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Your winter cycling saviour: Mudguards

Your winter cycling saviour: Mudguards

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’ series. This week we're telling you why mudguards are a must-have.

At Cyclescheme we want to keep you in the saddle this winter. That’s why we’ve created our ‘Winter Cycling Saviours’ series. We’re exploring the cycle accessories and parts that will help you tackle the wind, overcome the rain and blast through the mud this season – so you can keep on enjoying your cycle commute. This week we’re all about mudguards. 

Why do I need mudguards? 

Mudguards may be a tad rudimentary, but they pack a big punch. This cycle accessory is by no means limited to just winter riding, but if you don’t already have them – now is the time to invest. There are two good reasons to have mudguards fitted:

1.They protect you and your bike

2. They protect other road users

As we delve into the depths of winter, the substances covering our roads become more questionable. But one thing is for sure - none of us want to be wearing whatever it is! That’s where mudguards come in. Mudguards help protect you from surface water and whatnot. This is particularly handy for work-clothes cycle commuters who don’t want to arrive at work with a wet backside. Mudguards also do a great job of protecting your bike. They limit the amount of grime build up on your bike; reducing maintenance whilst increasing the longevity of your components.

The other case for having mudguards fitted comes down to consideration. All road users need to be considerate of one another. And for cyclists attaching mudguards is a simple way to be mindful of those around you. As well as protecting you from bike wheel spray, your mudguards protect others too. This is especially important for those who cycle in cities where road space is limited, but usage is maxed out.


Don't be like this lot - protect other road users and attach mudguards

Get your guard up:

Now you know that mudguards really are a no-brainer; it’s time to find the ideal set for your commuter. Mudguards roughly fall into three categories:

• Traditional

• Clip-on

• Seatpost & Downtube

As with any cycle accessory, your bike type and model dictates which option is most accessible for you. But the great news is that there is a solution to suit every kind of cycle commuter. Just ensure that your mudguards have a width suitable for both your tyre size and frame clearance.

Traditional Mudguards: :

Traditional is the way forward when it comes to mudguards. Also known as fixed stay mudguards, these are long in length and fit closely to your wheels. Quite simply they offer the best protection from surface water - for you and other road users.

Traditional mudguards attach to your bike via the eyelets on your frame and fork. It does take time, patience and a good set of wire cutters to fit them yourself. But once fitted, they’re super sturdy and reliable.

Whilst traditional mudguards are known to make cycle club members recoil in horror – the tremendous job they do far outweighs any aesthetic concerns. Plus with the huge range of colours, finishes and looks to go for; design conscious commuters can choose a pair of mudguards that achieve the ‘integrated’ look. Ultimately traditional mudguards are the most permanent and long-lasting solution. If your bike can run them, they are the option to go for.

Clip-on Mudguards:

Clip-ons, as their name would suggest, are easy and accessible. These secure to your bike via rubber mounts and can be taken on and off again within minutes. Where as traditional mudguards tend to be heavier and chunkier; clip-ons are typically lightweight with a sleek aesthetic. As a generalisation, clip-ons are the preferred choice for many cyclists who use their bike for more than just commuting.

The ease of clip-ons does come with a compromise – their performance. Whilst clip-on mudguards do offer comparable protection against surface water for you, your bike and other road users vs. traditional; they’re not as reliable. Your clip-on mudguards will shift over several journeys and need re-adjustment to maintain protection and avoid unwanted rubbing. They also have a tendency to ‘wobble’ around when they shift too.

If your bike isn’t geared up for traditional mudguards or you don’t want to use them, don’t worry. Clip-ons are a great alternative that will still save you from a soggy commute. Just be prepared to invest a little time in keeping them positioned correctly.

Seatpost & Downtube mudguards:

Our third types of mudguard are somewhat of a last resort – they’re better than nothing, but don’t expect the world.

Seatpost and downtube mudguards are a quick fix that will save you from having an attractive streak of muck running down your back or front. But in terms of true bike, body and face protection – you’re out of luck. And the rider behind you will gain no benefit whatsoever.

These mudguards are for ideal for commuters who have limited wheel clearance to play with. Seatpost mudguards clamp onto your bike seatpost and extend high over your rear wheel – handy for mountain bike commuters in particular. Similarly downtube mudguards mount on your downtube and offer light relief from spray caused by the front wheel. Both types of mudguard tend to be shorter in length and have an element of instability due to a single attachment point, which naturally impacts performance.


Unless it's hammering it down - surface spray is the biggest culprit of a soggy commute

Protect you, your bike and other riders with Cyclescheme:

Keep yourself and others free from surface water splatters and invest in a set of mudguards with Cyclescheme.

With Cyclescheme you save 25 – 39% on the cost of your cycle commuting accessories and parts, including mudguards! Take the SKS Chromoplastic Full Length Mudguards RRP £44.99. Reliable, sturdy and with full length; these traditional mudguards feature an aluminium strip inside th casing for additional strength and support. Plus the sleek design will integrate well with a majority of bike models and designs. 

SKS Mudguards

 These mudguards RRP £44.99 are just £31.95 with Cyclescheme (or even less).

That’s a saving of £13!

You can find your ideal mudguards, as well as other cycle parts and accessories, in over 2,000 retailers across the UK. Whether you shop online or in-store; you’ll secure some incredible tax savings. 


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