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10 of the best gilets

A gilet is a zipped vest that will keep the wind off your chest or disappear into a pocket when you don’t need it....

30.04.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round up: 10 cycle commuting tips

Longer spring days are an ideal time to start cycle commuting – or to begin riding more often. Here’s how to get...

09.04.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round up: 10 of the best front lights for commuters

Good lights are essential for seeing and being seen when you’re cycling at night. Here are ten that you can rely on.

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round up: 10 of the best backpacks and messenger bags

Carrying your commuting essentials on your back works well for shorter journeys and lighter loads. Here are some of...

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 10 everyday cycling shorts

Skin-tight Lycra isn’t the only option for cycling shorts. Here are 10 of the best baggy alternatives for commuters

07.03.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 10 road bikes for everyday riding

Racing bikes belong in races. For day-to-day cycling, such as commuting and recreational riding, an endurance road...

22.02.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 5 options for school-run cycling

A car isn’t essential to ferry children around for local journeys. With the right bike or accessories you can easily...

20.02.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round up: 10 of the best commuting bikes for £500 or less

Bike prices have surged in recent years but it’s still possible to get a good quality commuter on a tight budget....

11.01.2024 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 10 of the best laptop bags for cycle commuters

Cycling with a laptop is straightforward, so long as it’s protected from rain and from accidental knocks. It pays to...

18.08.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 10 home workshop tools you really need - and why

You don’t need to be an expert to look after your bike. Most problems are straightforward to fix with a little...

26.07.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 8 things you need to know about waterproof jackets

A waterproof jacket is essential for year-round cycle commuting. Here’s what you need to know before you buy one.

13.07.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the Best Longtail e-bikes

E-bikes are great for personal mobility. With a long, strong, integral rear rack they’ll also carry two children,...

13.06.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Ten of the best panniers for commuters

Panniers are a practical and comfortable way to carry your cycle to work essentials. Here are ten of best.

06.04.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: your winter cycling clothing essentials by Bikmo

As cyclists at Bikmo, we know winter is a tough time of year to ride a bike. That’s why we have put together our...

11.01.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top Five Folding Bikes

Whether you need a bike you can take by train or one you can easily store indoors, a folding bike like one of these...

09.01.2023 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 10 of the best saddles

To be comfy on a bike you need a saddle that suits your bum and the way you ride. One of these could be what you’re...

08.08.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Love to Ride July update

We take a look at the stats from the previous month for the Cyclescheme Love to Ride community - did you log your rides?

01.08.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 10 of the best top-tier bikes right now

You don’t have to be a lottery winner to afford a top quality bike. Even now, during an economic downturn, premium...

26.07.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Five accessories every cyclist needs

Don’t spend all of your cycle to work budget on your bike – save some for these essential accessories.

31.05.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top ten adaptive bikes

Whatever your physical abilities, there’s a bicycle or tricycle out there to suit you. Here’s a cross section of ten...

26.05.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Everything you need to know about cycling glasses

Glasses can be a fashion statement if you want but on a bike their number one role is to prevent your vision being...

20.05.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: A million reasons to ride

Cyclescheme has become the first Cycle to Work provider to fulfil one million requests. That’s a million...

02.05.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Best bike D locks for 2022

Check out this guide from our cycle insurance partner Bikmo on what D locks you should buy.

13.04.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 10 budget bikes of 2022

Prices have rocketed recently but you still don’t have to break the bank to get a bike that you can happily use day...

29.03.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 15 of the best bike lights for commuting

If you cycle to work year round, you need lights that you can rely on. Here are 15 of the best for commuters.

18.02.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Cycling Etiquette

Your fellow cycle commuters are your companions, not your competitors. Good cycling manners make the journey to work...

04.01.2022 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: The best ways to alert other road users

What’s the best way to alert other road users to your presence while cycling – bell, horn, whistle, voice? Here’s...

07.12.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 15 things to buy for the cyclist in your life

Christmas is coming. What will you buy that special cyclist in your life? Here are some suggestions.

22.11.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: An A-Z of cycling accessories

Twenty-six suggestions to make your cycling journeys more reliable, more practical, and more comfortable.

26.08.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: The physical health effects of cycling

Riding a bike regularly does you the world of good, helping you lose or maintain weight, get toned muscles, and even...

19.07.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Everything you need to know about cycling shoes and pedals

When you’re cycling, your feet push the pedals around in circles thousands of times per hour. So it’s worth finding...

15.06.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: What’s the difference between a budget bike and a market leader?

Why pay £500 or £1,000 for a bike when you can buy one for £99? Glad you asked…

19.04.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Everything you need to know about buying a new helmet

To work as intended, a cycle helmet must fit properly and be replaced when necessary. Here’s what to consider before...

12.02.2021 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bikmo’s 5 tips to getting winter ready

Here are Bikmo’s five top tips to keep you pedalling all year round.

18.11.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Cycling Jargon

If you’re just getting acquainted with the world of cycling, check out our cycling glossary.

14.08.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Road markings made simple

White lines provide instructions which are sometimes misunderstood or ignored. Here’s a guide to what they mean and...

02.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Budget e-bikes

Electric assistance lets any cyclist cruise up hills or ride alongside fitter companions. Here are five decent...

01.07.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Defining the 7 main bike types

Identify the differences between bike types and find which type of two-wheeler you might be best suited to.

19.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Saddles

Cycling shouldn’t make you sore. Here are some suggestions to help you sit comfortably on your journey to work.

03.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Puncture Resistant Tyres

A tougher tyre that won't puncture as often is a no-brainer for commuting. But just how tough do you want it?

02.06.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bikes for shorter riders

Find the perfect bike for shorter riders, with the help of this expert guide from Cyclescheme - the UK's leading...

19.05.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 7 non-technical 'get you home' tips

You don’t have to be able to repair your bike to enjoy worry-free commuting. Most roadside problems can either be...

09.03.2020 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Reasons why you should be cycling to work

If you aren't already enjoying the benefits of cycling to work, or need a little convincing, you've come to the...

18.12.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: What lights do I need for my commute?

The best choice of lights for seeing and being seen while cycling at night will depend on the route that you’re taking.

08.10.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bikes for those with mobility issues

A large range of bikes for disabled people means few should have to give up the idea of a two- or three-wheel commute.

20.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bikes over £1,000

You can now get bikes worth more than £1,000 through Cyclescheme. How about one of these super commuters?

02.07.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 10 Ways to upgrade your commute

Cyclescheme isn’t only a great way to get a new bike. It can also be used for accessories – and to improve the bike...

03.06.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Folding e-bikes

An e-bike that folds provides sweat-free cycling wherever you’re going and however you’re getting there.

21.03.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: The best bikes under £250

Cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty. Choose wisely and you can buy a decent new commuter bike for £250 or less.

05.02.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Making the most of your folding bike

When your bike folds to the size of a suitcase, your cycle-to-work strategies will be different. Here are some tips.

24.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Cube’s best road bikes for commuters

If you want to get a fast, lightweight bike with your Cyclescheme certificate, this German giant has plenty of options.

02.01.2019 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Everything you need to know about bicycle tyres

Tyres come in a bewildering range of sizes and tread patterns for every conceivable usage. Here's how to choose the...

08.11.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Tips for riding in the dark

As well as lights and reflectors, cycle commuting at night requires some adjustments to the way that you ride.

16.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: E-bikes and the law

With an e-bike there are a few things to consider with regards to the law.

15.10.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: How much does an e-bike cost?

Looking for your first e-bike? Here's what you can expect to pay.

13.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: E-bikes and your options

There's an e-bike for you, no matter what riding you do.

12.09.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: The right lights for your riding

What lights should you use? That depends on where you'll be using them: urban, rural, or off-road.

02.08.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Autumn Cycling Essentials

Prepare yourself and your bike for the changing seasons with a Cyclescheme accessories-only package.

30.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Chain drive vs. belt drive

Most bikes use a chain to transmit pedal power to the rear wheel but there is a viable alternative: belt drive. So...

17.07.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: How belt drives bikes work

An oily chain isn't the only way to transfer power from your pedals to your rear wheel. A toothed belt drive is...

05.06.2018 By Cyclescheme

Cyclist Essentials: Tools, Tips and Accessories for Making Cycle Maintenance Easy

Maintaining and repairing your own bike is fairly straightforward with the right tools. Follow these tips to save...

17.01.2018 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the best rear lights

A good rear light forces other road users to notice you and encourages them to treat you like traffic. Here are five...

24.11.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the best waterproof jackets

A waterproof jacket is your first line of defence against bad weather, a barrier not just to rain but cold wind.

13.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top Bike Hacks

Bodges and dodges that will get you home or simply save you money. Here’s ten of our favourites.

12.10.2017 By Cyclescheme

Your Guide to Cyclocross and the Best Cyclocross Bikes

Designed for racing around muddy fields, most cyclocross bikes make decent drop-bar commuters. Just add mudguards...

16.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Your Cycle to Work Day checklist

Give cycle commuting a go on Wednesday 13th September. It could transform your health, wealth, and happiness. Here’s...

14.08.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of The Best Commuters From Boardman

Best known as a racer, Chris Boardman is a strong advocate for recreational and utility cycling too. His bike range...

21.07.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of The best Touring Bikes

Designed to go the distance while carrying luggage, a tourer is well equipped for commuting too. Here are five good...

15.06.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the best Folding bikes

A bike that folds to the size of a suitcase can go anywhere with you: on the train, in the car, into the office or...

23.05.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the best 2017 adventure road bikes

With wider tyres, disc brakes, and the facility to fit mudguards and a rack, a ‘gravel bike’ is a much better bet...

24.04.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Buying a budget commuter

The less you’ve got to spend on a new bike, the smaller your choice of good ones. But they’re there. Here’s how to...

16.03.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: 5 of the best road bikes for commuters

For commuters who want to travel faster or further, a road bike is hard to beat. But it needs to be practical too –...

15.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: The Folding Stuff

For mixed-mode commuting and indoor parking, it's hard to beat a folder. Here's what to consider before investing in...

14.02.2017 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Step-through hybrids

Often marketed as women’s bikes, these bikes are also suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to get on and off a...

05.12.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Belt drive bikes

An oily chain isn't the only way to transfer power from your pedals. A belt drive is cleaner, quieter, and needs...

01.12.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Flat-bar road bikes 3

Flat-bar road bikes are lightweight sporty hybrids that put the 'rush' in rush hour.

23.11.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Rechargeable Lights

Lights are a legal and practical necessity for cycling in the dark, and rechargeables are the best option when it...

22.09.2016 By Cyclescheme

Bags for Commuting by Bike

Rain jacket, shoes, lock, laptop, lunch… cycle commuters have plenty to carry. The two most popular ways to do it...

19.08.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Four seasons cycling

Cycle commuting year-round is easier than you think – so long as you and your bike are prepared…

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

The Best Cycling Jackets: Round Up

Whether it’s a full-on waterproof for winter storms or a lightweight showerproof you can roll up in your pannier for...

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Gravel bikes

Also known as an adventure road bike, a gravel bikes is one of the better options for drop-bar commuting.

21.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Town bikes

With practical touches and an upright riding position, a typical town bike is the perfect commuter choice.

18.07.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Disc-brake road bikes

For the ride to work, road bikes with disc brakes have a number of advantages over their rim-brake stablemates.

23.06.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Entry-level pedelecs

Need a little extra energy for your ride to work? An electrically-assisted bike doesn't have to be super expensive.

01.04.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-Up: Essentials for April showers

Don't get caught out by sudden spring downpours. Here's what you need to keep comfortable and dry.

22.02.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Top 5 overshoes

Overshoes keep your feet warm and dry and your shoes clean. Here's what to look for, plus five of the best pairs.

20.01.2016 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Top 5 winter gloves

Cold hands make cycling a misery. Here's how to keep them snug and warm in even the worst weather conditions.

11.12.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Top 5 rear lights

Winter days are short and often gloomy. A brighter rear light will get you noticed more easily in the twilight and...

23.11.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round up: Folding bikes 2

On the train, bus or tube, in the boot of a car, up (or down) in a lift, under the desk… the benefits of a folding...

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round up: Budget hybrid bikes

A cheaper bike with less-costly-to-replace components could be just the ticket for your daily commute.

15.10.2015 By Cyclescheme

Cycling shoes and cleats

In just an hour of cycling, you could be performing well over 5000 pedal strokes so it’s essential to get this key...

29.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Top 5 front lights

Even if you work nine to five, longer autumn nights mean that you'll soon need lights for your commute – but which?

23.09.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Bike Frame Materials Explained

What will your next bike be made out of? Steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, and titanium each have their pros and cons.

26.08.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Top 3 roadsters

The opposite of the lightweight race bike, a roadster is supremely practical for shorter-distance commuting in...

23.07.2015 By Cyclescheme

Summer Cycling Checklist

As spring turns to summer, it is hopefully time to shed your arm and leg warmers and to enjoy the feeling of the sun...

22.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Road Bikes

A drop-bar race bike is ideal for fitness training and summer weekend rides, and it can be used as a quick commuter.

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Electric Bikes

Even if an electric bike costs over £1,000, you can get one through Cyclescheme. Here's how – and why you might want to.

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Casual Shorts

Don't feel like striding into the office in skintight Lycra? There are comfortable summer shorts for cycling that...

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: D-Locks

When your bike's out of sight, it needs to be locked. A D-lock is portable and tough.

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Mountain bike essentials

Got a mountain bike? Take a second bite of the Cyclescheme cherry and get the commuting equipment and accessories...

09.06.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Top 5 commuter bikes for beginners

If you haven't cycled for a long time, don't be swayed by fashion or sport: get a bike that's comfortable, practical...

26.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Everything You Need for a Long Bike Ride

Most regular cycle commuters can comfortably complete a sportive, charity ride, or other long day ride – given the...

26.05.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round-up: Best e-bikes for cycling to work

An electrically-assisted bike is the no-sweat solution for the cycling commute that's longer or harder than you'd like.

31.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Women's Hybrids

Let's get one thing straight: unless you want to ride in a skirt or dress, a step-through frame is strictly...

06.03.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Hub-gear hybrids

As transport cycling becomes more popular, hub gears are appearing on more bikes. Internal gears make sense for an...

13.01.2015 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Compact Folding Bikes

A folding bike lets you combine a train's town-to-town speed with the across-town efficiency of the bicycle. Ride to...

25.11.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Mountain Bikes 2

Mountain bikes are all-terrain bikes: they'll go anywhere. That includes urban journeys. It's harder to equip them...

09.09.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Cycling jerseys

You don't need a cycling jersey if your journey to work is the cycling equivalent of a stroll; normal clothes will...

31.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Women's Road Bikes

Women's road cycling is finally starting to attract the attention it deserves. There's was a women's tour in May...

03.07.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bike Bag Essentials

A pre-packed commuter bag makes cycling to work faff-free. Some things you might pack the night before; others can...

06.06.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Sportive Road Bikes

Sportive road bikes are designed for enjoying rather than enduring long, hilly road rides. They're still lightweight...

29.04.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Gilets

If you ride to work in cycling gear, get a gilet. Its role is to keep the wind off your body without the weight,...

01.04.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Handlebars

As well as steering your bike, the handlebar affects your riding position and your comfort. A new one could cure...

04.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Flat-bar road bikes 2

Flat-bar road bikes are the opposite of go-anywhere multi-use hybrids. They're designed, like their drop-bar...

04.02.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Multi-use hybrids

Hybrids are a blend of different bike types, as the name suggests. Some are flat-bar road bikes, trekking bikes are...

10.01.2014 By Cyclescheme

The Best Bike Locks: Round Up

Whenever your bike is out of your sight, it needs protecting by a lock – either a locked door or a good bike lock....

10.01.2014 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Singlespeeds 2

One-geared bikes aren't just for cycle couriers and fashion-focused hipsters, they suit sportier commuting too.

10.12.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Four Season Road Bikes

Most road bikes aren't meant to take mudguards. That's because they are – ostensibly, at least – designed for...

30.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Waterproof overtrousers

Even with mudguards fitted, your legs can get very wet while cycling. As you pedal your legs come close to...

30.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Fully-equipped hybrids

When you buy a bike for commuting in the UK, you usually need to add mudguards, a pannier rack, and lights, because...

04.10.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Road bikes with disc brakes

Sporty road bikes with drop handlebars traditionally use sidepull calliper brakes, which operate on the rim. These...

02.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Pumps

You'll need a pump any time you puncture or change a tyre. That won't be very often. More commonly, you'll use a...

01.08.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Carbon road bikes

Every bike you'll see in the Tour de France this year is made of carbon fibre. It's the material of choice for...

03.07.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bikes for women

Bikes and their components are designed with Mr Average in mind. Ms Average is shorter and lighter. Designing a bike...

05.06.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Alternatives to lycra shorts

Whether your bum does indeed look big in those lycra shorts, and whether that bothers you, are questions only you...

03.06.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Touring Bikes 2

A touring bike is designed to carry luggage easily and its rider comfortably. It's an obvious choice for cycling...

02.05.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Folding Bikes

What folding bikes do best is mixed-mode commuting: you can take the train or car part way to work, then cycle the...

05.04.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Mudguards

The constant spray of dirty water from a mudguardless bike on a wet road is worse than being rained on. Unless you...

02.04.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Road bikes

A road bike is one of the fastest ways to get to work under your own steam. It's tempting to turn every commute into...

27.02.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Bicycle Luggage Racks

For anything other than short trips with light loads, you'll sweat and ache less if your luggage goes on your bike...

31.01.2013 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: High-end Hybrids

By definition, hybrids are not one-trick ponies; they're a blend of other bike types. Even a multipurpose bike is...

24.10.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Battery Lights

Quite how bright your lights need to be depends on whether you'll be cycling under streetlamps or on unlit lanes....

24.10.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Dynamo Lights

Dynamo lighting is green energy. A generator in or on the wheel siphons off a little pedalling energy to power your...

25.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Trekking Bikes

The trekking bike is the northern European equivalent of the British tourer, only with a flat handlebar and a more...

24.09.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Shorts

Cycling shorts come in two types: skin-tight Lycra shorts, originally designed for road racing; and baggy shorts,...

22.08.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Eyewear for Cycling

After the wettest April to June on record, you might think that any talk of sunglasses is a bit rose tinted. But in...

25.07.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Road Race Bikes

Television footage of the Tour de France and the Olympic road race should see the strong sales of road race bikes...

18.07.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Helmets

Cycling is not a dangerous activity. Per hour, you are more likely to suffer an injury requiring medical attention...

24.05.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are built for riding over rough ground, more often on trails through forests and moorland rather than...

22.05.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are designed to carry you and your luggage comfortably and efficiently as far as you want to go. That...

26.04.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Waterproof panniers

Rain is a fact of life for UK cycle commuters. As well as wet weather gear to keep you dry, you’ll want rain...

24.04.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Grips and bar ends

Riding a bike can cause your hands to ache, tingle or even go numb. Don’t panic. It’s caused by the compression of...

26.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Flat-bar road bikes

You’ll hear this kind of hybrid called different names depending on the manufacturer. Some call them fitness bikes,...

19.03.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Singlespeeds

The singlespeed bicycle is the most popular in the world, mostly because it's cheaper to have one gear. Yet in the...

15.02.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Cycling shoes

On the right bike and right commute, normal street shoes are ideal. They enable you to switch instantly from cycling...

25.01.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Commuter-ready road bikes

If you want to get to work in a hurry, you can’t beat a road bike. Speed and efficiency on tarmac is what these...

17.01.2012 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Winter tyres

Murphy’s law says that you get more punctures in winter. And when you do get one, it’s a pain to replace an...

12.12.2011 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Do-it-all hybrids

If you just want ‘a bike’, you probably want a hybrid. It’s the jack-of-all-trades machine, with features borrowed...

06.12.2011 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Compact folding bikes 2

If you live too far from work to cycle, or you just don’t fancy riding all the way in winter, you can still get your...

15.11.2011 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Commuter Lights

When the clocks go back, daylight scarcely exists outside of the working day. If you’re cycling anywhere, you’ll...

26.09.2011 By Cyclescheme

Round Up: Town Bikes

The traditional sit-up-and-beg roadster is an ideal bike for riding a few miles around town in normal clothes.

19.09.2011 By Cyclescheme

Essentials: Lights

We give you the lowdown on the bike kit you just can't do without...

03.05.2011 By Cyclescheme