Cyclescheme is the UK's most popular cycle to work benefit, creating more cyclists than any other provider.

Cyclescheme isn't a one-time-only deal

Cyclescheme isn't a one-time-only deal

With Cyclescheme, you can save money on a bike and equipment at any time of the year, and you can do so again and again.

Buy now – sale must end. You’ll have seen the signs in shops, particularly after Christmas. There are tempting savings to be had but only for a limited period. Cyclescheme isn’t like that. With Cyclescheme, you can save money on a bike and equipment at any time of year, and you can do so again and again. 

Why would you want to? Short answer: why wouldn’t you? It’s a killer deal. You’ll save 23-39% and spread the cost. Longer answer: because it’ll make your cycle commuting experience better. If you used your first Cyclescheme certificate for a bike, you could use your second for equipment such as luggage, lighting, locks, and clothing. Or you might want a second bike – a folder for taking on the train, perhaps, or a road bike as a summer alternative to your practical but slower-paced hybrid.

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Cyclescheme processes applications year round, so your second (or third, or fourth…) can be submitted when you wish. There are two provisos.

  1. Does your employer use an application window? If so, you’ll be given a specific period within which to apply for your Cyclescheme certificate. Miss it and you’ll need to wait for the next window, which will likely be in the following financial year. Employers do this for convenience: it enables them to process all employee applications together. Check with your employer to see if this applies to you. Many employers process applications year round – in which case, what are you waiting for?

  2. Are you still making salary sacrifice payments? These are the deductions your employer takes from your gross salary, usually over a period of 12 months. When the salary sacrifice period is over, you can apply again. If, as most Cyclescheme participants do, you take out an extended use agreement, you won’t formally take ownership of the bike/equipment for another three years. That doesn’t matter. It’s the salary sacrifice period that’s key. Most people taking a second bite of the Cyclescheme cherry do so sequentially, getting something in year one, something else in year two, and so on.

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