weather throws at your on your ride to work you can ensure you mitigate cold hands.

06.12.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to avoid cold feet when cycling

Keep your feet warm and dry this winter with a mix of accessories, clothing, and inexpensive hacks.

04.12.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to beat the commuting blues

Bad weather, traffic, and tiredness can grind you down when you ride to work every day. Here’s how to find the fun...

01.12.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to understand lighting regulations

Many cyclists are in the dark when it comes to bicycle lighting regulations. Here’s what you need to know.

21.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to maintain an e-bike

Maintenance is an essential part of bicycle ownership, and this is no different with electric bikes.

26.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to ride an e-bike

Most "ebike systems" can be simplified into three main components, the display , battery and motor.

26.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to commute in winter

Winter commuting doesn’t have to be as bad you might think, with the right kit and some preparation you can still...

16.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to make your bike as comfortable and convenient as a car

Drivers don’t wear special clothes or have to fit accessories to stay dry or see in the dark. Cyclists don’t have to...

09.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to avoid commuting mistakes

There are plenty of beginner’s errors to avoid when riding to work. Here are ten of the most common.

25.07.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to commuterise your bike

Any bike can be a capable commuter, but if it wasn’t designed with transport in mind you will need to make some...

19.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to form a BUG, Bicycle User Group

A Bicycle User Group can help make your workplace more cycle friendly. Here’s how and why to set one up if there...

21.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to find routes into women’s cycling – your guide to getting started

Whether you want to be car-free, carefree, or simply in-control of your health; 2017 is the year to become a female...

29.03.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to get cycle training

Lessons are a shortcut to becoming a capable, confident cycle commuter, however rusty your cycling skills.

14.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to plan your route to work

Planning a route that best suits you and your bike will pay dividends every day. Here's how to go about it.

13.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to get your employer to sign up to Cyclescheme

You get a bike and equipment. They save money and get a happier, healthier, more punctual workforce. Everybody wins....

20.01.2017 By Cyclescheme

How to winterproof your bike in 8 ways

Bad weather, grime, and grit can grind down your bike and your patience – unless you're prepared. Here's how to get...

25.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to thief proof your bike

A few hundred thousand bikes are stolen every year in the UK. Don't let yours be one of them. Here are some top tips...

18.10.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to buy the right road bike

One calculation and a handful of in-store checks is all it takes to ensure your next road bike takes you smiling to...

26.09.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to buy the right sized bike

The most important quality in any bike is that it fits you. Here's how to avoid buying one that's too big or too small.

16.08.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to replace brake pads

Replacing brake pads is as easy as replacing an innertube. Here's how to do it.

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to understand hub gears

Simple to use and weatherproof, hub gears are great alternative to derailleurs for commuting. Here's what you need...

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to replace a broken spoke

A snapped spoke means a buckled wheel that will wobble and maybe rub the brakes. Fitting a replacement is easier...

23.05.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to set off on your bike

The right road position, gear selection, and technique can save you energy and keep you safer. Here's what to consider.

23.05.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to use hand signals on a bike

Cycle commuting is quicker and safer when drivers immediately understand where you're going next.

21.04.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to approach and pass through traffic lights on a bike

Stop at red, go on green: traffic lights are simple, aren't they? For cycle commuters, there's a few other things to...

01.04.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to clean your bike

A clean, lubricated bike is more reliable and more efficient. It's also easier and less messy to fix when it does go...

22.02.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to perform steering safety checks

A bike with steering problems has staying-upright problems. These simple safety checks should keep you rubber side down.

20.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

How to look over your shoulder when riding a bike

Looking over your shoulder effectively is crucial for monitoring traffic behind and making manoeuvres safe.

14.12.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to fix a puncture

A flat tyre does not be the end of your ride. Within minutes you can be out on your bike if you have a few spares to...

27.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to understand derailleur gears

So your new bike has a 50-34 chainset and a 12-28 cassette. What does that mean?

19.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to pass T junctions and side roads safely

Traffic leaving or entering a side road won't always give way to you as you ride along. Here's what you can do about it.

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to ride after dark

With good lights and sensible precautions, cycling at night is straightforward and only a little slower than doing...

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to cycle safely with Lorries

To share the road safely with trucks, it’s essential to understand their blindspots and turning dynamics – and to...

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to split your commute by bike

When the journey to work is too far to cycle, take your bike by car or public transport and cycle part way instead!

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to stay upright when cycling on slippery roads

More rainfall in the autumn means less grip on the roads. Here's what to look out for and how to deal with it.

23.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to take care of your skin in summer

Don't let sunburn, rashes or chafing spoil your cycling when the weather is at its best. Here's how to look after...

21.07.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to ride on multi-lane roads

As a cyclist, extra lanes can be daunting, whether they're at junctions, on busy urban streets, or dual...

19.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Bicycle Comfort: How to Get More Comfortable On Your Bike

Don't put up with a sore backside, tingling hands, or other aches and pains. Fit the bike parts your body and riding...

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to: Cycle Slower & Arrive Faster

In urban areas, bikes are faster than cars like tortoises are faster than hares. Going faster isn't about sweating...

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to use your commute as training

If your time for training is limited, maximising your gains from any time available for cycling is essential and, if...

28.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to eat right when you are cycling to work

Food is your fuel when you’re cycling to work. So what should you be putting in the tank - and when?

17.04.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to replace your bike chain

Chains wear out faster than you think. Here’s why you need to check your bike’s - and how. It’ll save you lots of...

17.04.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to do the weekly shop by bike

If you can push it in a trolley, you can transport it by pedal power. You will need a bike with luggage capacity;...

06.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to communicate with drivers

It's not a war, it's negotiation. Sometimes careless people – on four wheels, two wheels or on foot – will do...

05.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to act after a cycling accident

You're cycling along minding your own business, then BANG! You're on the tarmac. Maybe you've hit a pothole; maybe a...

05.02.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to ride to work (the easy way)

According to the Office of National Statistics (and it should know) 83% of the working population of England and...

13.01.2015 By Cyclescheme

How to follow the commuting 10 commandments

Busy roads can make cycling to work seem daunting, especially if it's been a while since you've been on a bike....

22.12.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to make right turns on a bike

Turning right is easier if you're already in the traffic stream, a metre or more out from the kerb.

19.12.2014 By Cyclescheme

Layering Up For Winter Cycling - A Guide on What To Wear

Chilly weather is a challenge for cyclists: your head, hands and feet can end up freezing while the rest of your...

02.12.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to commute in the dark

Cycling in the dark is inevitable if you carry on commuting into autumn: dusk arrives ever earlier, and we lose an...

09.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to wear a cycle helmet

Anyone who wears a cycle helmet tilted far enough back that they can slap the palm of one hand against their...

31.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to Overtake On a Bike

In many ways, it's easier to overtake while cycling than it is while driving.

02.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to Safely Take Corners On a Bike

On a bicycle, steering and balancing are pretty much the same thing. Cornering is harder than riding in a straight...

05.06.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to carry a laptop by bike

Commuting by bike with an expensive, fragile laptop sounds daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Click to learn more...

07.03.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to ride on ice and snow

The thought of riding in ice and snow can be enough to make even hardened cyclists think twice before biking to...

10.01.2014 By Cyclescheme

How to stay visible to drivers

December days are short, and drivers might be distracted by low sun, iced-up windscreens or busy social schedules....

10.12.2013 By Cyclescheme

How to understand bike geometry

Bike geometry affects how a bike will fit and ride. Discover how bike geometry works, and how it can help you choose...

30.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

How to pedal

If you can ride a bike, then by definition you know how to pedal. But there's more to spinning your feet around than...

03.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

How to Encourage Your Colleagues to Cycle to Work

Regular cycle commuting makes you happier, healthier and wealthier. Click to discover 10 more foolproof ways to...

02.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

How to choose and use clip-in pedals

Clip-in pedals are, confusingly, usually called clipless pedals. That's because they don't use toe-clips, the other...

02.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

Group Cycling

Watch the helicopter shots of the Tour de France and you'll see the riders wheel as one, like a flock of birds. They...

01.05.2013 By Cyclescheme


A bicycle needs two independent brakes to be safe on the road. In fact, in England, Scotland and Wales it's a legal...

22.02.2013 By Cyclescheme

Cycle Storage

Whether you live in a mansion or a caravan, you'll want to keep your bike safe and sound at home. Here's how...

24.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Traffic Filtering

Filtering means moving past queues of stationary or slow-moving traffic. Go to any town or city and you'll see...

16.10.2012 By Cyclescheme

Road Positioning for Cyclists

Where's the safest place to cycle on the road? The answer might surprise you. Learn all about road positioning in...

26.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Park and Ride: Guide for Cyclists

Cycling is perfect for the last few miles of a long-distance commute. Bike-rail is one option, if you have a compact...

23.08.2012 By Cyclescheme

Keeping your hands clean

Fixing your bike can be dirty work. Road grime and brake block residue washes off easily enough with soap and water....

17.06.2012 By Cyclescheme

How to fix a chain

Chain wear is fact of cycling life. Most of the time it’s gradual. Our guide to chain care explains when you need to...

24.05.2012 By Cyclescheme

Taking Your Bike On a Train

Taking your bike on a train shouldn't be a traumatising experience. Find out the stress-free way to travel by bike...

19.04.2012 By Cyclescheme

How to safely navigate roundabouts on a bike

Negotiating roundabouts by bike is straightforward if you ride assertively and stay away from the edge - learn more...

21.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

How to fix a puncture

A flat tyre does not need to be the end of your ride. Within minutes you can be back on your bike if you have a few...

20.02.2012 By Cyclescheme

Changing an innertube

You get far fewer punctures if you keep your bike’s tyres firm. Invest in a floor pump (also known as a ‘track’...

18.01.2012 By Cyclescheme

Cycling in winter

Compared to our Continental neighbours, it doesn’t actually get that cold in the UK: average minimum temperatures...

12.12.2011 By Cyclescheme

Cycling at night

When British Summer Time is switched off at the end of October, the daytime commute becomes dark. That’s no reason...

17.10.2011 By Cyclescheme

Check your bike in two minutes

Give your bike a regular once-over to keep it running smoothly and make sure that everything is safe. Here's how...

01.06.2011 By Cyclescheme

Sweat free cycling

For many people the worry when embarking on a new adventure in commuting is not traffic or fitness.....

12.05.2011 By Cyclescheme