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Identify the differences between bike types and find which type of two-wheeler you might be best suited to.

Ever wondered what type of bike you’ve got lurking in the shed? Or wandered around a bicycle shop and not known whether you’re looking at a mountain bike or a hybrid? 

Well now each common bike type has a whole page describing key features, sub-categories and best intended uses. So not only will you be able to identify the differences, you’ll also get an idea of which type of two-wheeler you might be best suited to. 

Road Bikes

Road bikes have several defining features, making them easy to distinguish from other types of bikes. These features make road bicycles ideal for both cycling enthusiasts and competitive cyclists. 


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Hybrid bikes

The hybrid bike has cemented itself as a popular choice among cycle commuters. A middle ground between road and mountain, the resultant hybrid is just as comfortable tackling roads as it is riding rough terrain. 


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E-bikes are regular bikes, but with an added oomph! They provide assistance when you're pedaling so you can climb hills, tackle long distances and arrive at your destination sweat-free.

Folding bike

Commuting by bike is a small change that many of us can easily manage. A folding bike could make the switch even easier. It’s a bicycle that can literally be folded up, so it becomes significantly smaller, and easier to transport or store. 


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Mountain Bike

Enjoyed and revered by hobbyists, enthusiasts and cycle commuters alike, mountain bicycles are designed for rougher rides. They typically have a wide range of gears, a bulky and strong frame, large volume tyres, suspension, disc brakes, and wide handlebars for control. 


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Touring bike

Touring bikes are a great potential option for commuters and cycle enthusiasts alike, thanks to their efficiency and versatility. These bicycles are designed specifically with cycle tours in mind - these are lengthy trips usually in the spirit of leisure, rather than sport or commuting. 


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Adult tricycles can open up a world of opportunities for those less-abled, or less-confident on a traditional bike. They have the same types of wheels as standard models – there’s just one extra! Depending on the type of trike, you’ll find the extra wheel at either the front or rear of the seat.   


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Still not sure? 

When choosing a new bike, it’s important to find one that is both practical for your intended use AND comfortable when you ride. Don’t forget that your local bike shop will always be on hand to help you work out which of the above bicycle types are suitable for your commute. They’ll get you to try out different styles and then fit you to the right size frame and adjust the saddle/handlebar height.