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Useful reading on cycling and COVID-19

The situation is changing daily but in a bid to keep you updated with the most useful information from the cycle trade, we've collated a list of articles and statements. 

Cyclescheme's advice on:

  • How to follow Covid-19 guidance on your bike: Go to content
  • Employers: How and why to keep Cyclescheme running during lockdown: Go to content

Sport England advice on staying fit during the pandemic: Go to content 

British Cycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cycling and COVID-19: Go to content

British Cycling advice if you're a cyclist that wants to help: Go to content

London Cycling Campaign's Facebook messenger service and general cycling advice: Go to content 

The Bicycle Association's cycling information hub: Go to content

Cycling Weekly's cycling and coronavirus, everything you need to know: Go to content

Bike Radar's cycling and coronavirus round-up: Go to content's coronavirus overview: Go to content's local riding restrictions and information article: Go to content

Cyclescheme blogs you may find useful

Getting your bike ready to ride:

How to follow Covid-19 advice on your bike: Go to content

How to adjust your brakes: Go to content

How to perform steering safety checks: Go to content

How to fix a puncture: Go to content

How to adjust your gears: Go to content

How to check your bike in 2 minutes: Go to content

The health benefits of cycling:

Cyclescheme's health benefits video: Go to content

How to enjoy and healthy body and mind from cycling: Go to content



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