Cycle Commuter Magazine Issue 19 has landed!

Cyclescheme, 14.11.2017

Cycle Commuter Magazine Issue 19 has landed!

The mag contains everything new and returning cyclists need to know about Cyclescheme, including route planning advice and a round up of the different bikes and accessories that are available to you through the Cycle to Work Scheme.


Featured in this edition of the Cycle Commuter Magazine.

Welcome to Cyclescheme

How Cyclescheme works, who’s eligible to take part, and how you go about getting the bike


How the Cycle to Work scheme will save you money

Why getting a bike through your employer makes a whole lot of sense



The best gear for your commute and beyond


Be assertive

Learn how to ride confidently on the road to stay safe


How to get your next bike

Top tips for shopping online or in-store


Casual commuter

Kit for the ride to work and the working day


How to survive your first commute

Plan ahead for a smooth experience


Small-wheel folders

You can take them on the train, tuck them under your desk – and make commuting a breeze



From winter waterproofs to summer showerproofs



A battery-powered boost could be just what you need to start cycle commuting (or stick at it)



Head protection that also keeps the sun off, rain out, and the insects away…


Top shops

Expect a warm welcome – and maybe tea and cake…


Front and rear light sets

Stay legal and stay seen, essential at night and useful during the day.


A better way to work

Plot a route that best suits you and your bike


Trekking bikes

Ideal for rough road commutes and weekend outings further afield


The Cyclescheme 7: Lisa Chakrabarti

Lecturer Lisa always tries to enjoy her 24 miles of daily commuting


My Cyclescheme

Go online to get more from Cyclescheme


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