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Fliz concept bike, an adult sized strider bike

Fliz concept bike, an adult sized strider bike

As a child when you learned to ride a bike you may have used something called a ‘Strider’ or ‘balance-bike’. Now thanks to a German company called Fliz you can enjoy a full-sized adult version.

The concept FLIZ may look like an adult size strider bike, but since when does your average bike have a 5-point harness? 

The FLIZ is made out of hand laminated glass and carbon fibre frame, which is clearly ergonomically and visually different from your average commuter bike. The framework serves as damping, the adjustable 5-point harness offers optimal "Run Freedom" - a very gentle way of transportation. The joints are relieved and body weight is distributed over a larger area… Although not available via Cyclescheme due to it's lack of pedals, we give the designers 10 out of 10 for out the box thinking.